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  1. I never use QLs they taste like well gas. I use cube shaped cocorans. I just has it with this stuff. I gonna give it to my friends and let them deal with it.BTW AF DA smells like crayons to me.
  2. I have finally had it. I have a jar of Ed Hardy Tangerine shisa, I have always thought that smoke a brand or flavor just takes trial and error and eventually i would get it right, but not this one. it smells great, but smokes like shit. Heat management is very difficult. Too much heat and i cough, too little heat it no smoke. If i get the temp right it doesn't last. If any1 has comments on how to get it right i am open to suggestions.
  3. I store my tobacco in hermetic jars, http://www.amazon.com/Bormioli-Rocco-Fido-Storage-Jar/dp/B0028UHDG4 they are great they hold up to 500g, but perfect for 250g with room to mix.
  4. they're pretty good. When they first came out the bag was filled with same pieces, but now they are big lumps, which I like because I can break the coals to the sizes I want. The burn clean and have no smell. The con is sometimes there is a piece that has sap in it.
  5. if you are looking for something with flavor and you can get a the 7-11, I would suggest the "GAME" they have many dipped cigars. The wine flavor kind of taste like raspberry. C
  6. well if it can't be made, they what are you buying. Of course it can be home made, do a quick search on the forum and you will fine a few recipes. But the basic idea is to wet tobacco with glycerin and flavor it. The hard part is the techniques that are used to do so. So look around and you will be surprised on how simple some of the recipes are.
  7. QUOTE (Johnny_D @ Jun 4 2008, 07:35 AM) Standard Egyptian Bowl 95% of time. or my saubi bowl from time to time. or my Protective bowl [Lipped at the top - bloody excellent design] Tangiers bowl? Allmost never <1% JD when you pack you Egyptian bowl, do you let the shisha touch the foil?
  8. QUOTE (barrenwizard @ Jul 1 2008, 02:35 AM) How come the majority of you guys aim for the 250G and below? Instead of the 1KG? Is it because of pricing? My place (Johor Bahru, Malaysia) is selling for USD$ 19.00 for a 1KG Tub. Yea.... most of us can't finish 1 kilo, I get sick of smoking one flavor all the time, i like switching them up. at my place 9.99, 250g, 5 min drive away
  9. Al Fakher Grenadine Setup: Hookah: 22" Egyption Bowl: Small Egyptian bowl w/ wind cover Coals: few lumps of AF coal Foil/Screen: Foil Water: water, Diffuser Cut: Typical AF cut, wet and sticky. Smell: Smelled sweet and fruity Taste: sweet after taste but a nice mouth full of diluted pom Smoke: Very thick and smooth smoke. Huge clouds. Buzz: no buzz at all Longevity: 2 Hour + Rating: I would give it 10/10. This was amazing. The flavor lasted from start to finish. I love pom and now i have a smoke to go with it. This is one flavor I will always go back to.
  10. I did something similar before, it can crazy. It was like breaking in ice. http://www.hookahforum.com/?showtopic=14974#entry170886
  11. I sorry to hear that . but did you look at the review section before you bought the flavors? Was it your hookah? Do you clean it out after every session? In general I find Al Fakher is one of the best brands out there. I love plum, and mint.
  12. They are freaking awesome, but it is true the base does required a bit more water, but that doesn't affect space for smoke.
  13. QUOTE (mushrat @ May 27 2008, 06:02 PM) QUOTE (willbb123 @ May 27 2008, 01:31 PM) So I have a 3-Hose Egyptian Nile hookah for a while now and now want to buy a new one. I've been looking online and like the Mya's. Now that I'm on summer break from college I've been putting in extra hours at work and I am looking at getting a new higher paying job, so the $150 price tag isn't that big of a deal. I've been with my girlfriend for three years now and am planning on moving in with her when our current lease is up. The problem is she wants me to save for a puppy. She said that she is getting kind of sick of hookahing, and I think it is just because we havent tried any new flavors latey and we are getting sick of the favors. We like romman mint, romman gum, romman cinamon, etc. So my questions are, What do you think I should do, What kind of hookah would you reccomend (would like to stay with a 3-hose). What are good flavors/brands that we should try. Thanks Will Make the girlfriend happy, and get a puppy from a shelter, save a life. Either way your carpets are going to be in danger... I second Mushrat
  14. I got one up than taping a plastic bag. Use plastic wrap and bundle up that bad boy. Oyea try to open a window up if you can.
  15. Drinking distilled water is very bad for you, most people how have tried it often don't like the taste of distilled water. In the words of my high school teacher " you need all the crap in the water for it to taste good." About the testing. I really doubt that it would be helpful b/c the meter only reads salts, because the salts are the compounds that conduct. Most of the compounds that are "cooked" during a session are organic, which the meter would not be dected by the meter. Thus the only way to figure out what is in the water after a session is to concentrate the cpds in the water and run a test that will detect organic cpds. Then we would know what the water filters out. that's my 2 cents
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