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  1. QUOTE (erufiku @ Mar 30 2008, 10:24 PM) No. Although I never had much luck with it, it's an OK tobacco. Any tips to prevent me from tossing the Orange Cream? Orange Cream and after nice are the only 2 AW flavors I will go out of my way to buy... Also, fridge is a no no, not b/c its cold, but b/c it will dry out faster.
  2. I generally do all my tobaccos. But I have smoked SB without acclimation. But yes, Tangiers is a must. Otherwise it will be teh suck. Oh also, I don't acclimate AW, but I do for AF. The golden black grape is seriously a fav of mine!
  3. I was wondering guys.. how much is too much tobacco? I have a nice tote thingy that currently holds all my tobacco. Well.... I weighed it. 6.3 pounds, that have been accumulating in the past 2 years. I have everything from AA/AF/AW to Tangiers, even some lesser known stuff like Smileys. I have all of this in ziploc bags waiting to be smoked, but i'm afraid I wont be able to finish it all! I know it generally has a shelf life of 2 years, but considering I don't have the original boxes, I can't tell when it'll go bad... if it ever does. I have such bad problems!
  4. Hey I'm in concord holding it down for the 925!
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. Its good to back on the board. Someone asked what the triple K was. Pretty much, you take F-line Kashmir, Kashmir Peach, and Kashmir Apple and mix it all into one phunnel bowl. That's an experience, for sure. Then again, its been a while since I have seen what Sonthert has been up to so I am eager to see what new flavors he has created in my absence.
  6. Hey, I have been on in a looooooong time. I see a lot of new faces and a few old ones. Just wanted to say hi. I'll try to post here again and share my vast hookah knowledge. I know there are some noobs that haven't dared to try the tangiers Triple K the cymptom and I devised sooo long ago. -Zero
  7. Here is my synopsis on the whole thing: I pretty much stopped posting here because I felt like there was nothing new here. I felt as if the same questions were being asked over and over, and you have this new guy with 100 posts thinking he's hot shit/ Mr. know it all. Whatever. I think that a lot of the people that come on here are childish, immature, and self-centered. With that said, I do believe that a lot of the older crowd (not just in age, but in experience on the board) maintains their composure, even though the typical "Search noob" response is all too common here. Perha
  8. Has anyone tried the new raspberry... omg its sooooo good!
  9. Damn noobs! Yes, Tangiers is worth it... if not worth more. The Triple K alone makes me a more productive smoker. Me and my Kashmir brother cymptom understand this fact very well. I take a posting break and I can already see the board is falling apart, gosh!
  10. Wow, I'm lucky then... I still have 500g of smileys stuff. Guess being in the hospital with crappy tonsils pays off, otherwise I would of smoked it all by now! I would of paid the $9 for the 150g.. to me he has a couple of flavors that are pretty tasty.... but this.... this IMHO, is bad business practice... practically suicide. First he shuts down the club, now he is marking up his shisha 1000%, this makes no sense. I, like JD actually like smiley, I would hope the he gets some sense back into his head. Reopen the club, sell your shisha at a reasonable price, and rejoin the comm
  11. Hey all, long time no see! I'm planning a party here on the weekend, and I am going to have a lot of inexperienced hookah smokers joining me. So, while I'm not going to break out the good stuff (i.e. my kashmir) I want the noobies to have something decent to smoke. So... if you were a new smoker, what would strike your fancy?
  12. heh, you know I'll be over there smoking the finest Kashmie ever... I'll look into the new bowls while I'm at it. I dunno he'd like me taking his picture tho.....
  13. So, I have to go to SD next month to visit family, so I figure I can go to Mexico and get drunk, and visit tangiers! To those that have been to his lounge, is there stuff that I should pick up that I can't online? Anything really special I should request? Thanks guys!
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