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  1. Heyhey I don't know what is best for you. For me is best if it's a working pipe but you got a very nice khalil mamoon outlet in the uk. Greets
  2. Jey Just let it leak out ;) Of course you can try to wait some time before smoking just letting your tobacco heat up a bit with charcoals on and not smoke but that's not always soluting Greets
  3. Greatest hint ever. No rust. Wow. Never mind xDD
  4. What is this reddit thing .. I really don't know hm.. I searched for that in an sweets shop, at the barber too, the bakery non of them got reddit ... :/ this actually makes me sad right now
  5. I heard and that is very long ago and I don't guerantee you don't die than .. nettle leaf. But also hard to find. Don't just use everything .. xD
  6. Hey hello! I don't know. This caaan be rust and that , the other picture - didn't were to notice before all these mountains in your stems? xD I had such mountains in once too but I get it like that from my vendor Oh problems with time today I spent too much time dreaming.. Uhm... why don't you use an easy cleaner? I use easy cleaners like we use for dishes together with a brush for each the stem and the base - nothing to ask then Nice to hear from you dominik
  7. Hey guys/girls I'm starting my batch of tobacco for this year and wanted to ask you all hookahlovers if you have any favourites in honey? Use dark or light honeys maybe very specificous ones? Love to have some answers folk :** greetings dominik
  8. Heyhey no I was just joking a little - one time I answered elsewhere to your posts I don't know reddit what I really don't do at all no i say yes I know you therefrom.. just talking me Have a nice day/evening/morning or whereever the time is in your lands Greets
  9. Chreeeees know you from reddit cooooool xD
  10. Hey Can't translate this word niche' to my language but I think I know what is meant What I would really love is a bar without TV's and having only unflavoured Tobacco Pipes. Great - I would love it so much and many others would do so. Dominik With colours everywhere and batik cloths and and and... green old grandmas lamp over every table. And skullhead cigarette holders but no cigarette smoking allowed
  11. Hey what an interesting post. Rust, hm? I'm not an expert so I don't have abillity to give an answer but question Man have you had it store clean or is it a 'one time bbq and wait and do nothing with it but that until next time'-hookah. If it is that I can't answer I'm not expert. Sorry don't feel offend I laugh right now and with laughing I'm not the one who cares a lot xD Uhm.. but you clean it, right? With the brushes and some cleaner? Greets from me Dominik
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