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Easy-Lite Japanese Coals

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Japanese Style Easy-Lite Charcoal.

As you know, this is the charcoal that comes in silver sticks that can be broken into 4 pieces each (perforated from the factory, so to speak).

This is my personal favorite coal so far, very very easy to light, even suffices to light one coal and place another on top of it, within 2 minutes the new coal on top will be going strong enough to place elsewhere on the screen.

The coal is fairly odorless, as advertised, but if any smell, its very subtle, and as soon as you begin smoking you won't even notice the smell anymore. I haven't noticed any taste imparted on the tobacco, and with steady smoking I can get about 45 minutes to an hour out of each coal.

As with most coal, you can definitely overkill on the amount you use, in the sense that if you use 2 with just barely too much tobacco, you're liable to burn the tobacco on top in the bowl, but I dare say that was probably 90% my fault from getting a little overzealous with the amount of tobacco in the bowl.

Two thumbs up for Japanese style charcoal.
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Japanese Easy Lite Coals:

Easy of lighting: Pain in the rear if you ask me, Im used to the quick lights that require just a lighter and some old fashion oxygen. These coals seem to require a stove for lighting and still take a while to light. You need to wait for all of the silver to be gone, otherwise it tastes really bad.

Smell: I think these things smell horrible, I guess I kind of got used to the smell, yet after switching to 3 kings, then trying these again, I couldn't stand the smell.

Taste: Just like the smell, you can taste it going straight through the hookah. I was used to it when I only smoked this charcoal, but after trying it again, I just can't deal with it.

Overall(1-10 Scale): 4 These are just not for me. Ill stick with my 3 kings.

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I use these coals
Japenese easy light from mnhookahs.com

On about my 5/6th box now.

Great coal I will bullet point why :-
  • Easy to light [Ok, not as easy as 3-kings. but i think 3-kings suck in comparison]
  • No taste/smell. Nada, nothing. not a damn thing!
  • They break into lovely small pieces.
  • Each piece allways lasts an hour
  • Perfect for distributing around the bowl.
I tend to use them on my funnel bowl. 4 pieces at each 1/4 point. Then another 4 for the 2nd hour.
Lovely coal to use.

Ash so well also biggrin.gif

in my opinion this is the best coal for Hookah (with the mild exception of naturals. but i've never figured out how to make naturals win)

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tonight was my first time using these coals.

i put them on my friends stove for about 3 minutes on one side and another 2-3 minutes on the opposite side and the whole thing was glowing red hot with the silver off. however, they seemed to break in to pieces too easily. i picked one up to put on my bowl and it broke in to three pieces.

taste-wise, they pretty much had none. the shisha did taste better but i find them rather inconvenient to use because you need another heat source such as a stove, hot plate or torch.

i will still use these but on rare occasion since i prefer 3kings for their convenience.
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The Easy-Lites have become my favorite coals to use at the moment for the following reasons:

1) Little to no affect on taste
2) Heat up faster than naturals
3) Less messy than naturals
4) Easily break down into 4 manageable pieces
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96 tablets

These are made by the Rolland Charcoal Company, so I assume that they are made in China. Let me start out by saying these SUCK, they are the coals i use when i run out of everything else. I have to use a blow torch to get these things started. After they start glowing red, the sliver paint dosen't fall off, they stick to the coal. Most of the time I have to scrape it off. Finally to make matters worse, I haven't had one tablet that has not broken while red.

On the postive side there is no smell what so ever.

My rating 3/10 (At least I can use them to smoke, and they don't smell)

Heres how the box looks.

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Japanese Easy-Lite Coals

So I'm posting this review as a newb so thats a fair warning. So far I've tried 3 coal brands: rollands, golden coals and these. I have to say this very clearly. I HATE THESE COALS. When they light, the silver stuff does not come off, they ash like crazy and so far they are the only coals I've tried that actually make my hookah taste HORRIBLE. I bought an entire box of these and have tried them in 5 different sessions now and I will NOT be touching them again, ever.
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Japanese Easy-Lite Hookah Coal


Lighting You'll need a stove, blowtorch, or a hot plate to light these up. Once they are red hot, the paint will start comig off. But, most of the time, they don't so I basically have to scrape them off with my tongs!

Smell- Some what off a small when you start lighting, but then it goes away.

Taste-Nothing! All I could taste was the tobacco

Burn- They burn pretty good for its size.

Ash- They ash a LOT! Not only that, they also break easily.

7/10. These are pretty good charcoals...Its just the fact that the silver layer doesn't easily come off and that they break easily. These charcoals will most likely be my back ups if I run out of my fav charcoals.
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Japanese Easy Light Charcoal

-Cheap price
-Fairly easy to light
-last a good while

-The silver flint doesn't burn off easily
-Very fragile

Overall I rate this particular coal a 9/10.I love them honestly,I took one point off simply for the silver flint being quite the annoyance.

These are very inexpensive and dependable coal.You have to try them!
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Easy Lites

Lighting time/Smell :
takes a couple min on both sides with a heater coil thingy. Overall lights faster than naturals, slower than QL's. But they do smell horrible when lighting, b/c of this they get a 7/10

Flavor: Coals give off no added taste when smoking with them, I have gone through about 4-5 boxes all great. You need to make sure all the silver is off though or it tastes funny. If the silver won't come off easily then they need to heat longer. When they are good to go the silver will blow off very easily. 10/10

Duration: bout 40-45 min then wind cover. With wind cover I can get an hour. 8/10

Price: $5.95 for 96 pieces, dirt cheap, best cheap coal out there. 10/10

Overall great coal for the price, golden canary's are much much better but they are almost triple the price.

Where to buy them?

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"Inhale" Easy-Lite Japanese Coals


Lighting: Very quick when thrown on my single-coil burner, not much of a noticeable smell when burning. A bit of a change from coco coals. 10/10


Flavor: I couldn't find any sort of coal taste on my tobacco and I have used these on different brands and flavor profiles, still nothing! 10/10


Duration: I would say a set of these lasts about 45 minutes when under heavy use from multiple people. In a solo session it tends to last almost an hour but still not quite. 10/10


Price: Cannot be beat! These things are extremely economical, paid $9.00 on Amazon for a 96 pack, huge bang for the buck.


Product purchased: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003UWNKEI/ref=ox_ya_os_product

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