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  1. Last night, my friend and I cracked open some exotic beers and we eye'd the hookah sitting there. The decision to fire it up was made. After populating the phunnel with some Kiwi and dropping on the 3 Kings, I took that drag and Got a little of particulate. Eh, I blew and blew out the hose. Took another drag. Particles again. I strain the drag against my teeth. *Spit* Little flakes. I've seen this before. I have another Mya hose that's barely been used, so I switch out the hoses and we enjoy the smoke. So here's the thing: Should I be seriously worried about potentially having inhaled rotting hose flakes? To me it seems to be one thing to inhale vapor from glycerine and a leaf, and another to inhale what seems to be almost rust. Is this a serious medical issue?
  2. QUOTE (Yamin @ Feb 14 2008, 01:17 AM) Haha the way you took the pictures makes everything look so emotional and intense. It wasn't me! It was my friend Oz, who is an amazing photographer. He claims it's all in the expensive lens.
  3. So here's some pics, with a couple of decent smoke pics! None of the amazing clouds you may typically enjoy, but there was too much going on (especially later when more people were showing up) to really tend to it as lovingly as I tend to, although most of these were taken fairly early on. For those of you curious, the shishas used were Al Fakher cherry and Nakhla Pistachio! I have plenty of other pics, but there more of people and less of hookah! Not hookah: Ah, scotch and cigars. Beautiful pic of the Tangiers: Hose gesturing! Holding the hose and all, this looks like this could be some sort of ad you see on the subway Wafting in front of the camera...
  4. I keep having coals fall off the big ass phunnel bowl. I'm tired of it. It's burned my new carpet twice But if I had a really big tray, this would fix the situation. Any suggestions? Anyone have any links to big trays?
  5. QUOTE (KillZedKill @ Aug 19 2007, 07:15 AM) Maybe its because you are Decepticon scum! Autobots, Roll out! You obviously didn't see my Optimus Smoke thread.
  6. There's a smoke alarm in my room. I smoke hookah in here all the time as I do not own a TV and thus I watch movies on my PC. It's great. Booze + hookah + movie. The hookah has NEVER set off the smoke alarm. A ciggarette was lit in my room. It was going for all of about, oh, 15 seconds before the smoke alarm went off. I just have to wonder, why is it that tons of hookah smoke from a 2+ hour sessions won't set it off, but 15 seconds of a cigg will.
  7. So there's these hilarious videos of people wearing this 'voice changer' Optimus Prime helmet on Youtube. Thus, I had to buy one. Autobots actually cry smoke...
  8. Arlingtonian here. Would love to do a meet up. Not that it matters, but first weekend in Aug. not good for me.
  9. Quakerotis: I have the *same* hookah (well, mine is red, but same model), the medium bowl, the glass mod. I fill the base with water and sit it in the freezer for 30 minutes. The only thing I do different is I use 40mm 3Kings, broken into halves. Sunday night, I got 2.5 hours out of Aw After Nine with two people smoking. Last night, I got StarBuzz blackberry to last two hours with three people. I don't know what the haters are talking about. It was good the whole time. I just packed lightly to the rim and the used double alum. foil with many many needle holes, including a ring right around the mod. Neither of the aforementioned bowls ever got harsh. My two buddies and I smoked for something like 3 hours? There was a time when that would have meant bowl changes every 30-40 minutes. While the amount of coals stayed the same, the change in shisha use prompted them both to remark on the awesomeness of the phunnel. Oh, and as for the After Nine, it was actually still going when I let off! We were just done with it. As a side note, I wasn't altogether impressed with the After Nine. The first shisha I ever bought was a pack of AlWaha Mint and a pack of Al Waha Cappucino. I mixed the two and the taste was pretty much identical. The interpretation of 'chocolate' here is just not accurate enough, IMO.
  10. As I stated in another thread, I have *never* gotten decent flavor out of Layalina. Someone tells me that this is attributable to the fact that I buy it in 50g boxes. Maybe I'll put that to the test, but I've tried at least 7 or 8 different Layalina flavors with not much flavor there. As for Nahkla, that's my most frequent shisha because it's cheap. It's more prone to kicking your ass though!
  11. Tenacious D movie, in the background at the sorority party.
  12. There's a local place that carries Pharoah. Margarita = green Skittles. Generally good stuff. Only Pharoah I've ever had that I *did not* like was Double Apple. Too much anise flavor. And yes the Sex on the Beach is pretty good!
  13. Layalina is always pretty juicy though. I don't think it's a matter of dryness. Maybe I'll spring for an experiment some day
  14. Criminals don't pay taxes on money earned through illicit means (stealing, selling drugs, prostitution, etc). Some of it gets 'laundered", etc. But by using cash on consumable goods, they can simply not report a good chunk of it. IE the IRS usually looks at your assets when auditing you. So if I sell drugs and I use that drug money I don't launder to buy groceries, steak dinners, etc. I'm relatively safe, because there's no easy way for the IRS to deduce that I went down to Morton's on May 2nd instead of eating Mac & Cheese at home. But if we moved to a national sales tax, this wouldn't be the case. I had to pay the sales tax when I bought the steak. National Sales Tax: End the tax favored status of criminals! PS it would also end all debate as to if illegal immigrants pay taxes or not!
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