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  1. Oduman N3. Thick af glass, pretty tip over proof, nice good length hose, stainless steel screw in fixtures. Plain looking but comes with LED light. And just get a cool colorful bowl or decorate with stickers like a hipster millennial and move on. Quality over looks like an adult.
  2. I ordered the Oduman N3 and multiple shishas, grommets, nonslip mat, coals, Egyptian bowl. My experience- the website is janky/ghetto. Looks unprofessional, told me the wrong shipping amount until the end of checkout process ($70+ -> $~20). Upon order completion, I never once got a confirmation email which scared the heck out of me. I contacted the company several times about the matter and never once heard back. So I’ll be honest, I 100% thought I got ripped off. Then I logged into my account on HookahCompany.com one day (3-4 days after ordering) and a tracking number was posted and available. The package arrived one day early via USPS. Everything was extremely well packaged, everything ordered was present, all items are very high quality, and they even threw in what I believe is a Turkish sucker. Dope. Moral of the story, until it showed up I thought I got scammed. But everything ended up right in the end I guess. Definitely get the Oduman N3 it’s an amazing quality of hookah.
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