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Post your reviews below for Pharaoh's. This is for reviews only. Questions and comments should be posted in seperate threads. Non-review posts or parts of posts deemed not part of the review will be edited out by Mods. For ease of using the search engine, each review should start with: Pharaoh's (flavour)
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Pharaoh's Exotic Peach.

Not sure what was exotic about it besides the $13 price...

It comes in a plastic latched jar. Inside that is a sealed plasitc bag, inside that is ANOTHER sealed plasitc bag, inside that is the actual Ma'asell wrapped in plain old plastic wrap. And you know what, the inside of the plastic jar was STILL sticky.

So, the stuff looks like Nakhla. A little wetter perhaps versus Nakhla's oilier look. The Tobacco itself looked the same, chopped up with pices of stem visible...I suspect if you put the stuff side by side with Nakhla you wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

It's unwashed so its .5% nicotine. I recall someone writing that it had quite a kick to it even compared to other unwashed brands. I didn't find this to be the case myself. Actually found what buzz I did get to be much milder than Nakhla and went away quickly.

The flavour was EXCELLENT! Not a real peach flavour but a really nice candy peach. Me and a buddy smoked well over an hour on the bowl and the flavour never really seemd to drop off significantly until the very end..when it plain old died...the ending puck was almost completely smoked through so no complaints there.

So, much to my suprise and delight, this was probably one of the better bowls I've had in a while. The price is the only thing I have an issue with I have to admit. Since AA is also a really good peach and is about 4-5 bucks cheaper. Edited by mushrat
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I figure it's time for me to put some reviews.

All smoking done with a Mya Bohemian, 3Kings and Egyptian bowl.

A local store carries a lot of the Pharaoh. It's easy to pick up on the way back from work. It is kinda pricey! It's about $13 where I get it too.

All of them are *sticky*. In my experience they do need a fair amount of heat too.

To reiterate what mushrat siad, I don't find Pharaoh to have more of a kick than other unwashed, and I've smoked several cannisters.

Mint: The tobacco is green from the syrup it's in. Now I don't know if the last batch I got is just a bad one or if it's indicative of a formula change, but the syrup is a brighter green now. This used to be my favorite mint because the methol feeling was there, but not overpowering and it had a smooth, minty flavor. Now the menthol hit is just as high as Nakhla. Honestly, it leaves a pencil shaving aftertaste now! Blech. Do not get this!

Honey Dew: This one has been a big hit. IMO, out of all the Pharaoh, this gives the best smoke. It is thick. The flavor is sweet for sure, but not overpoweringly so like I was afraid. There's a bit of a tart finish to it, which is nice. One of the gals at my part the other week said this was her new favorite flavor.

Exotic Peach: This has a more artificial flavor to it, yes. I can really only comapre it to the Nakhla, in which I would say the Nakhla definitely is more subtle. The peach has a great flavor up front but in my experience it's quick to loose it over a session, and becomes harsh more easily.

Extreme Strawberry: Ever gotten pink cotton candy at the fair? Now imagine smoking that. That's pretty much what it's like to me. The smoke is usually pretty good, but the sweetness is enough that you can easily have too much of it. Worth having on hand and can help when you've got newbies.

Triple Apple: Strong anise smell. Once again very sticky. Doesn't have a candy taste to it. Actually I think it tastes dead on like licorice. The smoke from this is thick and supurb, and long lasting, once you get the heat up.

For the most part, having expanded my range, I used to have their mint as a staple, but now I do Nakhla. The only flavor that I intend to REALLY keep buying is the Honey Dew, which is great. The smell is similar to the Nakhla melon, but I think this is a bit better. I may continue with the peach, I'm not sure.

Two flavors I'm eager to try that no one else seems to make: Margarita and Pina Colada....
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Pharoah Margarita

I bought a 250g of this from a local shop, cause it sounded interesting.

Container: It's this nice little tub thing. After it's empty, ill use it to put tangiers in, lol.

Setup: small phunnel bowl attached to a Taqseem Junior, with three king coals

Smell: sort of like a salty lime. o_o almost nauseating really...

Smoke: Tasted like...Margarita. A watered down margarita, but pretty good none the less. I'd definatly buy it again...and I want to try more Pharoahs. It took a little bit to heat up, but damn, is this stuff JUICY!

Seriously, buy this. It's just great.
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Exotic Peach

Setup: SS Sirius II, mya washables, standard 15g clay bowl, ice and water base, Three Kings coals.

This stuff comes in the latch down lid.. I have several pharoh's flavors, and I re-use all of the containers for other shisha. After opening up the bags, I noticed how strong smelling this stuff was. Very juicy, nicely cut..

Smoking: Wow! I have found my new favorite peach! This stuff is awesome, it really hits hard. The buzz isn't as good as other unwashed, but damn, I love this peach flavor. I smoked for a good hour with it, and it was still juicy! I don't like the higher price tag, but I think this is worth it, imho.

Overall: 9.5/10
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Pharaoh's Raspberry Splash

Cut: Not as wet as starbuzz, but farely wet, good-size pieces, not shredded or anything. Didn't see too many stems.

Out of the jar smell: This is the highlight of the flavor IMO. Smelt amazing out of the jar, very potent and fruity. Had a 'bite' to it. Smelt raspBERRY-ish to me. kinda candy like.

Setup: this hookah, not really sure if its egyptian or what to call it, but its around 20 inches. Very solid good hookah.

Duration: Didn't last too long, but then again I wasn't using my phunnel, which is what I usually use to try out new tobacco. like 45 minutes, flavor didn't hold on too well, but I think I burnt it right off the bat.

Heat: Couple of chunks of stargate natural coal.

Bowl: Smileys glass bowl. This is where I think I burned it, a little piece went into a hole and put a bad flavor to it.

Smoke: Thick white, very solid in this area. Comparable to starbuzz.

Buzz: Got a buzz here! .5% non-washed. was lightheaded when I was packing a new bowl of starbuzz. But a good buzz, Nahkla at times makes me nauseous and this was a comfortable buzz.

Flavor: Was a good flavor, candy-like. I enjoy more of a real like flavor but this was good. Strong flavor, just wished that it had held on a little longer. I will probably edit this review once I try it in my phunnel tomorrow.

Overall: 9/10. Good tobacco and smoke just I'm not a big fan of candy flavors. LOVE the container, probably the best container you can buy. Dont throw it away once you use all the tobacco up, just tear of the label and store your other tobacco in it. its got a rubber air-tight seal and clamps.
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Pharaohs Pina Colada

Setup: small clay bowl. Two jap style coals. One hose Egyptian genie vase.

Cut: brown very gooey large leafs but i found like a 5in stem.

Smell: like pine trees

Smoke: smooth easy to get going thick clouds

Buzz: : unknown

Duration: : unknown

Taste: how I think pinesol would taste (pretty disgusting) it tasted like pine with a chemical-like taste

Overall (of 10): 1.5 I think the smell was bad but the taste is absolutely appalling. I couldn't even finish a bowl. Also, I was angry to find a 5 inch stem in my shisha. Only thing saving it from a one is how easy and smooth the smoke is. (plus it comes in a sweet jar and is very moist) Edited by fewwdragon
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I'm satisfied with my Pharaoh's purchases overall, but that's only because I got them at a discounted price. I don't think I'd be willing to pay full price for this stuff, despite the fact that it comes in an awesome jar.

Pharaohs Exotic Peach

Setup: Mya Bohemian, Mya bowl

Cut: Somewhere between Nakhla and Al Fakher. Pretty juicy (I squeezed a ton of juice out of the bag)

Smell: Candy peach rings.

Smoke: Thick.

Buzz: Average for an unwashed tobacco

Duration: Average

Taste: Pretty much the same as the smell. It's good'n'tasty, but nothing I was overwhelmingly impressed with.

Overall (out of 10): 8/10 - A decent peach, though I think there are some strange undertones here and there. Doesn't mix all that well with Kashmir which is a major con for me, but it's a strong flavor that's good on its own if you're looking for a candy peach.

edit: Just wanted to revise my comments here a bit... I've really enjoyed having this peach around and might even buy more after it's gone. It mixes great with Tangiers Vanilla and seems to be unrivaled in terms of flavor intensity, though the flavor itself is extremely candyish. I still prefer Starbuzz for Kashmir mixes.

Pharaohs Zesty Orange

Setup: Mya Bohemian, Mya bowl

Cut: Somewhere between Nakhla and Al Fakher. Pretty juicy (I squeezed a ton of juice out of the bag)

Smell: A candy flavor for sure. Smells very juicy, like orange fruit snacks or an orange popsicle.

Smoke: Thick.

Buzz: Average for an unwashed tobacco

Duration: Average

Taste: Again, like the smell. Kinda juicy, but it has that candy flatness to it.

Overall (out of 10): 7.5/10 - I guess I'm not such a fan of candy flavors -- Zesty Orange seems to me to be pretty good smoke overall.
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Pharaohs mangolicous

Setup: Mya acrylic

Cut: fairly juicy not to many stems (less then starbuzz)
Smell: like mango tea (kinda fermented mango smell)
Smoke: very thick!

Buzz: um i dont get buzzed much unless its tangiers...

Duration: smoked it for less then 30 min, switched to fumari mango
Taste: tasted like it smelled, slightly fermented mango with a slight tea back ground

Overall (out of 10): 6/10

would i smoke it again? not if i have fumari mango in stock.
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Pharaohs Extreme Cherry & Mint

Steup: Egyptian 30" and i use japanese charcoals and i always use ice.

Cut Cherry: Finer cut w/ small stems, nice and wet, really red.
Cut Mint: Finer cut w/ small stems, nice and wet, highlighter green.

Smell Cherry: Smells like cherry cough drops to me.
Smell Mint: Really strong mint scent, almost like peppermint oil.

Smoke Both Shishas: The smoke was crazy thick and creamy, especially when i used cola with the cherry. cant really recall a thicker smoke before this.

Buzz Both Shishas: I only smoke a couple of times a week so i got a good buzz after multiple hits.

Taste Cherry: It tastes like a strong cherry candy or IHOP's cherry pancake syrup.
Taste Mint: Insanely strong mint flavor, nice and cool too.

Duration Cherry: I packed a 25 gram bowl up with cola in the vase and it lasted almost 3 hours no joke, flavor started to diminsih bout 25 minutes before bowl was finished but never gave out.
Duration Mint: I was by myself so i packed a small bowl good for 30 minutes and the flavor was strong throughout.

Overall (10 out of 10): I give both a 10 out of 10 Pharaohs has long been my favorite followed by al amir and nakhla, i've always had a great experience with pharaohs and i dont mind paying the $13 dollar price tag. Plus the containers are great for storing other shishas that just come in a box, plus they look damn cool biggrin.gif
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Pharoah Sex on the Beach

Got it at a local tobacco shop. Dont worry it doesnt sound like the name would have you believe.

Container: My favorite by far. Latch shut jar thingy?

Setup: Aladan 15 smiley hookah, and three kings coals.

Buzz: I dont smoke much so I get a solid buzz off this and all other unwashed shisha.

Smell: Really strong sort of tropical fruit punch flavor. Verry strong pineapple aroma.

Taste: Wish it was just a little bit stronger, but still really tastey. I'm sure if you've had the drink "sex on the beach"(I haven't) you'd be a better judge.

Smoke: Nice thick white smoke, definately something I've come to expect from Pharoahs.

8/10. I really liked this, and its not a flavor I've seen offered by any other company.
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Pharaohs Raspberry Passion

Setup: Tangiers Phunnel, Mya Qt, and 40mm Three Kings coals.

Cut: A bit like Nakhla, pretty wet, haven't found any stems.

Smell: Amazing. It reminded me of candy, but it has a nice kick.

Smoke: I got some decent clouds, but I was using a different method for poking holes, so I didn't get huge clouds. Still, they weren't anything to scoff at.

Buzz: : I got a tiny buzz. I think it was because I haven't smoked in four days.

Duration: : Well, with the phunnel, I've gotten roughly over three hours so far. I could probably get another hour and a half out of it.

Taste: Awesome. Some of the best raspberry I've tasted. The taste was strong throughout the entire smoke session.

Overall (of 10): 9.5.

I might edit this later after I go back to my original hole pattern and such, if there's any difference that should be noted. All in all, I would recommend it, and this will definitely be something kept in stock.
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Pharaoh Margarita

Setup: Mya Bohemian, double alum foil, 1 large 3 Kings

Cut: Stems. They're there. More than I'd prefer. This stuff is definitely wet. It's gooey. You'll wanna wash your hands after handling, for sure. No paper towel wipe will do.

Flavor: Have you ever eaten Skittles? You know what the green ones taste like? That's exactly what this tastes like. A unique, tart sensation, but not too harsh. This beats Nakhla Margarita hands down; that's also a good flavor, but the Pharaoh flavor is just better.

Smoke: Like other Pharaoh, it needs some real heat to get going. I suggest splitting your coal. Once it does get going, the clouds are definitely good stuff. I have more success doing smoke rings with this stuff.

Buzz: Pharaoh hits you. Not as hard as Nakhla. This is no exception. Hits harder than Al Fakher or Layalina, IMO.

Overall, one of my favorite flavors. It's my go to when I don't want fruity and I don't want mint. I give this a 9/10.
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Pharaoh's Golden Guava

Setup: Cheapo chinese two hoser (smokes great tho), single alum foil, medium phunnel w/ mod, water w/ ice.

Cut: Insanely sticky and wet. Double wrapped yet the jar inside is still sticky. So far, no stems.

Smell: Incredible. Smells exactly like an extremely sweet guava. Has a little tart to it which makes it extremely nice.

Smoke: Huge clouds. A little hard to get going at first but once the coals settled in, amazing.

Buzz: Fairly strong buzz! Not quite as strong as Tangier's nor Nakhla but I don't have to stop for a while with this one, I can go the whole session and feel a nice buzz.

Duration: 2 hours. After cleaning up, bottom still fairly wet, could have gone for easily another hour.

Taste: Amazing. Sweet guava but there is a tart presence adding a nice contrast to the flavor as a whole. Not overly sweet but definately present.

10/10! My favorite from here on out. I don't think I can get a guava this good elsewhere. Local cig shop sells this at $11 flat so I can get this a bit cheaper than others so I'll keep stock of this!
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Pharaoh Exotic Peach

Shisha Cut: med w/ stems, light to med brown in color. Drippy.
Hookah Type(s): 27" Syrian, 17" Modern, 22" Egyptian
Bowl: glass, standard clay, deep clay w/ foil for all 3
Coal: (2) 33m goldens (broken), or (2) 1-1.5" Dinamite Natural Fingers, or (3) Sultan JST

Smoke: thick
Buzz: med to heavy
Time: 1hr to 2hr

Smell: Smell was awesome! Sweet yummie peachy goodness. Mouthwatering!
Taste: Taste was the same - peachy goodness. Alittle on the sweet side, but not overpoweringly so. Very good and long lasting taste.

Rating (1 to 10): 9.5-10

Possibly my Absolute number 1 shisha flavor I've smoked yet. This even out ranked SB White Peach, but only due to price rather than any flaw w/ the shisha itself. Wonderful yummie peach smell & taste - well worth the 10$ price tag.

This can easily be smoked for and hour plus, even if you "smoke the hell out of it". The taste lasts till the last minuet and by the time it goes "burnt" you know it's done and over with.

One thing of note - do not underpack the bowl. For best results, do a normal packing (atleast 3/4'er of the bowl) to get the best life and smoke out of the shisha. Too little will give you less smoke and start to burn early.
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Chocolate-Mint, Double Apple, Strawberry/Vanilla mix, Vanilla, Margarita
We went to a hookah party as nonsmokers and tried the first three listed flavors. Was overall an awesome experience. Three days later we have our own hookah and workin on aquiring nice selection of flavors of various stuff.

Setup: modern type bowl, instant lights (brand?), foil, 42 inch hookah unknown type

Flavor: Rich, heady...the mint was subtle, just right.

Smoke: Smooooooth. Couldn't tell I was breathing in smoke for like the first 30 minutes.

Buzz: I'm new to smoking, so hit me pretty solidly. Was my first bowl of the evening.

Duration: Started to get harsh (to my virgin lungs) after about 50 minutes. Nobody was payin any attention to the coals though, I didn't know anybetter at the time.

Overall Rating: I wont be rating things for awhile, havn't tried enough to compare.

Double Apple
Chocolate flavor was still pretty heavily in the hookah, couldn't taste apple the entire time we smoked this, about 30-40 minutes. Complained to the hosts and they took it away for a good cleaning and reloaded us with...

Strawberry Cheesecake (Strawberry/Vinalla)
Setup: modern type bowl, instant lights (brand?), foil, 42 inch hookah unknown type

Flavor: Flavor came on a little slow, it was still fighting the chocolate a little. Strawberry slowly made itself known. Finally ended up with really yummy smoke.

Smoke: Third bowl of the evening and smoke was thick and probably smooth but I was having a hard time, since till this point I was a nonsmoker.

Buzz: I was starting to feel pretty sick at this point. VERY dizzy, nausia.

Duration: I had to stop smoking after like 15 minutes, I couldn't handle anymore.

Overall Rating: I wont be rating things for awhile, havn't tried enough to compare.

Setup: modern type bowl, stargate finger coal, screen, 19 inch hookah unknown type

Smell: Vanilla, but like...VERY vanilla.

Cut: Yah, no dyes! Sticky. I was an idiot and squeezed some of the juice out. (Thought I read somewhere that I was supposed to do that)

Flavor: Delicous, clean, authentic.

Smoke: Beautiful think smooth white puffs.

Buzz: Good times.

Duration: About an hour a bowl if I dont puff on it like a friggn fiend.

Overall Rating: I wont be rating things for awhile, havn't tried enough to compare.

Margarita EDITED
Setup: modern type bowl, stargate finger coal, screen, 19 inch hookah unknown type. I think I f'ed up this batch though, squeezing all the juice out. Going to try and fix it and re-review. Revitalized with honey, glycerin and key lime juice.

Smell: This stuff really does smell nausiating if you just get a whiff. If you really stuff your nose down in it though and take a deep draw, you can almost taste it and its pretty good. Green skittles, as someone has mentioned, is accurate.

Cut: Yah, no dyes! Sticky. I was an idiot and squeezed some of the juice out. Like really thoroughly with this one. Luckily I realized it couldn't be the right thing do do and was able to salvage at least some of it off of the paper plate and plastic wrap in the trash. After I smoked a bowl of it and was like "Wait, this can't be right..." (Thought I read somewhere that I was supposed to do that, bought some glycerin and honey to try and fix my mistake.)

Flavor: Started out pretty yummy. Takes a bit to get goingg. Flavor was augmented by drinking actual margaritas, made it much more enjoyable. Definitely a stranger flavor than the others I've tried, pleasant though.

Smoke: Dried my throat out badly. Problem here has been fixed

Buzz: Good times.

Duration: Half hour, but again, I think I botched it. Came out all right in the end. smile.gif

Overall Rating: I wont be rating things for awhile, havn't tried enough to compare. Edited by NonstickRon
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I bought some Pharaoh's Double Apple on a recent trip to Odessa, Texas.  I really like the container.  I think I like the container more than I like the shisha.  It is really moist and stays fresh.  Nice apple flavor.  It kept its flavor for over an hour using sultan coals.  I will buy more when I find it and keep the jars.  
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Pharoh Cherry Cola Flavour

Setup: 23" Junior w/ defussior
Bowl: Small 25g high fired clay bowl
Hose: MYA ends, and my 3/5 OD tubing
Screen/Foil: Meta Screen
Liquid In base: water

Cut: mostly leaves but some stems

Smell: Strong cherry, could smell if from out side of my apt when actclamating

Taste: Flavour lasted for ~45 mins.

Smoke Thickness: mid- thich smoke

Buzz: Light enjoyable buzz

Duration: 1 hour.

I would give this 7/10, nice flavor good smoke and cheap price ($12.95)
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This is a review of Pharaoh's cherry cola

All smoking done out of a 28inch MYA regular bowl i added some rose water into the vase when filling it up.

Cherry cola
SMELL:you open it up and it really does smell just like cherry cola a big surprise to me.

TASTE: it took a little bit for it to get going but once it did it was amazing, some of the people with us said they could feel a kind of fizzy felling in the back of there throat while smoking but i didn't really pick up on it but i guess I'm just weird like that.

OVERALL RATING 8.5/10: I like it because the smoke is so thick and bold, also it lasted for about an hour and a half with three people smoking it and the flavor lasted all the way to the end. only complaints i have is that there are so many stems in the shisha, but still a great tobbaco
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Pharoah's Kiwi-Strawberry

I am still relativly new to hookah, but i bought this shisha before my hookah arrived, and smoked it with a friend. I recieved a 250g plastic tub for 12$ I've been told thats a decent retailer price.

The first impression you get when you open the jar is the amazing smell. The smell brings back memories of grade school and sucking on jolly ranchers. I do not have alot of expierience with other shisha, but as far as the cut goes, it seems alot easier to pack into the bowl than my other friends' shisha.

The taste is wonderful, you get a full hit of flavor with this stuff, and the smoke is thick and billowing when you use 1.5-2 self lighting coals.

Some good mixes with this stuff is to put sparkling (NA) wine in the base, however you should let it go flat as the bubbles will get rather rambunxious and there is a chance of getting liquid in your hose.
Fruit punch is also a good experience, but hides the shisha flavor a bit and is more of an all around fruit taste.
I've been told that orange juice and apple juice are also good ideas with this stuf.\f,
If you don't have any juices on hand another idea is to put a handful of jolly ranchers into the water either kiwi-strawberry flavored to amplify the taste, or you can mix and match.

*WARNING* putting jolly ranchers into your vase is risky as there is a chance that they could stick to the bottom of your vase, and are very hard to clean out. it did not happen to me, but it could happen to you!

Over all this is a very good quality shisha with a very pleasent taste.
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QUOTE (Ecstacy @ Apr 15 2007, 05:54 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Pharoah Sex on the Beach

8/10. I really liked this, and its not a flavor I've seen offered by any other company.

i give pharoahs sex on the beach like a 6/10. gives me crazy buzz. i love the smell but i can barely get through a bowl by myself

QUOTE (olooko @ Sep 2 2007, 04:57 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Pharoh Cherry Cola Flavour

I would give this 7/10, nice flavor good smoke and cheap price ($12.95)

first tub of shisha i bought for my hookah. very nice. i really liked it. thick clouds of smoke. not so much of a buzz.

7/10 for me too
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Set up: Al Fahker 36" w/ Nammor Hose, Lg. Tangier Phunnel & Glass mod, water & ice.

Golden Guava

Smell: Almost-overwhelming guava fragrance.

Flavor: Clean, crisp, realistic guava flavor.

Smoke: Clouds upon clouds upon clouds, I couldn't see 4 feet infront of me after a few minutes.

Buzz: Strong buzz, almost passed me out.

Duration: Flavor stayed strong about an hour and fifteen minutes, it whithered off and stopped smoking about 20 minutes following.

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Pharaoh's Blue Berry

First off, I was tricked. One would assume that blue berry is the same as blueberry. Blueberries being the little dark blue, round, berries that go well in pancakes and waffles. But, after more careful inspection of the jar, and sniffing the contents, one discovers that blue berry does not = blueberry. I smoked it three times and threw the rest out, so that should tell you how much I liked it. It started tasting like cherry flavor Nyquill.

The quality of smoke was poor, and the thickness wasn't great either even with three pieces of easy lite Jap. coals and a wind cover. I smoked it out of my 22 in. Scarab pipe from H&S Central in a traditional ceramic bowl. Overall, two thumbs way down. Save your money, or at least buy something decent like Fantasia or Tangiers.
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Pharoah's Blackberry (40g puck)

Setup: Simple 22" Egyptian with an Egyptian style head

Cut: Similar to Al-waha, kind of diced with a few slices and a few stems, not bad. 9/10

Smell: A little like strong blackberry and a little like Robitussin but overall not UNPLEASANT. 8/10

Flavor: Very strong, great flavor, it actually tastes like real blackberries, I was thoroughly impressed. I'd recommend this shisha just based on the flavor. 10/10

Smoke: Absolutely awesome. Thick white clouds, flavorful, cool, everything was stellar. 10/10

Buzz: None that I could discern, but I was enjoying the smoke too much to care.

Duration: Flavor lasted through 5 3 Kings charcoals, round about an hour and 15 mins if I had to put a number to it. 10/10

Overall: This shisha gets a 9/10. Simply incredible for a 40g container of it. I want more! Try it, you wont be disappointed!
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Pharaohs Raspberry Passion

Setup: Mya Bohemian, Tangier's phunnel

Cut: Good cut, moist

Smell: A little like raspberry

Smoke: Thick.

Buzz: Not a lot

Duration: Good

Taste: Pretty much the same as the smell. I like it my friend said it taste weird.

Overall (out of 10): 8/10 - Decent flavor but it does have some weird flavors in the background and it did burn really easily.
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