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    What coals are you using? Quick lights would probably do that to me. Maybe you are over heating your bowl or smoking it too long. Those type of things might not immedietly cause discomfort to a seasoned smoker like yourself but maybe it does with the recent increase. Also, make sure your hookah and hose is clean and rust free.
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    i have two movie/tv show scenes stuck in my head right now...but, i can't remember where they come from...the scenes are somewhat sparse and vague and i am not able to picture the actors in any of the scenes...either way, i'll type out what i remember and if anyone can recollect what movie they're from...i'd appreciate the help... 1) there's a makeshift tracheotomy performed with either a pen or a metal tube...the scene actually provides a good shot of the tube going into the neck. i THINK the premise of the movie is some guy on the run from "the feds" or some other government organization. maybe not....either way, the tracheotomy scene is all i really remember the next scene is even more vague, and i'm not even positive it's from the same movie.. 2) a guy gets a chest injury and can't breathe. so, the main character sticks a tube or pipe with a valve into the guys chest where he has to open the valve to release the pressure or his lung collapses. i believe there's also a scene where he's detained by law enforcement and in handcuffs. the cop or detective detaining him isn't aware the valve in his chest keeps him alive, so he ignores the guy's request to free his hands so he can open the valve. he comes close to dying when the cop realizes he's not bullshitting and allows him to open the valve. well, that's all i really got...i know it's vague, but i'm hoping some super movie buffs can provide a little help... thanks in advanced.
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