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  1. Tangiers Blue Gumball. Sorry but that flavor used to be the reason I got up early most days. Lol. I miss it.
  2. Someone needs to build lungs that hold more vapor. Then we can talk about high wattage. Vapor cant get much more dense than it already has without becoming a milkshake. LOL
  3. There are vape bars springing up all over my city. I go in just to try new stuff. They have card games and sports on their TV every now and then. Cool place to chill and hang out. Hookah bars are becoming scarcer and scarcer with new tobacco regs always around the corner. Plus who wants to pay 20 bucks for a well packed bowl of Al Fakher when you can get your own hookah and all the shisha you need for the same price as about 3 sessions at a bar? No brainer.
  4. I've had good success with Vape Wild so far. I did order 50/50 PG/VG. Throat hit is definitely there on the dripper. But over time my throat is getting used to it. Always 3mg. I'm moving to 0mg types over time. I've still got a lot left of the Vape Wild order though. Vintage E-liquids are very good as well. My favorite is the Joker.
  5. Can I ask, do these juice makers really know what the hell they are doing? It seems like the inconsistency of brands with their flavors is incredibly bad. Mt. Baker was on your good list, then your shit list. Vape Wild was on the good list, now the meh okay to shit list. I'm sure Lapine will be on the good list for a while, then the shit list when the flavorings they are using go on back order and they have to scramble to figure out how to keep making money.   One thing I've noticed is that established shisha manufacturers like Nakhla, Tangiers, to a certain extent Al Fakher, Fantasia have very good consistency between batches. AF had the flap with White Grape for a while. The consistency was solid, just people would have varying experiences with it depending on a lot of factors. I think a lot of it has to do with securing an ingredient supply. This juice movement has come so fast that no one with a real background in chemical engineering like Eric from Tangiers or the recipe makers at Nakhla have gotten a chance to find the best stuff and give it to us consistently.   Who the hell is testing this stuff? How can we really know it's safe? They can tell us whatever the hell they want. If people are buying, who's counting? People are just using whatever flavorings are available and mixing in nicotine in values that no one really tests. They say 3mg but how do they really know batch to batch how consistent that is? One extra drop and it goes from 3mg to 5mg and no one is the wiser until you put it in your dripper and go to town. They grab VG/PG from online suppliers or off the shelf, no real consistently good supply, just any supply of it will do. Who's testing the VG? Who's testing the PG? How do we know it hasnt been sitting in a warehouse for months exposed to the weather leaching plastics into it?   I'm starting to wonder if the same shit that happened during prohibition with alcohol is happening here with vaporizer juice. People were making bathtub gin and cutting in what very few knew were poisons into it to get it out of the tub and into the speak easy to make money. With this it seems like the wild west, people getting shit out there to capitalize on the trend while no one in the FDA or Department of Health has oversight. I like the freedom this has but at the same time, I want to know at the very least some very basic information about the individual ingredients, who makes it, who tests it, where it comes from, is it safe for inhalation. Some of that is out there. But with small makers, they are less likely to have that information on hand because they're busy making Chocolate Cupcake juice. How in the F do you make chocolate cupcake an inhalable flavor with clear fluids and have it use ingredients they know (for sure) are safe to inhale?
  6. I just picked up a sampler from VapeWild on your recommendation. So we'll see how that goes when it gets here and steeps. 
  7. That's about what I'm getting out of my first 30ml. Doing it every day off and on.
  8. I think I've been more interested lately because hookah is getting too expensive. A 250g of Tangiers costs me 17 to 18 bucks. Tobacco prices are getting ridiculous. I won't stop completely but it's gonna be more spaced out and deliberate. It's only gonna get more expensive. I can't say long term it looks good for the hobby and tobacco in general.
  9. I think I was dehydrated and didn't know it. Lately all has been good. Hopefully it keeps up.
  10. I don't know if it was the VG or not at this point. I did it the first 3 times and it gave me headaches. The times after that, nothing. I've been trying the same 2 flavors as before with no issues. I don't get it. But it's all better now.
  11. I'm gonna try a couple more liquid brands and if it doesn't work out I'm gonna get rid of it.
  12. Went all in on a Fuhatten Clone with TOBH ATTY RDA and battery and everything. Unfortunately inhaling VG in any major concentration gives me headaches. I forgot my experience with rehydrated nakhla one time where I used VG and it gave me headaches. Now I gotta sell it. Everything including cotton and charger and 2 liquids I'm offering up. PM me for price.
  13. Apparently you havent seen the explosion of vape bars across at least California. We went from 1 in 2012 to 8 in 2014 just in Sacramento alone with 2 more opening this month. I havent seen a new hookah lounge open up in my city since 2013. That brings the total number of real hookah lounges to 4. I think what you see happening is an attrition thing. Only the best lounges are surviving in this climate, with higher regulation on the horizon or always in the dark corners of the hobby, it's hard to start a lounge and know where it will be in 5 years. At least at this point with the popularity of vaping you can make money even if you run an expensive or subpar bar. Supply is cheap, the margin is undeniable and not everyone knows what to look for or what their service and knowledge expectations are yet. Same thing happened to hookah bars. They blew up, got popular, people figured out who ran the shitty ones, they went out of business leaving the good majority behind. Now only the best ones are surviving.  
  14. Here's the thing...I think you're a little late to the party. Hookah generally is on the downward side of trends. It used to be huge for social gatherings but now people are getting together infrequently. I'm not pooh poohing the idea. I think you do a vape bar and offer hookah as a thing if people want to. Otherwise it seems your business will lose more money than make money. Just my opinion and observations.
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