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Serious Discussion Forum

Forum to discuss 'serious' topics such as philosophy, religion or war. Hookah smokers are big thinkers and this is the place to share your thoughts.

HF Rules - Serious Discussion

This forum is for the discussion of more serious topics, such as religion, politics, and world views and issues. This is not a place for you to come in and suMFort hate or bash other groups.

Below are the guidelines for posting here in this section. Please follow these guidelines, along with the main forum code of conduct.

1.) Keep Topics Civil. There is no need to start name calling and acting like a child. If someone else has started doing just that, don't come back with your own, simply report the topic to the moderators and the user will be dealt with. No matter who started what, all users found name calling of any sort, or swearing at another user, will be suspended. This is your only warning.

2.) Some Topics Should Not Be Discussed. As much as we try to let everyone speak there minds, some topics will not be allowed here at the forums. Topics that deal with hating other races/religions or groups of people, topics dealing with doing illegal activities, any other topic deemed not fit for the forums by the moderators.

3.) Respect others views. Everyone has there own opinions, ideals, and ways of life, as such there will be allot of times where even after heated debate, people will not change there opinions. Do not attempt to force your views on anyone, and do not lower yourself to try and get your point across. You have your views, and others have there’s.

4.) Moderators can remove posts/topics at there discretion. At any point moderators can remove a post or topic you have made at there discretion. End of story. If you have a problem with something a moderator has removed, contact a moderator, find out who did it, and then contact that moderator and discuss it. If they still tell you its gone, then that’s it. Arguing and threatening the moderators will not be tolerated.

5.) Constant rule breakers will be banned. Anyone found constantly going to far in this section, or constantly going against the moderators, will be banned from the forum.

Please follow these rules, as well as the code of conduct. If we all stay in line then this can be a good place to debate and discuss. Go to far and you will be removed. We have a zero tolerance policy.

Thank You,
Hookah Forum Team