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  1. I learned something this past weekend regarding patents. I was at a vape shop that also blows glass. I inquired about possibly getting scali mods made, but was worried about copyright. The artist said that in most creations like the scali mod or phunnel bowl, it in reality is an art and practically unenforceable patentent. He explained, with scali mod as example, that just adding a swirl, or a dab of color, makes it a completely different product from patent product because of artist rights. I think this is what you are seeing with all these various phunnels on the mark
  2. Coal heater as in hot plate? If so, yes. You're gonna need it to light coconara coals. If you already have an electric stove/hot plate, a windcover is nice for if it is windy where you are smoking, or to amplify heat when the coals are almost gone.
  3. I don't think they've really had any updates for that model. However, I remember that when QTs were popular, different crafting hobby shops (like Michael's) had a similar vase that fit and worked nice as a replacement
  4. Thank you very much. It's awesome after all these years to see someone from KM on the forum. I smoked from many of your pipes and KM are my favorite. I always wanted that limited edition one you had out about 5 years ago for about $500 usd. I ended up disabled and that out of budget. My limited run KM original trimetal oxidized is my go to daily pipe, but I also frequently use my KM king Tut(I had a pro artist repaint it) that is exotica height. When at my friend's I get to use his exotica.
  5. Sounds like you had one hell of a night out . As for the water running out, the vase water should ALWAYS remain the same level. Wonder if it was a leaky vase/base. If it was a regular type bowl (mya, egyptian, mod, etc), an average session is 90 to 120 mins where the tobacco is good to the end (cooked biscuit of dry tobacco is best description of end result). If it was a variation of a phunnel bowl, bowl could go a lot longer. Really happy to hear you enjoyed it. Sounds like you had a good staff member setting up your pipe...every session (when done right) with tobacco should
  6. All depends on the hookah bar. MAKE SURE YOU STAY HYDRATED. People new to hookah aren't used to the co2 levels from the charcoal. This can lead to a bad buzz and feeling sick. Adiquite hydration will settle this for you. There are flavors. There are non-tobacco hookah stuffs. It's general concensus that non-tobacco hookahs suck. The only one that I thought was ok was the shiazo steam stones. I highly recommend just finding a good flavored tobacco. And ya, there's nicotine, but I've never meant someone literally addicted to hookah with the nicotine. The addictive part, if at all (lik
  7. If you can give an idea of your preferenceswith aesthetics, what type of tobaccos you like, etc... Many (including me) will recommend an Egyptian hookah. Best brand imho is Khalil Mamoon, KM for shorthand. If you want a multi hose pipe, Mya saray is the way to go. It's the ONLY Chinese manufactured quality hookah, just avoid the econo models. If you are looking at smoking more moist tobaccos, like fantasia, al fakher, and tangiers, you'll want to invest in a phunnel bowl. They increase the longetivity of your bowl, and also keep hookah cleaning easier since you don't get hardly
  8. Heat management as stated above could be a big problem. Also, could be a tobacco that is too dry possibly. You don't need three layers of foil. One layer heavy duty is great, you can do two layers of regular foil but it isn't necessary. I often have tobacco touching foil with no woes. It's probably too much heat. Also, again, could be the tobacco if it's rather dry. If so, you can add vegetable glycerin to the tobacco to properly remoisen it to an acceptable consistency
  9. I used to smoke all day in college when I wasn't in class or sleeping. Part of it could have been with improper packing and heat management. In other words, could have actually burned the shisha, whereas proper method bakes it so it's more a vapor than straight smoke. Another thing could be your body's reaction with co2 from charcoal. Need to stay well hydrated, but also its good to be in a well ventilated area. If charcoal wasn't properly lit or wrong charcoal, that would be a major factor. In example, food grilling charcoal can kill you. Hope this helps, and that your next ho
  10. Warning, not for the faint of heart hookah lovers. Graphic photo enclosed As many know, suffer pain in my hip and back (damaged s.i.joints, had a Rhizotomy this year)...I just went mother's day shopping and was in pain after the drive, walking, etc. Got hookah stuff out of my car. Dropped my bag of tobaccos and bowls in pain. R.I.P. 2008 black medium phunnel, 2009/2010 black and blue (dual colored) small phunnel (about same size as medium), and first run 7ico Pico phunnel in blue. There will be an appropriate memorial ceremony 4th of July during my annual cookout ext
  11. I remember you <3 Glad life is treating you well
  12. http://m.wtae.com/health/fda-to-extend-tobacco-regulations-to-ecigarettes/39393884 I was reading local news, being I don't have facebook at the time to keep up on world events (suing people from car accident that ruined my life and advised to take down facebook until case settled). Caught my eye because was titled towards FDA regulating e-cigs, but it's a sweep of all tobacco related products. ... So, what does this mean for us hookah enthusiasts? Thoughts?
  13. Just managed to scrape the cash together to order with a friend . I now have k-guava, k-peach, and passionfruit :)....sadly a day after paying, I broke a 120 ml bottle of Zurro's Private Stock vape juice
  14. I can't wait for pics . Downside here for me, all the bitches(autocorrected last post) are now in heat. So the two retired girls, the one they bred, the one that it's her first heat, and that one's older sister, and my gf's girl...so they are breeding gf's hoping for a first litter (she's lesbian, last time they tried it instantly threw her out of heat) and successfully bred the older of the two sisters...so we might have three litters lining up and me ripping my hair out lol. I'm going nuts right now because their stud that is in top 5 in U.S is going nuts, spazzing at the smell and not ge
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