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  4. I don’t know if there is any point in replying a post this old, but as a native to where this hookah is made I must. malabar hookah is made by moosarikandi coppersmiths in the northern part of Kerala (Indian state) called malabar or to be exact koyilandy. And yes the water base is made of coconut shell. It became popular some 500 years ago while a group of merchants from Yemen introduced it to the world.
  5. What coals are you using? Quick lights would probably do that to me. Maybe you are over heating your bowl or smoking it too long. Those type of things might not immedietly cause discomfort to a seasoned smoker like yourself but maybe it does with the recent increase. Also, make sure your hookah and hose is clean and rust free.
  6. My family been smoking shisha for generation to generation. I signed up to this forums because I'm in NEED for a base (vase) for my AMY Deluxe Zulu S in Smoke color. Or any vase that is compatible. For some reason Amy out in Germany won't ship anything to the United State. This won't stop me from smoking since I have so many Nargile. I don't like to see my other Zulu S down for the count. That one was my favorite one to smoke.
  7. Oh Of course yes! But that's one of the secret of my teenage. I still remember that I had been to a hookah bar with my friend. There we tried flavoured hookah and mine was mint flavour.
  8. I am bit sceptic that is that may not be because of packing, try to consult with some one directly to fix this.
  9. Prolonged usage of Hookah immediately effects throat in a way leading to bronchitis not necessarily throat cancer, but to be on the safer side please find a peaceful way to deal with your rowdies something like meditation.
  10. Hello, I'm really curious as to where everyone buys their hookah tobacco in the UK, there's only a hand full of websites where I can order online but they're very expensive. I'm from County Durham, so if anyone buys with-in this county any advice is really appreciated. Also, has anyone ever bought from the website 'miansons.co.uk'? It seems quite suspect to me and I've yet to order something, hoping someone else has ordered from there who could tell me if it's worth buying from them or not. Thanks! EDIT: I've bought from them, so I guess we'll find out if it's a scam, or not.
  11. I like to have a tour bike such as Ducati of my own but I'm really hooked on the off-road thrill of atv. I recently installed a new set of atv tires so I'll be driving more often.
  12. I do clean mine regularly after use so that I could have it working longer and also for hygienic purpose.
  13. Today I bought a brand new hookah, something I haven't done in YEARS. The one I have been using all this time started having cracks in the pipe that I didn't notice for a while, until I heard some sloshing around within the pipe itself. Seems to have then created a mold problem where every time I smoked, the next day the base would have shit floating around in it. I thought maybe it was saliva or something from the hose but I never remembered it being an issue before (since I clean the hookah and hose often). Well, I had let it sit out to dry for a couple days when I left town and when I came back, I could see the mold growth. I've been smoking from my 3 hose since I found that out. Not ideal since I had to modify it so I could smoke from it (blocked one of the hose ports completely, added a balloon with a hole on the other for a purge). It's a cheap chinese hookah and I'm not a fan of it but it's been getting the job done I guess. So I got an email stating a discount on the hookah I've been eyeing (plus an additional discount code) and I jumped on the opportunity. Looking forward to getting it hopefully by the end of the week. I think I have a base that will fit it...I hope it fits, otherwise, will be waiting even longer when I have to buy a new base. I'm super stoked! Been wanting this one for a while couldn't bring myself to buy it until I saw the discount.
  14. Hey there. I'm a new member here as well. Glad to meet you.
  15. Hello everyone. I just started using a hookah this year when a friend of mine brought one when we hangout. I would like to get my own but I have to know more about it.
  16. So I've been smoking off and on for about ten years. But just recently, I've been smoking way more often, twice a day--in the afternoon for about an hour, and then at night with beer for about 2 hours. Over the last few days, I've been noticing a sting in my throat, whether of not I'm smoking, and it's not a sick kind of sting. Is this normal? Is this a sign that I need to cut back, or a sign of like throat cancer or something serious? Because I love my hookah. I'm a work-from-home-mom and it's the only thing that keeps me sane with my two rowdy toddlers! But at the same time, I don't wanna die lol Any comments appreciated :) It actually feels kind of like acid reflux, but I have no other acid reflux symptoms, which is why it's concerning.
  17. Always wondered if there was a place where peaple Buy and sell thier used Hookahs Ect I was looking for some MIG hookahs but cant find used cheaper hookahs that others dont need anymore?? any input on this guys ??
  18. Keep it basic in the beginning, stick to Al fakher BlueMist, Kiwi, Mint ect in your range also StarBuzz has some amzing mix flavours. Id recommend youtube to get some mix lessons. My fav Blue mist 30%,CitrusMist 30%,Kiwi 30%, Mint10% The best Mix ever try it out and good luck
  19. Try just any taste with ice. Refreshing tobaccos of any brand give a good taste.
  20. It is worth replacing the purge valve or the stem itself.
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