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  1. What up mane? I see you've last checked in a couple of days ago. How are things going? You hanging out on any other hookah sites?

  2. Pavo21

    Smiley bowl

    So this is for all you old timers out there from the forum or just for someone that likes glass bowls. If you all remember smiley, here is one of his bowls that he used to make with the original glass screen. Looking to sell it. 40$
  3. plus if you put ice in your base, they you have to add more water then you should to make up the difference for the ice melting and when the ice melts you need to make sure you know where the water level will be when it melts. so i just say meh dont do it.
  4. pictures or its a no sale situation
  5. these are a bad idea, people think its amazing money just bouncing from place to place, but the worst part is you can get in soooo much trouble. Mainly becuase places that do want it have a lot of under age kids. yah.. just asking for a law suite
  6. damn man that is awesome, i love you vape btw it is sexy as shit man!
  7. a lot of bowls will melt your grommet because they get super hot. but tasting it isn't good it could just be your grommet is super cheap quality. or the bowl is over heating because its to thin. try using another bowl and seeing how it works
  8. well think how small they are and they have ones that are like 260gb etc big ones. u can hold like 20 cards size of a pack of gum plus u wont be recording the entire time. and they dont have massive files.
  9. coleman i know this is weird coming from me, but thats amazing man! im happy that you found something to make you feel life is worth living! but may i suggest a go pro and a SHIT TON of huge sd cards? they are small and light weight, then u cna label them by day. also they have solar pannels that are light weight and u can charge batteries with them, that way you dont need to carry a bunch.
  10. my friend has one of these. they are SUPER own draw its crazy. but it smokes really well.
  11. Good afternoon my fellow hookah freaks! Tangiers Special Edition Apricot Spring BlendHookah: Km BeastBowl: Og Preditor.Screen/Foil: Reynolds Heavy-Duty.Hose: Nammor Red hose.Coals: OG Coals with flavor saverBase Liquid: Water.Appearance: Standard Tangiers cut and look.Nicotine: not sure?Base: Molasses.Smell: Apricot is heavy with Blue Flower Taste: Taste like it sells but with more blue flower and then some Apricot as exhaleSmoke: Bangin' clouds. (chreees)Buzz: I've been smoking to longDuration: 30 minutes and countyingPurchased From: MyselfOverall: 8/10. So I have been trying all the new flavours this is just one i've gotten to do a review on finally. So right when I opened it bam apircot smell like crazy, then i was like omg omg omg is that blue flower and if its not then my world is destroyed! I love blue flower one of my top flavors, mixed it up nothing new same cut same everything as normal. But this is so good! clouds like always and if you are a fan of apricot then this is a must. The blue flower might turn people off, but its really smooth and light. This is a must try for fruit lovers.
  12. Lol anything not hookah related. Beer wine alcohol etc or bring people in to smoke and make him money
  13. So..some do's and donts do's big varity of brands and flavors comfy seating with leg room actully clean your pipes with brushes and shit replace hoses regulaly try to keep inventory and also sell retail. CHECK IDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! donts dont serve alcohol it will be the worst choice ull ever make dont play loud ass music dont have cover charges dont let people just walk in and join their friends and let people mooch on a pipe and have like 10 people to 1, even if they are just "talking" waste of space and taking up room for money dont promise something and not have it dont piss off your competition, be friends with them. It is worth it trust me I do not recommend opening a lounge, i have two its a shit ton of work, we are currently shutting one down. if ur going in solo it can be profit but with a partner nope. plus there will be arguing and complaining and Laziness lol. and things not getting done and it just goes around and everyone will do it. if its just you u cant be lazy and rely on others. if u got more questions hit me up or mush.
  14. yah tasty peach is the peach in KP, but i almost kind of noticed that a 250 i had of burley kp tasted like forplay on the peach. maybe it was just me but it was different, but nice. i still prefer noir kp but burley has more flavor sometimes
  15. you could always contact glass blowers like crownhookah to make it customer maybe?? but idk man that seems expensive and custom means more money if u can get someone to even do it.
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