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  1. my current set up       [URL=http://s19.photobucket.com/user/OverLord21/media/IMG_2598_zpse2776dc7.jpg.html][/URL]     [URL=http://s19.photobucket.com/user/OverLord21/media/IMG_2634_zps90a1b9ac.jpg.html][/URL]     This was a few months back. The black is starting to fade on the stem and it's starting to green on some of the welds. Its just not fun to look at anymore. I am thinking about just replacing the double wheat with just a solid gold double but then i thought why not ask the forum what they would do. I do not want to replace the vase, idk why but i love that vase though it may not be some fancy brand name.  So what stem or stem/hose/tray combo would you put on that base to make it look pretty again.  Try to provide pics or links to the product if you can. and lets keep the price tag below 200 boys if you can.   PS if your gonna mention the starbuzz stem, don't.
  2. could you take a few more detailed pics of the double wheat? Just interested in the stem  
  3. Wish you joined the forum before buying that pipe. But nice space, I smoke mine in my medical office lol.     PS i love final fantasy, can't wait for lighting returns. 
  4. it is just a learning curve everyone goes through. As far as your bowl goes, it would require average density nahkla (sprinkle it in about a 1/4 of an inch blow the rim of the bowl, press it down enough so its just at about rim level or right below, poke lots of hole going all the way to the bottom of the bowl) For al Fakher, sprinkle it in at about rim of the bowl, poke lots of small holes.   For afzal and desi murli, throw it in, poke holes, put on coals.     The other popular brand (tang, starbuzz, fumari) would yield poor results with that bowl 
  5. 5 star has been knocking off banned vendor for years, just adding training wheels to the bowl as we like to call em
  6. is it a mod bowl or a eggy clay bowl, a pic would help, and packing depends on the brand+the type of bowl it is in.   PS welcome to the forum. 
  7. no one can give you a proper answer, no studies were done with preg women and herbal shisha, and never will be lol
  8. yea i wouldn't risk it either, 9 months isn't that long, more then likely thing would be okay if he smoke in the same room, but in that off chance something does happen, a life long self blame isn't worth 9 months of hookah.      PS congrats
  9. i sent mine out a while ago, but everything was down due the huge storms hitting the north, which might explain the delay, tracking number says on time though, go figure, even though they didn't give me a delivery day till last Thursday.  
  10. got my gift in the mail today, bunch of french 50 grams shisha, excited to try em out.    Got mine out yesterday. 
  11. I believe woman were raised as team players, just raised in a manner where being behind the actions of a man didn't matter. Now that equal time in the lime light seems to required by both the man and woman, i do agree with you that the traditional system marriage isn't enough to make things work. I think there few bilion people out there, (non american, mostly asian) that would have a problem with that statment.
  12. i can give you pavos adress, i don't think he choose to opt out. that is if he doesn't see this by tonight
  13. well if he got mine please confirm it here,  
  14. What did you guys end up getting?      I got 4 kilos for fumari, at 6 bucks a pop. 300 grams for 18 bucks, sign me up anytime of the day.    Also got a good deal on a hose that is better left unnamed, what about you guys?
  15. thanks gonna pick one up, offer is off the market. Feel free to close and please delete the dopes, idk how they happened. 
  16. http://www.crownhookahs.com/shop/article_401001/Crown-Cloud-v1.0-Glass-Funnel-Bowl.html?sessid=d9IPnNJHBOfp9RXqPJNRidfI2YuEN1dqvQ3hEO4DMsEPHxDWL9QpkqWt28eaLnNi&shop_param=cid%3D28%26aid%3D401001%26
  17. Yep, leave price and pics here or pm them to me. 
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