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  1. I recently made my first order with thehookah.com. In it, I ordered only a blue Syrian trumpet base and a box Nakhla Zaghoul Light.  After about three days, I received a phone call from them letting me know that they were out of the blue bases.  Consequentially, they offered to replace it with a green one or simply cancel the base…  I opted for the green base (since I think that the trumpet bases look kinda cool, regardless of color).  After this, I thought that all was well and good.  However, when the package arrived, I realized that they had sent the regular Z
  2. The hoses and handles are solid and put together with a lot of love... however, the incorporation of a new mya freeze hose would factor into the cost heavily. Still, these are just prototypes. Given the dislike of 'washable' mya hoses, I am going to seek out a better, more inexpensive hose and either give these hoses away or sell them in face-to-face transactions. Still, if you guys have further ideas, please let me know...  
  3. I used one of the Mya freeze hoses for this project. I have used a freeze hose for quite a while without any rust issues. I have heard that the Saray 'washables' are the that ones have given given people the most problems. Would you guys suggest any other brands? 
  4. Black pleather and black faux-fur handle on black, crushed velvet-covered hose... overall, 72" long! Best of all, it's completely washable!!! These were made with food-safe plumbing parts, craft supplies, and some new MYA hoses. I've just been told that the whole all-black, velvet-pleater-fur give these thing a little bit of a 'fetish-y' vibe... :huh:   Ok... I have a question for you guys out there...   My GF and I were thinking about doing an etsy-esqe online store... do you think that I could sell these hoses (being made from new materials and complete
  5. 52 North Queen St. Unit 5A Lancaster, PA 17603     A relaxed, tucked-away location that is, literally, across the street from the Prince St. parking garage. Whenever I go there, it feels like some of the laid-back cafes that you can find in the Persian Gulf area. The food there has an authentic taste, too. Although they don't offer huge-sized portions, the finger-foods have an authentic, 'homemade taste.' Seriously, their Dolma (the stuffed grape-leaf thingies) is awesome! Also, they serve an awesome Turkish coffee... not a 'Turkish-ish coffee.
  6.   Wow...  YouTube should have a warning posted... I think that the video just made me have an aneurysm.   :lol:
  7. Unfortunately, this was pre-youtube period... still, that goofy bastard would have deserved it. :lol:   Note to self: Stoli, cheap beer, and a wad of shisha tobacco do not mix well in the stomach...                               You should have put that on youtube!   
  8. Well, this isn't so much a fail on my part as it is on the part of friend... When I was in college, a friend of mine fell in love with the smell and 'tip-of-the-tongue' taste of my cherry shisha tobacco. One night (after drinking heavily), he decided to eat a gob of the tobacco! Things got veeeeeerrrrrrry ugly after that...
  9. Sorry to tack on to an old thread, but I'm creeping around the HdG-Port Deposit area. Is there anything going on around our area regading hookage?
  10. "Chef de Cuisine"... I get paid to ruin people's appetites!
  11. The magical realm of rusted pickup trucks and missing teeth which lays between Harford and Cecil Counties.
  12. Mister Mushrat- Your spot is looking great! When you were refering to the Pepsi coolers, are you just getting a open-door cooler for 20 oz. bottles, or a full fountain deal (with syrup boxes and CO2 canisters)? Also, as you're going to be working with the nearby deli, PLEASE look into your local health codes because, depending on how tight-assed health dept. officials are down there, they may consider you the seller of food (aka running an unliscensed restaurant). If worse comes to worse, your may be able to work a deal where the people get their own food, and you allow them to bring i
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