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  1. Yea, he took the whole shebang
  2. Yea, sorry about not responding. Bobby won this race
  3. [img]http://i.imgur.com/pWBou.gif[/img]
  4. Sold to Evilsquirrel. STEAL OF THE CENTURY!! I needed to unload them fast and indeed they did. Thanks for the interest guys
  5. [quote name='Dereksd' timestamp='1304299053' post='507765'] Well if he backs out or can't pay right away ive got skrill NAOW [/quote] I'll keep that in mind
  6. Evil Squirrel PM'd me first, literally 13 minutes before you did Derek. I'll keep ya'll updated!
  7. [quote name='Jon Bon' timestamp='1304290223' post='507742'] Good luck dude. I'm sure the mini will definitely help [/quote] Thanks! If someone REALLY only wants one, the KM will be $70 and the Nour $50
  8. Hey ya'll, I'm looking to downsize my collection a bit, namely, narrow it down to only my MZ. My interest in hookah has faded quite a bit. For sale, I have a KM Trimetal purchased in August 2008 and a Nour purchased around March 2009. They are older but from what I've been hearing, better quality than the newer stuff. Here's the Nour: [img]http://i.imgur.com/1OBVF.jpg[/img] And the KM: [img]http://i.imgur.com/oTjE8.jpg[/img] I'd like to sell them together as the shipping would be much less of a hassle. $100 plus shipping for both and accessories including a small coal carrier, two pairs of tongs, two egyptian bowls, and one Razan in fair condition. For $10 more, I'll throw in my Tangiers Mini Phunnel from way back when.
  9. Nope, not even close. Just a typical cheap, chinese made pipe.
  10. One plane leaves New York going 500mph and, at the same time, a plane leaves Paris going 650 mph. Which plane is closer to Paris when they meet?
  11. Brie Taleggio Gruyere Rochefort Havarti Real cheeses
  12. This is blown much too far out of proportion. I like both HJ and SS. Both have treated me with utmost respect and I do the same for them. This is just a silly argument that needs to be settled NOW. I understand where John comes from as a conscious consumer myself. Everyday when i buy even the smallest of things that claims to be US made, I ask myself, "is this REALLY made in the US?" If the manufacturer is going to advertise one thing that truly attracts me into buying their product, I want that one thing to be true. John has his skepticism in the right place but I think it is projected in the wrong way. Look at the US car industry. Foreign companies like Hyundai, Honda, and Toyota all own major factories in the US made by US workers and advertise that some of their cars are US made. But where do the individual parts come from? Some of the steel comes from Russia, the plastic for the dashboards are made in Mexico or China, the pedals are made in Mexico, the rubber from South America or Africa but it's all assembled in the US. Is it still American made? Sure! Is their integration in the value chain completely vertical? No! It's just the way things are made in this day and age. Was it really necessary to attack SS on some unfounded ideas? SS, is rightfully defensive although the vibe wasn't right just like with John. SS has poured in over two years of capital and time into their tobacco manufacturing and the project is now coming to fruition as it is now producing their own product. It's become their baby! Too much time and money has been vested in the whole endeavor to have it be put under intense scrutiny. That's all understandable but is it really necessary to be so defensive if you can stand behind your product 100%? HJ is relatively new to hookah retailing while SS is one of the larger wholesalers to the hookah industry. HJ sees things closer to the consumer (such as our concerns) and SS sees things from a more business perspective and venturing into production. Both offer valid points of view. I think everyone one in this argument has their valid points and invalid points. I say just forget this whole thing. HJ was wrong for an accusation that was intended to question the integrity of the product while SS was wrong in becoming so defensive. Forget the bet, lets move on with our lives as there are orders to fulfill and tobacco to be made.
  13. I bottled on Sunday! Can't wait for the beer to completely carbonate. This weekend I'll crack one open to see how progress has come along.
  14. I haven't read the entire article yet as I'm studying for an Income Taxation midterm that's tomorrow (and procrastinating a little) but what I've read so far (about 1/3) is a little ridiculous. A great majority of Libertarians are not anarchists that would be happy with the abolition of government in its entirety. Most Libertarians will agree with me that government (I'll be using US government from here on out in my references of government) exists because it was established by the people. No one denies the incredible usefulness of the government and its inherent right to tax the people fairly for everyone's benefit (Sixteenth Amendment). Infrastructure is built by the gov't and is maintained by so. A standing army wouldn't exist if not for tax revenue garnered by gov't. This is assumed by those who know what they are talking about. This article is primarily written as a rant against those who pomp around puff-chested claiming less gov't and less taxes. The basics of Libertarian ideals run under a conservative economic school of less regulation and less taxes. Although anyone that claims themselves Libertarian and believes JUST those aforementioned ideas with not concrete foundation is obviously not well educated in Economics. Never has a country EVER in history succeeded under a planned economy due to imperfect information (such as consumers' wants and needs) however, no economy has ever existed that is pure capitalist as this article is suggesting (from what I've read so far). Would Einstein have ever come up with his theories of relativity under a government commission? Would Henry Ford invented the assembly line as we know it under a gov't commission? No! Self-interest (NOT GREED!!!!!) has been the motivating factor for innovations and successes in the world today. Call it greed if you like or manipulation of a "corrupt" system but think of it this way: what politician has ever been elected solely because of their prowess and not because of their political clout or interests? Chicago is known to have some of the most corrupt politics in the US but that city is run like a submarine, everything works and works damn well. Their mayor isn't a saint by any means but he gets things done. Socialism is a form of planned economy because a gov't essentially taxes to a point where your own leisure time is worth more than the extra money you earn from working an additional hour or two. Taxes will get to the point where everything is essentially a redistribution of wealth. What motivation is there to do anything BETTER than before if you're just gonna get the same as before? May as well stay how things are. Everybody (unless it's some sick minded person) wants healthcare for everyone, wants free education for everyone, wants everyone to be happy. I sure do. But I'm not gonna let a system of socialism that has proven to be inefficient to fester. It's not right if we want to advance and become better, it's going to fail while wasting my hard earned money. I don't mind paying taxes if it's fair (still gonna grumble about it of course) but a leaner, more efficient system of government is required to put my money to work instead of wasting it on failed projects or money pits (universal healthcare and social security). I have to get back to studying for the time being. I'll finish that article some other time and post some more. Don't fret about some of my views in this post so far, they can and will be explained.
  15. From what I've learned, you body burns 1 calorie per minute during sleep. Sure, you can burn off what you eat before bed during sleep but what about the remaining calories in your system prior? Generally, not a good thing if you're susceptible to gaining weight. I'm 21, 5'10" 160lbs and used to weigh 190lbs and it's quite a struggle to stay in good health. I try not to eat before and just chug down a liter of water before sleep generally.
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