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  1. Hate to see the forum so dead, but thought I'd check in with y'all anyway! As many of you all know, I sold all my hookahs 7 years ago, so I could afford heartworm treatment for a dog I rescued. Selling my house, and my realtor buddy just so happened to still have the first hookah I ever bought that I sold to him back in 2009. He gave it to me, so I decided to get back into it! Placed a little order and enjoyed a nice bowl of Tangiers Static Starlight for the first time in years!
  2. Ummmm have you heard of a thing called reddit? Haha
  3. Haha, fair enough! I like to check in here every now and then. Haven't smoked hookah in probably 5 years now. Jesus, has it really been that long?! Crazy...
  4. Living the life, man! Between the job, working overtime often, two kids, being a homeowner (constant projects), I don't see how I'd ever have time for hookah these days lol. I did the vape thing there for a while then it became pointless for me. I just started CBD oil, because I started having these crazy mood swings and was depressed for months on end. I think it was the overtime, but after a few weeks on CBD it all evened out and I'm feeling great! Wife is also a lot happier, since I didn't realize just how bad my mental state was affecting our marriage. Turns out it's solving a lot of issues for me, some that I didn't even realize were related... Anyway, how you been? Still smoking?
  5. Sold my two Nawras for $300 each... best of luck lol
  6. Damn Stu, sorry to hear that... Praying for you man. Pat, best of luck in the fight! Pretty sure my dad’s about to be there in the fight as well, seeing as I don’t think he’ll be returning to work after this second battle with cancer...
  7. I did the mass email thing a few years ago to try and revitalize the place. It didn't really do much. At this point I don't think there's much anyone can do to get it as active as it was back in the day.
  8. TexasHookah bought it from Adam. Site works just fine, but not at all active. I check back every once in a while for nostalgic purposes.
  9. Jello! It's nice to hear an update, Shawn!
  10. UK uses metric system so you'll have to be sure you buy a hookah that is compatible. Seriously though, grab a Mya Saray QT and call it a day.
  11. Apply more coal? Also, be sure your bowl is packed properly, holes pattern is good, etc... There's tons of tutorials, guides, how-tos, etc. on here and elsewhere on the net.
  12. Mya Saray QT was the bomb dot com back in the day, and they were only what, 12-14 inches tall? Very interesting pipe, would love to see more pics, especially of it in action.
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