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  3. Hate to see the forum so dead, but thought I'd check in with y'all anyway! As many of you all know, I sold all my hookahs 7 years ago, so I could afford heartworm treatment for a dog I rescued. Selling my house, and my realtor buddy just so happened to still have the first hookah I ever bought that I sold to him back in 2009. He gave it to me, so I decided to get back into it! Placed a little order and enjoyed a nice bowl of Tangiers Static Starlight for the first time in years!
  4. Can anyone give me any information on this hookah? My family has had it for about 15 years, but no one seems to know anything about it. TIA
  5. I call this one Trap Diva Adalya mi amor AW Blueberry Banana AF Cream Mint Starbuzz Pineapple Freeze Yummy Goodness Sex Addict Star buzz sex on the beach Star buzz Blue Mist AF Orange Mint ROR Pineapple Panty Dropper AF Peach Star buzz Jack the Ripper AF Mint Overdozz Psych Out
  6. hello guys, im new here my name is Dennis im looking for new mixes for my hookah place. looking for mixes with all kind of hookah companies like : fumari, afzal, al fakher, adalya, mushhave,sebero,darkside, tangiers,stabuzz,serbetli. i would like you guys suggest me what is a good mixes to do with them i would prefer tastes with fruits and mints. thanx for helping
  7. I love adding mint to watermelon or melon. I've always made the same mistake - not heating the coals well. Now I do it right and it tastes just WOW!!!
  8. Yesterday we had a hookah session where the water level got low. After we refilled water with cold water and re applied coals the smoke was to much to take and caused pain while smoking.. what mistake we did can anybody explain please
  9. The hose that is included in the set we bought was way longer than our old one and it’s way too hard for me to suck it. It’s like i easily run out of air before the smoke reaches the end. Could it be that the hose is too long?
  10. Hi, i just bought an Amy Deluxe Hookah today but it doesn’t come with an instruction manual on how to assemble it. I tried assembling it based on pictures and how the old one we had looked (not Amy deluxe) but i’m not sure if we did it 100% correctly.
  11. I have a lot of hookah flavors stuck only waiting for MSDS, I have asked the suppliers, they seen not to know what it is and the manufacturers don't reply me... Please someone who has one could share it??
  12. Hi there, I'm trying to get some MSDS to see exactly the chemicals substance.
  13. Hi everyone I am a beginner in hookah and have only tested shiazo stones but have a reflection and thinking.. you must be able to reuse the stones and make your own syrup and does anyone know how to do it. I have everything you need, I think at home as I normally mix juice to vape. Vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol as well as a lot of flavor essences are available, but what proportions should you use out of a jar of 100 grams of stones
  14. Hey, would anyone be up for smoking hookah with me on a zoom call? Showing bowl pack, hookah, smoke, etc. - and just socializing talking about whatever (hookah also lol)? Especially those who have a lotus + vitria setup would be helpful, or anyone who has used that combo and knows how to pack blonde leaf in it. I have been having trouble getting anywhere between medium and full flavor for a couple years now. But of course the socialization is most important. I hookah-sesh zoom with my IRL buddy sometimes but would love to meet new randos! Even if you don't have any advice or instructions, don't worry about it- the company would be there. Maybe even it would help to pay it forward to tell others about this idea too? LMK!
  15. Hi everyone, so im from Canada Ontario and decided to get a hookah recently for various reasons biggest one being to get away from vapes as I find myself using them anywhere and everywhere. At least with a hookah ill still enjoy a smoke while smoking some foods or hanging out in my shop and not be vaping everywhere and anywhere i go as i do now. On that note.... I got a couple questions! how is the herbal shisha (tobacco free stuff?) in comparison... i havent smoked out of a hookah in a solid 10 years and I couldn't tell you what I used the last time I tried it or what i smoked but did enjoy it! my next question is I pretty well narrowed down my 2 choices for what hookah's I want but wanted some opinions on them I've been debating between the Smokah Alpha (179 CAD) and the Starbuzz SB mini which is (150cad) I've found a CRAP ton of reviews on the SB mini via youtube and other sources which has me leaning towards that one for the most part as a lot of people say their great hookahs for the price but i'm also curious on the smokah alpha and how it is in comparison to the SB mini. ideally im looking for a billet hookah that will be sturdy durable and ofcourse offer a good smoking experience for within that price range (the smokah is a little over budget but I know I can more then likely swing a deal on one for close to the price of the SB mini. Thanks!
  16. Anyone thinking about ordering from juicyhookah, I would reconsider. I recently made a purchase for 250G of shisha and never received my item (#47596) some 8 weeks after one of their customer service reps (Marek) continued to provide me with false USPS tracking info. After several requests for a refund/new item shipped, they simply stopped responding. I've since had to go through my Visa to make a claim for Services Not Rendered. Do not order from this site. They cannot be trusted and provide sub-par customer service.
  17. I am looking for the "mya 849 blaze hookah base", but couldn't find anywhere. Searched in many online stores, but those are not available. Any help to find it would be appreciated.
  18. On most days, 5-10ml . But when I am with fam it drops down to under 5 ml.
  19. I have noticed that my car runs so much better when its colder, under 40f outside. I know that this has something to do with a richer fuel mixture. How do I get this performance in the summertime? I drive a 2013 Ford Fusion and live in Texas where most of the year it's 80-100f outside.
  20. Honestly, I would considering of purchasing new parts instead of those damaged by corrosion. Cause it would be much harder to them up. But it's all about me.
  21. Hi I'm Kelly. I have a vintage brass 4 hose hooka that i want to sell. I will attach photos. Can anyone tell me who to contact or how I can go about selling it. And how much I should ask for it? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  22. So,i recently got a new hookah bow,it's a 10 euro bowl but for now i have to use this until i can get a new one. So the question is,the bowl is like a ferris bowl,it has a big lip to hold a HMD but i don't have a HMD so i was wondering if i could use foil,and if t here would be much difference in smoke output since there will be a big if you could say gap, from the tobacco to the foil. Will this work fine with foil?i mainly pack it very loose and upto the first lip,where the hmd is supposed to stay. Here's the bowl https://imgur.com/gallery/rX9tT7O
  23. Hello all! A week and a half ago I got my fallopian tubes and an ovary removed laparoscopically. Before my surgery I was smoking hookah every night. I loveeee my hookah. I haven’t smoked after my surgery though as I know it is not that great for recovery. But would it really do a lot of harm to smoke just one hookah every couple of nights from now on? Has anyone smoked after surgery? The nurses just told me to stop the night before surgery but didn’t say anything about afterwards. I do have an appointment with my physician in a week but I miss my hookah now lol!
  24. Who heard about CBD oil for hookah?
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