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  1. [quote name='Skoozle' timestamp='1343423671' post='552758'] I picked up a couple of male bowl adapters (for receiving female bowls) last weekend for just such an occasion. [/quote] Where? I'd rather get an adaptor than buy new bowls (just broke my bowl budget with Santino).
  2. Purge cap is missing. Looks like the hose port is taped down. When I get the chance to do a thorough cleaning, I'll fire it up and see how it smokes. I'll be sure to review Chreees' video on stem cleaning LOL Do you think the stem unscrews or pulls out? I don't want to break the base. If it's stuck, what do you suggest to loosen it? WD-40?
  3. Thank you for your patience. I'll try to get some more detailed pics if needed. This is the hookah [img]http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7107/7656618226_125573af31_z.jpg[/img] The base [img]http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7273/7656618612_77434fb26a_z.jpg[/img] The bottom of the stem [img]http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8282/7656618740_83c34ed5f8_z.jpg[/img] The tray [img]http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8293/7656617996_893a761ec8_z.jpg[/img]
  4. Pics forthcoming. Was over a friends house and she'd been saying, "I have this hookah and don't want it, do you?" I said, "Sure" thinking it was a pumpkin or even a QT. Something along those lines. Tonight she brought it out. It's coated in dust (been sitting in her closet for a while). Definately not what I was thinking. I feel bad for the people who left it behind. Which is why I'm gonna post pics here, get you experts to tell me what I just inherited. It's probably as tall as my Mya Legend (about 2'). And the bowl is male instead of female. The vase is deep blue with flowers around the top. Hose probably isn't washable (and will be for display since I don't know where its been).
  5. Have a guest pass to an event where you basically need to know someone to get in and I can't give them away. Brutal.

  6. I join forums to learn and (in some rare ones) to give out what I know. I tend to get what info I need and hang out because there are some cool people. One or two forums I belong to are "meh" and I go back when I need to "look up" something. Some I need to go back to because I was super active before they did a total reboot. LOL I just got made a mod on a coffee roasting forum because I started to make it more social (my own foodie sub forum, ) I like most of the people I've "met" here and I've learned TONS. Thanks all!!!
  7. I'm a weather channel junkie and that's the top story. I heard the arson theory and if that's the case, WTF????
  8. Maybe if they hadn't been fighting it since the 1950's we'd have free healthcare by now like a lot of other civilized countries. What I don't get, Romney is so against it but didn't he do the same thing when he was governor of Massachusetts? "They'll tell you what doctors you can go to" - ah, insurance companies do that already. You have to pick a provider from their list "They'll limit you" - insurance companies are FOR PROFIT not FOR PEOPLE. I worked in the "dear patient you're screwed. Have a nice day." department for a major provider. They suck. I was a temp but there was one claim that came across my desk several times in the time I was there. It was a teenage boy with gynomastia (tits). They wanted surgery to correct this. He was denied repeatedly because it was deemed "unnecessary". I got fed up and, against my supervisor's orders, stormed upstairs to the "doctors" and shoved it in his face to get it approved. From behind his big mahogony desk in his fancy corner office, he dismissed me like I wasn't fit to shine his shoe. I'd better stop or I'll start to sound like a battle between Rani and TheScottsman LOL
  9. So I was googling around and I came across their site. Was tempted but their site was a little squiffy. I mentioned it here and someone came here and said they'd fixed it. Decided to give it a shot since it was Free Shipping (from germany) and their prices were noticibly less than domestic places. The package was order 6 packages to get their special price. The total was about $45 (after the exchange rate). Placed the order June 8, received the "thank you for your order" June 18, and received my order June 28. The packaging was ok (hey, nothing was missing or broken so I can't complain). So, if you were thinking about ordering Steam Stones, this looks like a good place while they're making this offer.
  10. What twits. I snickered when I first read that. I had to refrain from snarking on someone who is getting Medicare and Social Security crying that ACA got the OK. Sorry, too many of my friends don't have healthcare right now because their jobs dont offer it or they have a preexisting condition.
  11. I just ordered from Shiazo-shop and would like to review. http://www.shiazo-shop.com/en/?r=99974 Thank you.
  12. Got my stones today. Full order. Looks like it's a good site. The envelope was damaged by the USPS and I heard rattling inside. Thought I"d open to a mess. Nope, everything was fine. I can try them with the new funnels I got from Crown.
  13. Mandolin, bass, and violin are not that distant of cousins. I have the "family" violin, about 150 years in the family. Got it from my grandmother (who got me to love the instrument) who also played mandolin and told me the fingerings were similar. I was in HS band for 4 years, drum line. Now, I'm going to be the first to admit I'm chronically "white" (BF will sometimes say to me when I'm working out a coreography, "god you're white"). So I'd start the season in the snare line and be forced into the cymbal line (those things were HUGE, who needs weights???). When I got into bellydance, being I have such a lack of rhythm, I'd do a lot of counting. One of my tribemates watched me and said, "You were in band, right???" LOL But those years in Band did help, though the cymbals I play now are much much smaller. Oh, our HS marching band was HUGE. And our football team was pretty bad. However, we didn't get flack for it, not that Doc would let some pissant administrator tell him how to run his music program. BF on the other hand - his father was composer for the Army Chorus, still teaches at Duquesne, and if you ever played "American Overture" that's his. BF was a music major so he helps me out with my dance.
  14. Sounds like you managed to squeeze a lot into your brief visit. (oh, Walgreens owns Duane Reede so your estimation was pretty close ) Sounds like a return trip will need to be planned. This time, coordinate with us "locals" and we'll have a blast!
  15. Couldn't you paint it with engine paint? I was thinking of painting my windcover to look like those fancy tri color ones.
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