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      With the way the new IPB works, following people actually means following them and getting notifications when they post stuff. With all the stuff that was backlogged in the mod que, it was treating every single approved post as a new post, and giving notifications based on those. Once the mod que is completely sorted out, it will no longer be an issue.
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    1. Discussion Group for all Hookah Lovers

      General topics about Hookahs.

    2. Show Off Your Stuff!

      Here's a place to show off your collections or other things related to hookah.

    3. Trades/For Sale

      A place to trade/sell what you have for what you want. All Items for sale must include a price- No auctions please!

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    4. The How-To Funhouse

      How to make your own hookah, hose, base etc. Anything that you fabricated to enhance the hookah experience can be posted in here.

    5. Hookah Lounge Owners

      If you own a hookah lounge and want to talk business, contact an administrator for access.

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    1. General Chit Chat

      If you would like to start a topic that doesn't relate to hookah, this is the place to post it.

    2. Serious Discussion Forum

      Forum to discuss 'serious' topics such as philosophy, religion or war. Hookah smokers are big thinkers and this is the place to share your thoughts.

    3. Vaping Discussion

      Vaping (e-cigarette, e-hookah, etc.) discussion.

    4. Premium Members Only

      Premium members are members who donate a minimum of $5 a month to the forum. You can become a premium member by clicking Here

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    1. Reviews

      For posting reviews of hookahs, shisha brands, other hookah related items. If you want a new Review Topic added, please contact an Admin or Moderator, or post what you would like to have added Here.

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    3. Video Reviews

      Place video reviews here. All videos must be either original or you MUST have the legal rights to the video. Videos featuring graphics or shout outs for other forums will not be allowed.

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    1. Participating Vendors

      Look here for specials and news from our participating vendors!

      You must be a member of the Vendor member group to have your own official vendor thread. Click Here to subscribe to the Vendor group.

    2. Vendor Reviews

      Post your PERSONAL experiences with vendors here.