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  1. I am going for a more modern theme casual lounge. Im starting it small and expanding every few months if possible. I don't want the loud atmosphere or the middle eastern traditional theme. Currently I have most experience with the MYA hookahs most notably the divas. I also was thinking Starbuzz and either Fantasia or Social Smoke for the choices until I build it up more. I know the lounge I use to go to had custom flavors and I was a big fan of the rose water but that was years ago and I have only recently gotten back into smoking so I am trying to get more knowledge on it and I smoke every night now to build the knowledge and hands on experience.
  2. Hey there, so I am looking into this as I currently am invested and run a local smoke shop which sells Hookah products. My main curiosity at this time is the ideal pricing and which hookah setups you would recommend. 2 or 4 hose, always use coconut charcoal, and the amount of shisha per bowl. Also if you use certain bowls or just go with standard ones.
  3. The main but hopefully not only market will be the 18-20 crowd at the university. Mainly because we can't serve alcohol.
  4. Im new here so I hope I am posting in the right area. I currently run and helped open a Tobacco shop in Southern Illinois. We sell alot of Hookah products and I am a casual smoker moving into a more hardcore smoker. I am in a college town and there is a huge market for people wanting to use hookah products. However due to Illinois laws its quite difficult. Anyways, my main questions at the moments are what the ideal Hookahs and bowls would be for a bar?(i.e 2 hose, 4 hose, Harmony bowl, vortex etc.) I would use the store to supply the shisha until I could build the lounge up enough to just stock a larger amount as to lessen the costs. So i was going to carry a small amount of Starbuzz and maybe some Social Smoke or Fantasia. Also, what is the general rates per bowl, or per person. Thanks again
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