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  1. KM is going into the shisha tobacco business? I guess it makes sense considering their notoriety in the hookah world. Are they using honey or molasses?
  2. I found a smoke shop selling the Amy pipes... they are checking with their vendor to see if they can order hose adapters. *crossing fingers*
  3. 50/50 Fumari Mint and Citrus Tea Kloud Lotus for heat management (4.5 stars IMO) Al Faker coconut coals (3 fit into the Lotus nicely) Dream silicone bowl Amy pipe (I do not mean Mya)   Love the mix of citrus and mint, it's my favorite by far I find Fumari's tobaccos to taste very authentic. Using the Lotus with the Silicon bowl makes the whole thing super easy and clean.
  4. I don't mean Mya Saray, I do mean Amy brand.   Anyways, I have been trying to find another hose adapter for my Amy pipe. Any help finding the parts would be appreciated.   At the moment it has two hose adapters, a carborator, and a hose adapter placeholder. I want to replace the carb and the placeholder with hose adapters to get 4 hoses going on it.
  5. Both smoke fine imo. I was just trying to work out profit margins for a possible future venture. Thanks for the replys
  6. Wanting to know the best whole sale price for Coco Nara or Coco Jamra coals. I don't need anyone to buy for me or anything like that, just want to know who's got the best wholesale price.
  7. Mushrat, you're right about people going to the web to find businesses... however actually showing up in searches isn't all about a website. Yelp, Google, Yahoo, and any other business directory you can get into. People on smart phones use their maps apps to find businesses all the time. Be sure that you are on Google Maps (part of Google's business directory), that should get you on Android and iPhones. If the map service wants to charge you, skip them and move on. All the major contenders that will actually get you traffic are free to submit to. As for a website, Blogger.com is your friend. Seriously, its free and you have some search engine juice built right into it (Blogger is owned by Google). Take this from a web developer who works for Village Voice Media (New York Village Voice, Phoenix New Times, LA Weekly, etc), you don't get what you want 9/10 times when you pay for a website for your brick 'n mortar. Honestly, simply having your hours available on the site and a dozen + pictures, throw up some sweet deals ever week, you're rocking the SEO and your visitors will be happy. Facebook & Twitter is where you'll get the online community, and best of all, both are FREE! Now, if you really insist on spending money for something unique and eye catching, hit me up and I can either point you in the right direction or do it for you cheaper than anyone you're not related to. lol Mushrat, 300 sq feet? WTF? There is only one lounge in Phoenix, AZ like that and it doesn't do so well... I think they stay afloat simply by having low costs and no employees.
  8. [quote name='Morakie' timestamp='1309973571' post='514867'] Awsome Post man, really helped - what about Size of the place? what do you feel is the smallest you can comfortable go on a palce like this? i was looking at a place around 1200Sqft [/quote] Lots of good lounges are about 1200, but they usually only can handle 10 groups comfortably though. I was at this one Hookah lounge on a Friday that the owner said he was 4 times over fire code's max occupancy. It was insane, we sat with several people we didn't know just to even sit down. It sucked of course and we left shortly after, but they had a good 50 people on their dance floor. They had probably about 1800. I'm looking at a medium place, about 1500+... Arizona's smoking laws make it difficult, but I do plan on having it open as a coffee shop w/ wifi during the day. I'd use the office to continue freelance programming, but my wife wants to serve coffee and snacks. I think it may make the store more profitable since where we want to open up at is high traffic of tourists and hippie college students. lol
  9. Have the business name and logo sketched out and been getting familiar with the local lounges (phoenixhookah .com) and see what works and what doesn't. Through that site I created, I've created dozens of contacts w/in the scene smokes, club hoppers, lounge crowd. I now know several of the owners and have even done some promotions for them. From what I've got from the community, the ideas my friends and I have been piecing together for the past few years should be pretty appealing and make some $$$. One observation people may find handy. Being the cheapest hookah lounge does not by itself bring in traffic, but it does create return customers who often pay in change. I'd suggest making sure you can fund some promotions on campuses, good high traffic signage, and fun promotions to keep your regulars scrambling to bring more people. Now, just need my wife to be done with college so I can open the joint. lol All hail the bachelor life. [img]../../public/style_emoticons/default/2403.gif[/img][img]../../public/style_emoticons/default/nana.gif[/img]
  10. Ray, does the coupons seem to create a significant influx of customers (does it work)?
  11. @r1v3th3ad, good idea. Most all successful lounges are near colleges.
  12. Damn, I forgot to have a poll option for "other internet". Forums kinda fall into SocNet.
  13. I don't own a Hookah Lounge (yet), I've got a real job with a paycheck, benefits, and vacation time I'm still working on my business plan and it won't be for another 2 years until I can go through with it, if the craze hasn't died by then. However, part of my business plan will need to be how I plan to promote. This information will also maybe help an existing lounge get in the game. Answer the poll if you can/want please. Also, a description of one of your campaigns would be sweet. BTW mushrat, your business documents have been a great example to work with.
  14. Goram women. I'm not going through with my plans because it requires me moving, and I'm engaged to a graduate student who can't move. So, the hookah lounge plan gets places on the back burner. Been working full time doing web development. BTW, offer is still up, I'll do websites for the hookah community cheap. Hit me up.
  15. Actually, my offer of some free website development goes for anyone here. I'm portfolio building and it would good for diversifying. PM me
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