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Vendor Reviews

Post your PERSONAL experiences with vendors here.

HF Rules - Vendor Review Section

Welcome to the Hookah Forums review section. Here you can share your experiences with different hookah vendors with all others here at the Hookah Forums. Below is a list of the rules and guidelines for posting here in the review section. Please follow these, and save the moderators a bit of trouble.


The review section is split up into different topics, each for a different vendor. Place your review in a post in the correct topic. If you would like to discuss your review, please make a topic in the main review section, with your review.

To submit your review, simply pick which topic is the one for the vendor you purchased from, then reply to the topic with your review. If there is not already a topic started for the specific vendor you want to review, simply post in the "SSPAM!!!est Review Section/Topic" topic pinned in the Vendor Review section.

SSPAM!!!est Review Section/Topic


Thank You,
Hookah Forum Team