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  1. Awesome! Congrats Chris! Welcome to the club!
  2. That would be an unbelievably easy repair. I couldn't seeing it cost more than maybe $30-40 for the repair to be done properly, with shipping included. Seeing that you're in Southern California, there are hundreds of glass blowers, some specialize and make their living just doing repairs. I would check around with local shops, and find someone with an in house guy or a contact for a local repair specialist. Another option is searching facebook groups.
  3. Hey Stuie, I keep trying to PM you my address but I keep getting an "action failed" message. I shot you a message on FB instead.   Edit:   Derr, I can scroll up and read. I promise.
  4. If I were you guys I'd jump on that Micro Classic. Those things are raaaare.
  5. I've been really impressed with Ultimate Hookah actually, Medwakh are great guys as well, and have more of a niche line of products.
  6. I'm willing to bet that some materials (the mouth piece / hose adapter) are sourced from china, and assembled in Egypt. Same goes for most washable hoses. However, as mentioned above, a lot of the newer washables are coming from China. Cheaper, stiffer, couldn't comment on longevity though.
  7. Really interesting concept as far as marketing, however, considering the demographics of the online hookah market (about 70% male) they are really pidgeon holing themselves. To market something as girly, for one thing, isn't going to turn off guys from trying it. Naming it PMS, or wink, will likely turn them off.
  8.   From the bottom of my heart, thank you for that.
  9. From my understanding, this is a back handed response from the soon-to-be legalization of medical cannabis usage. They're essentially trying to take the focus off of that and create an uproar with this. Florida smoke shops have all dumped thousands of dollars into a collective attorney pool to combat this.
  10. One of my (usually) reliable sources tells me this is likely going to pass. Quite unfortunate.
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