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  1. Try just any taste with ice. Refreshing tobaccos of any brand give a good taste.
  2. It is worth replacing the purge valve or the stem itself.
  3. Choosing a hookah is not an easy task. It is difficult to find a good option for the first time, so it is better to trust the professionals and continue to enjoy smoking. I would also pay attantion to the quality of the component materials and good filtration. I would recommend you to choose a hookah here https://freshhookah.com/best-hookah/glass-hookah/ to find something suitable for yourself.
  4. Hookah cleaning is simply necessary for its long-term operation. I clean my after every use. Not sure that in the lounges do it as it should.
  5. Open your own hookah lounge is a dream. But very tempting. I can not imagine how to do it, but someday I will decide on it.
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