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  1. Howdy folks, I'm back. It's been a long time. I took a 3 year break from hookah because I had a kid. I sold/give away all my stuff and I'm planning to get back into the habit later this summer. I used to have a Fumo Tank which was my favorite hookah. Easy to clean, good smoke, never harsh and super quiet. I loved that thing. I was going to pick up another but I notice they have the mini now. Since it's mostly me and my husband smoking, I figured that would be better. I was wondering though if anyone has the mini and can comment on it? Or at as tried the full size and the mini? Th
  2.   Thanks! I hope folks are still around by then.  :)
  3.   There definitely feels like there is some price matching, anti compete going on.  Honestly, I think started noticing this when hookahcompany was sold.  
  4. If it had a coal cover built in this would have been a great desktop/gaming hookah.  
  5. I quit smoking hookah because I'm growing a human.  I quit the forum because I quit smoking hookah.  Due to space and wanting to right by family, I do not see hookah being part of my life again for some time.  Maybe in the future I can get out to a lounge but in regards to home smoking, not seeing a place (or space) for it.  
  6. Yeah, it does feel that hookah is falling out of favor and e-cig/vape is going way up.  I guess it is the nature of things.  I still want hookah to be part of my life but i just don't think its going to be feasible with my soon to be growing family.     In regards to the prices - holy hell Chris, you're not kidding.  A friend pinged me over the weekend because he's wanted to pick up a new hookah as a last hoorah (he's staring a family next year) and we did some shopping - man, hookahs be expensive! And its not even the high end ones - its all.  My first hookah w
  7. I'm so sorry to hear this; I hope everything works out soon.     thanks for sharing this - totally donated.
  8. I have a fumo tank and I love the thing.  I think that inline style is just a better design for glass because this way I'm not paranoid about it getting tipped over.  The glass uprights with the grommets and multiple parts just do not look stable/safe to me. 
  9. thanks everyone for the congratulations.  Will need to make a separate hookah room after tiny human is born. So another question came up, what about herbals?  Not that is my thing but if that was smoked in the house that gets rid of the nicotine risk but there's still the coals.  We use naturals (coconaras) is there still a lot of CO there? 
  10.   yeah its not close proximity - its more like same level of the house.  I will probably ask him to move things outdoors or garage though just play it safe. 
  11. ok.. I guess I've been out of the loop but wth is hookah gel?
  12. So I'm recently preggers and as such I have put my hookah ways on hold for awhile.  My husband still smokes though. I haven't really seen any information on this but is it a problem if I'm in the same room that he is smoking in? Or what about in clothes, hair etc?  Also - lighting of the coals, can that still be done indoors? thanks in advance.  
  13. BTW, I'm moving Monday so if you want the hose LMK today otherwise there will be a 2 week delay
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