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  1. Cleaned out the pipes after a few months hiatus... it'd be rude not to smoke a bowl, wouldn't it?

    1. Chreees


      Yes it would.
    2. A13lackFish


      Clearly this gentleman has his head screwed on correctly.
  2. The problem is the very same compartmentalisation that TheAnesthetist describes; the notion that there is such a thing as a "mental health doctor" and that he/she is distinct from a "medical doctor" or a "holistic doctor" speaks volumes. Sure, there are a few people incorrectly labelled AD(H)D by cursory or incomplete assessments - but they pale into insignificance compared with the undiagnosed and the underdiagnosed. So first, let me deal with the question: do we over-diagnose? Thirty odd years ago, I didn't manage to walk until I was almost 2. Nobody had
  3. If he speaks Arabic, he'll have no trouble finding shisha in Morocco. If he doesn't, he'll have no trouble finding it as a tourist, but he might have to really insist that he wants not to smoke shisha but to buy a pack of mu'assel for someone who does. There are places (Chefchaouen in particular) where if you turn up out of season, [url="http://www.hookahforum.com/topic/8855-question-about-your-local-hookah-lounge/page__view__findpost__p__494063"]they'll pretty muchinsist on serving it to you whether you wanted it or not[/url].
  4. I haven't personally used an Aladin pipe - mine are Egyptian - but I've bought a number of their accessories and have been entirely satisfied. They seem to be a big, German manufacturer / importer / distributor, who commission and stock some good quality accessories. The reason you don't hear much about them here is a barrier of language and location; they are a German company and you'll find them all over German and Austrian (and Czech, we learn) shisha sites. Aladin products barely make it to the UK, and we're supposedly part of Europe. The great majority of users her
  5. Aww, that sucks. Personally, I've found my sessions have gotten shorter as I've gotten more experienced; if you're smoking something that lights quickly and produces a rewarding smoke from the outset, who needs a 2-hour session? The most constructive suggestion I can make is look for some relatively shaped natural coals that will light through in 5 minutes, something like Abo Alabed, and combine with a tobacco that lights easily and tolerates being relit a few times, such as Tangiers. Typically, those coals only last about 45 minutes, but one set will often do fine.
  6. Look up a condition called [i]atrial fibrillation[/i] - which can be triggered by caffeine, nicotine, or carbon monoxide, amongst other things. I am also not a doctor, but 1) Before we attribute your symptoms to the nicotine, what shisha are you smoking? (please tell me it's not Tangiers F-Line...) 2) What coals are you using, and are they lit right through before you start? 3) Are you smoking in a well-ventilated area? 4) Do you routinely smoke cigarettes? (will increase tolerance) 5) Are you drinking water or juice with your shisha, or are you combining it with coffee, alcohol, or
  7. IMHO the problem is your choice of shisha; I've never got AF to smoke [b]well enough to enjoy[/b] out of any bowl (and neither has anyone else who's ever served it to me). Clouds, sure, flavour, sure, but the smoke always lacks body as compared with other brands. As others have hinted, the problem is likely to be too much heat and/or too much hurry. Two coconut coals shouldn't be too much, but try giving them 5-10 minutes to warm the bowl through before you start to draw on it, then move them every few pulls. Patience may well be the answer. If this still doesn't do it for y
  8. First, welcome to the forum... Start by trying different brands of shisha; some produce thicker smoke than others. If it's thick smoke you want and you're fairly new to hookah, then something from the Tangiers Lucid line ought to give you an easy life. Then try different brands and types of coal; Nakhla and Desi Murli respond well to the extreme heat of hardwood coals; Tangiers requires less heat and smokes well with coconut coals. Then consider a bigger, wider, flatter bowl - all other things being equal, more volume of tobacco under more area of coal produces more smoke and
  9. We face similar problems in the United Kingdom, where shisha is hard to find and subject to punitive tax regimes, and where shipping it in from anywhere else is normally expensive and risky. I have a couple suggestions for you: Find your coal and other supplies locally; it won't be highly taxed and there won't be a need to ship it from abroad. Use whatever is local; most of the Middle Eastern coals I buy locally are better, subjectively, than the coconut coals I've had delivered. In turn, you can then limit the cost and risk of an international order to the 3 x 250g of shisha
  10. I also noticed the DM Gold with some intrigue, but have never tried it. I like saffron and spices in a paella, but probably not in my shisha. Might complement the Indian flavours, I dunno. Can't see any mention of it on here... anyone inclined to be a guinea pig? [quote name='TheyCallMeDave' timestamp='1320079746' post='529588'] And just to clarify, Desi Murli smells the way it does because it is a sort of hybrid between traditional dark leaf tobacco, and modern shisha. The soy sauce smell you are getting is the tobacco itself and cannot be acclimated out. That&
  11. magick777


    [color=#282828][size=4][font=arial, tahoma, verdana, sans-serif][size=4][b]Desi Murli [/b][/size][/font][/size][/color][color=#008000][size=4][font=arial, tahoma, verdana, sans-serif][size=4][b]Mint[/b][/size][/font][/size][/color] [color=#282828][size=4][font=arial, tahoma, verdana, sans-serif][size=4][b]Hookah: [/b]35" Egyptian [b]Bowl: [/b]Saphire Power Bowl (9cm; 30-50g load) [b]Screen/Foil: [/b]Alufoil pre-cut heavy duty shisha foil [b]Hose:[/b][color=#CACACA] [/color]Shisha King EX-L [b]Coals:[/b][color=#CACACA] [/color]Cococha x 4 [b]Base Liquid:[/b][color=#CACACA] [/color]
  12. Discussion always welcomed, you're not hijacking anything. It comes ready mixed, a consistency not dissimilar to Tangiers. However, I note that many reviewers have still added honey/glycerine and I begin to see why. As it comes, it takes crazy amounts of heat to persuade it to smoke (think 4 coconut coals on a 9cm bowl, then 10-15 minutes), and when it does, the buzz is immense enough that I tend to stop after a few minutes. Very pleasant, but a rather short session. It's also the single hardest substance I've ever tried to clean out of a Crown Micro, but that's another story.
  13. My goodness - to think I very nearly placed an international order with these morons, it was only the fact that their payments system didn't properly handle AVS for international orders - and rejected two of my cards - that put me off. I was initially a bit sceptical at the exposé on this outfit as we've seen any number of rows with retailers on here, but their response is priceless and not just for the quality of the English. So, thank you to this forum for saving me some grief. I think the best thing we could do having silenced them is not to add them to the "banned v
  14. This is getting more interesting as I go along. I picked up and smelt a previously unopened bag of aniseed, and got a very appealing aniseed scent. I planned to smoke a bowl there and then. However, soon as I opened the bag, the aniseed smell was overpowered by the same soy sauce / tobacco smell I'd noted in the other flavours. I've left it open to see how that goes. For comparison, I smelt the mint, which has been in a closed bag for a while after being left open overnight, and it still smells nicely of spearmint rather than of tobacco. I smelt the licorice that's been packed i
  15. It's not the worst shite I've ever smoked by any means... it's on a par with al-Fakher for those who like that sort of thing. I find Tangiers or Desi Murli more interesting. However, it seems a shame to leave it sitting here until it goes to waste and I can't be bothered to eBay it, so let's see if a price reduction will tempt anyone. Fifteen quid for the three tins, I'll cover UK shipping. Anyone?
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