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So, You Want To Start A Hookah Lounge : Updated.

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Hey there, so I am looking into this as I currently am invested and run a local smoke shop which sells Hookah products.

My main curiosity at this time is the ideal pricing and which hookah setups you would recommend. 2 or 4 hose, always use coconut charcoal, and the amount of shisha per bowl. Also if you use certain bowls or just go with standard ones.

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On 10/1/2013 at 2:52 AM, Pavo21 said:

Sounds good. But I'm not there to often. Co-owner is there or our employees. But it's going good. Making money staying alive

You're in the wrong country dude! 

A lot of the forums have a lot of Americans, and from what I read, it's all about how difficult it is to make a living - Here in the UK, it's entirely different. Still ridiculously hard work, but it seems in certain cities, the money is there to be made! 

Which is strange, considering how big the US market is for the product! 

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Yeah agreed. Hookah sales alone wont be enough. In Sydney, Australia business owners pair restaurants and Hookah lounges together. Sometimes just coffeeshops with Hookahs. King of Kebabs does Hookah smoking and serves kebabs to customers as an example for Hookah Lounges and other things paired. They sell pizza, chips, etc as well...

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A lot of the lounges i use to go to in Texas are gone because they upped the tax on hookah tobacco to like 300%

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