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  1. You're in the wrong country dude! A lot of the forums have a lot of Americans, and from what I read, it's all about how difficult it is to make a living - Here in the UK, it's entirely different. Still ridiculously hard work, but it seems in certain cities, the money is there to be made! Which is strange, considering how big the US market is for the product!
  2. I've heard the Mizo is pretty good! For Nakhla itself, it's only Apple and Cherry I've ever liked! Mixed Fruit tastes of vomit to me! haha
  3. Hey peeps, I'm Dee, from the UK, and have been smoking for 10 years now. Rarely happy with any smoke I have in cafes, so decided to do something about it and launch my own place! Figured I'd join a forum too Like probably everyone, I think I set up a pretty damn good smoke, and know a lot about AF flavours - Though I don't know too much about a lot of the American flavours (notoriously difficult to get here in the UK) or some of the German flavours. I also smoke a lot of.. Well you could call them 'artisan' flavours - Those produced in small batches and m
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