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  1. The chucnky different sized coal is natural wood coal, it generally seems to smoke alot better, not sure the exact rason probly something to do with it burning hotter but not having as much actual contact with the foil since its not a molded disc. they have a coal pit in the back so they have a constant supply of fresh, hot coal, most ppl cant do that at home.
  2. Here in NJ there is a smoking ban but the hookah lounge I goto hasn't changed, cant say why, i spose i should just feel lucky
  3. QUOTE (.cOLt.45. @ Jan 4 2007, 08:42 AM) Well keep a window cracked so the smoke will escape...you DO want to see where youre going right?? Other than that it would be fine I really hope he's not planning on driving with a lit hookah. I made a hookah to fit in my old car and it took alot of trial and error to get something that was safe and function for driving. Onehalfasia, if you're worried about a 'hot box' effect then either crack the windows or turn on the fan and set it to outside air.
  4. Just thought I'd add that Al-Waha is a good starter brand. Low cost, good flavors, plenty of flavor and thick smoke. I personally don't like Al-Waha because I like a buzz, but I think it might be up your alley.
  5. I'm in the market for a new hookah, and I liked a few things they had. But, I like to do my homework before diving into purchases. Nobody has written anything in the vendor review forum, so I figured I'd make a specific request to see if anyone has experience with them and didn't post about it. Thanks.
  6. I know theres a nice hookah lounge in philly, don't remeber the name but it had a great atmosphere, carpeted walls, dim lights, you sit on couches and ottomans, i tihnk its officially a restaraunt but they have hookah there too, and i do believe they may sell them cause when i was there they had a few shelves with all brand new hookahs, if you were to ask aorund you could probably find the name of the place, i visited it years ago so i don't remeber the name,s orry i couldnt be of more help
  7. try golden coals and 'original star'/'bright star' if you got em
  8. i found 2 sites with good prices on 3 kings but their shipping cost were high, anyone know sites with either cheap, flat rate, or free shipping?
  9. ouch, $15 a box for the small 3 kings? $37 for a 3 pack?  i remeber when H-S sold em for $10 a box and $27 for 3, thats the kind of price im looking for, thanks for trying tho
  10. I used to get my 3 kings from hookah-shisha but apparently they don't sell them anymore, so im looking for a new site to get them from, alot of places don't have em and so far, the places that do don't have them for as good a price as hookah-shisha used to, so does anyone know sites with good deal on 3 kings?
  11. overall quality of coals has gone severely down, i used to be able smoke for 2 hours on one golden coal, now they barely last an hour, other brands that i liked but have noticed decline in are 3 kings and original star
  12. is your tobacco touching the foil or is it extremely close to it?
  13. Can you describe this taste? Like does it taste chemical, burnt, ashy? Also, describe in detail the process that you use to set up your hookah.
  14. I'm currently in college learning to be a mechanic, I plan to eventually build my own super seven, not sure what engine it will end up with. My basic interests are hookah, cars, anime, and music.
  15. I'm sure that smoking the hookah isn't good for you, but I have yet to see any negative results. I am fully aware that there is CO in hookah from the coal and I'll admit I'm no expert on CO and the human body but as you describe it any effects from it would be temporary, either 1 the CO clings to the red blood cells and blocks some O2 for awhile but as it cycles around it would eventually come back out, or 2, the red blood cells do die out and get replaced. I would assume theory 1 since i haven't had any kind of cumulative or lasting effects from it.
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