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  1. know this might sound wierd but i had a problem similar and it was actually the holes in the bottom of the bowl were clogged with tobacco. dont know how in the hell it happened but i hit it once and all holes got clogged at the same time. i checked everything before deciding it was that. so make sure ur bowl isnt packed down too tight
  2. QUOTE (Scheetz @ Sep 7 2007, 12:57 AM) Do you all leave the silver coating on? Once I start to heat them I sort of scrape the silver off once it has heated through. i usually light them fully with a torch and put a fan on them and it blows it off. but i would definitely get rid of that before smoking. just doesnt seem neccessary
  3. smiley had my fav horchata. i like tangier kashmir peach, tangier clove, smiley horchata, smiley prickly pear, starbuzz apple cinnamon. those are pretty unusual good flavors
  4. QUOTE (NonstickRon @ Aug 30 2007, 01:47 PM) I'm pretty inexperienced too (been smokin a week!) but ditch the quicklites if you're as sensitive to harshness as I am. I switched to Stargate Natural coal and its made a world of difference to me. yeah stargates are the shit.... i ran out and didnt want to drive an hour to the shop that has the stargates. but man coming from japanese silvers naturals are still a world of difference. so smooth, no taste from them at all. good choice ron
  5. you can cleary see in your pics that the tobacco on the outside is still uncooked. place holes all around the bowl and more spaced out HOLES ARE FOR AIRFLOW not cooking the tobacco. the tinfoil transfers the heat sufficiently.
  6. everything looks pretty goon iin those pics make sure the tobacco is evened out on top all around and i wouldnt poke that many holes... i put 3 rings pretty spaced out and it usually helps get those 1 hr + sessions
  7. while whispy thin cigarrette smoke usually means not enough tobacco or coal, i wouldn't recommend packing your bowl "overflowing" thats something i have only done for tangiers. leave a spacce but not too much. you will get it down. little less then 1/4 inch i just think that your COALS are not lit FULLY. they are quicklites and they need to be completely red not just done "sparking" also mix up the tobacco in its juices and pack it fairly loose
  8. QUOTE (Sonthert @ Jul 18 2007, 12:37 PM) If you throw away the juice, that's what happens. I'm not saying you did, thats the most common problem. Maybe too much tobacco or not enough coal? no, i read all the instructions on how to smoke your tobacco before I even recieved it. mixed it up in its juices acclimated it and packed it like your how-to. pack the new stuff the same way and its great. just a lot of people i smoke with dont like the nicotine buzz like me so i have to mix it.
  9. QUOTE (tsm29 @ Aug 14 2007, 07:33 PM) Little update, just finished with the Starbuzz Tropical Punch, EXELLENT smoke. Just as it should be. I packed the Phunnel a little less and used a pin to poke 3 circular rows of holes in the foil. I ended up using the Stargates in 1/4's, putting on 3 at a time. Whenever it got harsh, I'd take one off, worked perfectly. Since I was outside I popped on the windcover. The smoke was fantastic, thicker than any of the clouds I've seen at the shisha lounge. The taste was bit more on the bubblegum side, but still, the flavor was there without
  10. QUOTE (blacklabelqlewis @ Aug 17 2007, 10:11 PM) if you hear a sizzle when you put the coal on the foil it means the foil is touching the shisha, and the bottom of the coal going out is because the juice from the shisha is boiling up and putting it out. as for your smoke problem, thats beyond me cause it seems like everything is fine with your setup. ummmm. no. the coal will and SHOULD sizzle. means its hot and ready to go. has nothing to do with juices or shisha touching the foil. i put a fat airspace and it always sizzles. the bottom goes out due to lack of oxygen (i think) what
  11. looks like your holes were too big i use a toothpick or a pushpin. and i dont put the toothpick down to the fattest part.. also did you stir the tobacco up it still looks a tad ddry
  12. i like my bowls to have as much juice as possible but go ahead and use your phunnel! your going to end up trying it and never switching back to your regular bowls. see how the bowl has an airspace, make sure the top of the tobacco is even all around (not like mine ) and here is how i poke my holes for natural coals, with japanese i poke smaller holes (i think they are hotter because i burn my bowls easy with those) GL
  13. all those are good. dont have the first two but i have the last one. exactly like that and its one of my favorites.
  14. ok first of all, dont worry about 2 layers of foil. the bowl is packed just o.k. needs to be fairly loose with an 1/8 inch airspace. make sure you stir the tobacco up in its juices and acclimate it(could be part of the shitty taste). only 2 rings of holes aroudnd the very outside and the middle. break up your coal in half and place them hanging off the bowls edges. make sure they are ashed of completely or your going to get the chemical taste. if you really want to see an improvement light up those stargate coals. id use one broken up into thirds but only put 2 pieces on there. hope this hel
  15. I have tried: red tea - 1 star (bad batch tasted like beef jerky) lemon blossom 1 star (bad batch tasted like beef jerky) melon blend (bad batch tasted like beef jerky) these first 3 are the first ones i ever tried of tangiers and really put me on hold from trying other ones, i just couldnt get past the beef jerky taste. but I ordered more and now I have a completely different review. guava - prettttty tasty passion fruit - this one wasnt as strong as the other ones but it still gets mixed it, really good in mixes. orange soda - my second favorite - tasted like orange soda, for a second I
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