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  1. Hey, no more report user button? Also can someone please either increase my message storage or erase everything in my current one? It will take be hours to erase enough to message again. :)

  2. Dont let it get too dry. Too dry means no good smoke. Unless you burn the tobacco itself, which sucks. Al Fakher and Starbuzz still make plenty of candy flavouring but I dont know if you can get it in Germany. Have you ever had Nakhla in the Can or Glass jar? The difference between that and what comes in the cartons is astounding
  3. Well, let it mellow few days. I'm told that helps meld all the flavours as opposed to making it and smoking it immediately. I am NOT an anise fan. Peach has always been my go to flavour, with the OG Tangiers K-Peach being what i smoked exclusively for many years. Let me know how it turns out.
  4. From what I understand Nakhla Double Apple is red apple, Green apple. and rose. I know folks in German often get the lower glycerin version that your purity laws allow and simply add additional glycerin to get something more like we get here in the states. Search the DIY section for people's attempts at making their own. There are some tricks that are not immediately apparent.
  5. If you read the So You want to open a hookah lounge post and still want to do it, feel free to ask plenty of questions. I'll be happy to answer them as I may be the only member left that has ever actually owned a hookah lounger. :)
  6. I must agree. Also keep in mind that if you are doing everything the way you always have and suddenly your coals are acting strangely it could be your coals. Counterfeit CoCo's are a big business. Just throwing that out there as well but I would definitely say your heat is too high.
  7. When I had my lounge, I used QT's. Very compact. I had a Plate/glass rack for a commercial dishwasher for the bases and I stuck the stems through the wires of the shelf over the sink. If you are using bigger hookahs I would say a line of PVC pieces set upright to stick in the bases to let them drain and dry and perhaps the wire shelving trick for the stems. Most lounges I know with bigger hookahs just wash em and put em back together again.
  8. I don't know about anyone else but i still smoke exclusively Tangiers. Though I did get to try some of the KM peach that was damn tasty, review this week. Eric still lives, Tangiers has gotten to the point where he has real managers and customer service people running the day to day stuff. Havent spoken to him in a while. May have to call. Anyways, welcome back man.
  9. we can do photo albums on the forum from our good old days. :)
  10. Heh, I cant remember the last time I actually ordered something online.
  11. So, the Phunnel bowl in all its various ripped off versions are designed with the central tower to be slightly lower that the edge of the bowl to allow for heat distribution. So in this case, you should fill the bowl to the top of the bowl, while leaving the top of the tower exposed. As for your heat. That depends on the tobacco, your smoking style, and other personal preferences.
  12. I cracked an irrelplacable base by using brita filtered water out of the fridge...Now I stick to plain tap.
  13. how much do you think it cost us to be able to give this advice? :)
  14. You answered your own question. It's called Marketing. The idea is to sell the product. We have already established that people are idiots and are usually willing to believe about anything you tell them. Thats why Extra Strength Excendrin and Migraine Excedrin are the exact same pill. :)
  15. Cool video. Do you remember someone once posted one about making the hollow body hookahs? Also on a lathe but over a form or something? Ive tried finding it since but no luck.
  16. AF costs about that WHOLESALE these days... :)
  17. Ah yes...the name changes but the bag remains the same. Fluffy and LOTS of ash.
  18. If you don't have a pico and want to smoke less, use the Mya Bevel. You can underpack it and the grooves hold the foil tight. But ya, welcome to the free market.
  19. half of the hookah bars in Charlotte are operating illegally.
  20. Everything they do is too hoppy.
  21. cool. ya i need to get to Charlotte. I have a bone to pick with some of the hookah bars there.
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