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  1.     But I'm not doing this for money, I'm doing this under the idea to help people. I want to see good people live healthy, long lives.     It was a joke my friend. This will never happen in the US. Your definition of good people is skewered especially if you think all prisoners are either rapists or murderers. As for the people on death row.. it is very unlikely for society to accept a prisoner that was on death row back into society because they donated blood. Those same prisoners that the government plans to execute are very likely to refuse donating their organs for a softer bed.   Worrying about tax payer money and fighting to keep death row are two very conflicting perspectives. But that's a whole topic altogether.   Either way, I can agree with your idea on a much smaller scale. For example, prisoners under a 10 year sentence can donate blood for a period of time and expect time off their sentence.
  2. I've gone the past two years. its been pretty legit, this year's lineup looks even better. i haven't committed to going yet but if i do, i might take you up on that offer aeon.
  3. Do as the Romans do, and reignite gladiator wars. Sell tickets, make money.
  4. I've shipped out to dubai a couple times. when i was shipping to a friend in burj khalifa, the address was like this: ### Burj Residence unit #, downtown, burj khalifa, dubai, UAE and then the PO box number. 
  5. i'm gonna hate on this movie.. saw the trailer the other day and it was ehhhhhhhhhh
  6.   its good stuff, very easy reads and can be addicting. unfortunately no plans for a new book unitl like 2016
  7. He can do something like diamond supply co's random boxes where you get all all these random shirts and accessories for a fixed price that are of course your size. But honestly, good luck doing this online.. no one will allow you to take payments for this stuff now
  8. Yeah I'm dealing with this almost every day.. i think the FDA is gonna make this a nationwide movement. As a payment processor, our banks won't permit us to touch those accounts any more. We've lost a lot of business because of this.. but you know the retailers are happy about it
  9.  A dance with dragons - George Martin
  10.   Otherwise known as a "spray and pray."   But yes the title is overstated. And I understand that the cops were overwhelmed with the situation which is the root of the problem. Police are meant to be held at a higher standard than an average citizen. If they aren't trained well enough to handle the situation, then they shouldn't be issued a firearm. Otherwise, give everyone guns and let them protect themselves. 
  11. i'm surprised no one caught a video of this. maybe they were all confiscated 
  12. maybe the title is a little over done but seriously.. Two cops shoot two bystanders, and this guy is going to jail for it. What i find funny is how at the end they tazed him into submission. So what happened exactly? they shot two people then reality hit them.. maybe we shouldn't just open fire in time square?     http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/12/05/glenn-broadnax-_n_4392046.html
  13. Yeah this is bullshit... they approved the extension because the planning department didn't have time to fully define hookah parlors. As with anything else that is government, they take the easy way out by putting it off for another date and due to their incompetence a business type has to suffer. 
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