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  1. God bless you, sir.

  2. is in your basement, stealin' your shish.

  3. This dude gives an excellent review for the G21C. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnFOMhwLoDQ If you are using it at night for self protection, it can blind you from the flash of the muzzle if you are a good shooter who has trained to not flinch while shooting. It gets your night sights pretty dirty and having a "C" model only prevents nominal kickback. I prefer the XD to the Glock but you cannot go wrong with either. I'd stay away with 45GAP ammo if you can prevent it because its expensive, can't be found as readily as regular 45ACP ammo and it might not always be in production, unlike 45ACP which has been in production and sold regularly for almost a hundred years. Man, I love guns. Check out www.budsgunshop.com for good deals or www.cdnninvestments.com for excellent deals on used Glocks.
  4. I know you didn't ask for my opinion but I would completely stay away from the C series of Glocks. I promise you are man enough to shoot an un-compensated pistol. Have you fired a C vs a non-C pistol yet?
  5. I'm back from Ohio and in Columbus, IN again. Woo hoo!
  6. QUOTE (boulderkid303 @ Sep 6 2008, 12:57 PM) Hey this is off topic, but your friends with jared arent you? Yes! I miss him greatly. I haven't seen the kid in a while. Did you guys go to school together in Colorado?
  7. Unless hookah hookah has changed a great deal since I smoked it years ago, I would ditch it as well. Also, I can't believe skimo is back. Missed you broseph!
  8. I've had this happen on two different occasions from different vendors in the past. I, too, think it might be AF's packaging. Esk. Apple is one of my favorites. Glad to see MNH taking care of bizznazz!
  9. I really need to dig into my Kashmir stash.. now if I could only remember what box the majority of my shisha is in! Have you had the blueberry yet? Sounds delicious!
  10. Grey and red? I may have to go with something along those lines... I love the way the two look together. We're going to go with some sort of dark grey tiling in the basement, I think. The only problem is to make it brighten up a bit with as little light as possible... its really dark since it is the basement. We don't want to go with white (boring!) but I think we might be able to find a great red.
  11. The idealized world can be made reality if people get up and do something about it. I am a logician, realist and skeptic and with all three of these worldviews, what I said is not only plausible but possible. Religious organizations/nonprofit were (and often are) at the root of most social work before it was governmentalized. Many hospitals have some sort of religious theme attached to them as it stems from the same provisional-to-the-poor mentality. Orphanages? Same thing. Food pantry? Slang nominclature for free food stores are the Deacon's Pantry (not to be confused with the Deacon's Panty). Society, for America, was not built on the 'greater good' or punishing the lawful to prevent the unlawfulness but was mostly given to individual freedoms. Unfortunately, this was never carried out to its proper length but it was tried and worked for a long time. Laws that restrict the law abiding citizing are terrible and not what the forefathers had in mind when constructing our government. Of course, I don't think the Consitution is much of a living document so if you think this is the case, we're at a moot point. Giving away 50 bucks a month or 5-10 percent of one's income isn't unreasonable and it not a push-comes-to-shove issue. I am guessing everyone on this board has enough food and plenty of shelter. After all you, like me, are smoking shisha, accessing the internet and own a computer... Hell, I'd encourage everyone to give away five solid dollars of money to some sort of charity a month... if nothing else, you can selfishly feel good knowing your five bucks went to something greater than a combo meal at your favorite junk food establishment (Chipotle, for me). Greed isn't the issue, its mostlly complacency... especially in my observation of America. What do you mean by free market and regulation? The two are polar opposites as I understand them. The free market, unregulated, weeds out inferior/unsafe/unstable entities because of competition and repeat business. God, I missed this board! You guys are the best! QUOTE (Bulldog_916 @ Sep 6 2008, 12:56 AM) I agree with you up to a point. In an idealized world, maybe someone would go to the hospital and help an underprivileged family with their medical expenses. Maybe the free market would work as it is supposed to. Maybe religion and policy would somehow be able to go together in harmony. Maybe people could be trusted with automatic weapons or handguns. Or even explosives would only be used to mine or clear land for roadways. But I hate to burst the ideological bubble here, but greed, human nature and power hungriness trumps all of that. It's almost without fail. No one unless it was forced upon them would seriously go to a hospital and fork over 50 bucks to help a single mom take care of her doctor's expenses. We like to think that we would, but when push came to shove, we would keep our money in our pockets because we are all greedy. That's why taxes are a necessary, if imperfect, evil. It's in the Constitution under the 16th Amendment. "The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration." Now, you may be asking "Well, what about the 24th Amendment that protects your right to vote even if you have not paid taxes?" And I say that is true, but that does not make it constitutional not to pay taxes as the 16th points out. Checks and balances. That's why regulation is almost a prerequisite to having any working service in place. Greed will undoubtedly take precedence over the greater welfare of the masses. That's what happened here in California, that's what's happening now in the case of the Freddie-Fannie takeover. More regulation is what's needed to make sure that the free market can work within limits. Checks and balances.
  12. So, I haven't been on the forums as much as I anticipated I would be, because life has been crazier and it has just gotten a little crazier! We moved from Ohio back to Indiana and just bought a house. It's a pretty modest little bungalow and has a basement that will be my sanctuary of manstuff. To celebrate, I packed the largest bowl of Fumari Peach and smoked away with a few friends. My only regret: No pictures! I have yet to smoke in our new house, but I am excited to get enough things in the house finished to where we can move in. I think the first night I stay there, I will smoke some more victory-shisha. We're thinking of making the basement a bit of an all purpose room which, of course, includes a maximum chill room for hookah and discussions around said hookah. It is hard picking out colors for the walls that make a basement chill but not an abyss of dark colors. Any suggestions? The wife was thinking jewel tones. I don't know what that means but she's going to start sewing some pillows and I give two thumbs up to that. What a surreal few weeks.. I can't believe we bought a house. If you guys have any chill room suggestions, let a brother know.
  13. The EULA is pretty insane. Thanks for pointing that out.
  14. Hello guys... an old time member here.. I couldn't resist the passionate discussion of philosophy and politics. The media seems to be terribly biased.... towards sensationalism and towards profit. If it can be glittered and bedazzled with bullshit rhetoric and made to sound titillating, then it will be done so. Rather than using the first amendment as a tool to chisel through the doublespeak and nonsense politicians say and factcheck their speaking, the media is using Obama's crazy black activist preacher and Sarah Palin's rebellious daughter as fodder to ignore the real issues at hand. I can't say they are completely at fault because most people are overly concerned about what Celebrity A wore to Awards Show B than where their tax dollars are going. How many of us attend town hall meetings, discuss local politics at a grassroots level. To you Americans, can you even name your state's Governors and Senators? Most people can't. Do you know what kinds of laws are passing locally? What are you doing to change the laws you don't like? Conservative Republicans want to wipe their ass with the constitution, Liberal Democrats want to spend every upper class (What is considered upperclass? It seems to me like most of what people define as middle class... the wife and I have a combined income of less than 45K a year... are we "upper class"? Hell no!) dollar on inefficient charitable acts that nonprofit and religious institutions should be doing. Charity is no longer a virtue when it is forced on the masses in the form of a tax. If you don't like the way healthcare operates, go down and give your local hospital a few bucks a month because you want to help out. The next time you go to the doctor's office, ask the office manager if there is a single mother who does not have health insurance who needs help with their 250 dollar visit. I guarantee you they'll be ecstatic that someone in their community is helping and it will be cheaper than 'universal health care' (let's call it what it really is, socialized medicine). Voting for someone because they're black, a woman, a war hero, or cute is stupid. Being an events planner and armchair quarterback to constitutional law discussions do not make you a good president. Surviving POW camp makes you a war hero, it does not mean you'll make a good president. I'd vote for a president that would repeal the Patriot Act through executive order (is this even possible?), let the free market do its duty, not want to subsidize every program on the book, let me keep all my firearms, and isn't an imaginary person. It seems like voting these days is mostly to give one party a power over another rather than having our public servants act as public servants. I miss the good ole days when we could tar and feather someone not doing their duty. I'd insert a bunch of patriot quotes, but they aren't really effective. Look them up yourselves, lazy turds.
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