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  1. Tangiers OG Chocolate Mint. Love the cut of this stuff, smokes alright. Flavour is great to go with a morning coffee.
  2. I have not, and I don't think I will. What is it made of? I imagine it's just a more jelly version of e-juice? I looked it up and it seems like, generally speaking, most people who have tried it mix it with tobacco anyways. It just seems kind of pointless. I'm not sure I see what the reasoning for even using it is hah. Is it a flavour enhancer?
  3. Welcome! Feel free to make a post showing off your pipe and setup over here: http://www.hookahforum.com/forum/90-show-off-your-stuff/
  4. You know, I actually noticed with my last batch that it seems as though Orange Soda has more of an Orange Creamsicle taste now than when I first tried it years ago. Maybe that's it? Closer to Hacitragus (which is straight up Orange Creamsicle to my tastes).
  5. Personally, I get sick of SS pretty fast, but I would take burley. But, to be honest, as long as what you're ordering has the new label on it, it's gonna be good. I miss Mark
  6. You should definitely just make an adapter, it's super easy. Get a short piece of copper or stainless steel tubing and put a bowl grommet on each end, done. If you really want to make it super tight, fill in the middle with tape to build it up on a taper so that the grommets fit perfect. Other than that, yeah, Kasbah bowl is the shit.
  7. I've used these Fantasia e-hookah's before. The flavour should be there, so that's definitely a concern. The one that doesn't work at all has a dead battery, which means it was DOA. I would contact the vendor and let them know that one was faulty and the other had no flavour (and if that doesn't work, try contacting fantasia directly).
  8. Another thing to consider, with nammor hoses you may need to use hockey tape (the fabric kind, for wrapping the blade) as a gasket, instead of an actual hose gasket. They are very thick hoses in my opinion.
  9. I don't think the problem is the pipe, but rather the tobacco as double_bowl mentioned. Your hose could be a problem as well, but usually that would give you stale flavour (not a lack of flavour). Try picking up some fresh new tobacco and working on your packing method. If you need some help with that, just take some pictures of your packed bowl and we can go from there!
  10. That Bahrain Apple I got with my Elmas still gives me fond memories. I just wish I could buy 4kg of it.
  11. Well, I think you might have been before my time as well, but it's great to see you getting back into it and coming back around here! I find even month-long breaks from hookah remind me how much I like it when I come back to it.
  12. As Bawhee said, at that price range you won't notice any major difference in quality. If you're willing to spend a bit more, I would say check out Regal or Hookah King Brazil, and those are my two favourite "high-end" pipes.
  13. I would message the vendor you ordered from and just mention it to them. They sound like fakes to me, but even with the legit ccn's I noticed a significant dip in their quality around 2012/2013. I switched to Coco Ultimates around then and haven't looked back.
  14. Definitely going to be a tougher question for most of us to answer, as a large portion of us are in north america, but I'm sure a few people can chime in with some help. As far as quality goes, especially with AF, it's going to be consistent from store to store.
  15. My opinion, you don't want large countries like ours to be separated into bio-regions for the simple reason that bio-diversity means economical diversity, which means the country as a whole thrives. Interesting read, but I couldn't support it. I live in Alberta, and short of fishing and mineral mining, we have pretty much every other industry. We would do fine on our own. But, I don't want to sacrifice an entire country doing good because I think we should get rid of "dead weight". Have a look at Europe if you want to see what that kind of separation does.
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