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  1. UPDATED LIST: 1x choco mint 1x Cardamom 3x Basha Licorice 2x Fak Mixed Fruits 1x El Basha Cappuccino 2x Nakhla Coffee 3x Double Apple 2x Mango 3x Cinnamon MIZO/ICE 5x Mizo Guava 3x Ice Lemon Mint 3x Mizo Cherry 3x Mizo Watermelon 2x Flames 3x Mizo Mint OTHER 2 Khan El Khalili 30 50g Tropicanas (treat each 5 50g as 1 box) Same rules apply as above, or someone take the last 45 boxes for $5.40 per box = $243 shipped Thanks!
  2. UPDATED LIST: 1x choco mint 1x Cardamom 3x Basha Licorice 1x Sweet Melon 2x Fak Mixed Fruits 1x El Basha Cappuccino 2x Nakhla Coffee 3x Double Apple 2x Mango 3x Cinnamon MIZO/ICE 2x Mizo Apple 5x Mizo Guava 3x Ice Lemon Mint 1x Ice Apple 3x Mizo Cherry 2x Mizo Grape 2x Ice Grape 3x Mizo Watermelon 2x Flames 7x Mizo Mint 2 Khan El Khalili 30 50g Tropicanas (treat each 5 50g as 1 box)
  3. I am not going to be selling tobacco on the forum anymore. The deal is, however many are available for each flavor, if you want them, you have to take them all, if there are 10 blueberry, you have to take all 10. If there are 4 gum, you have to take all 4, of course you can buy as many flavors as you'd like though. 1 Box = $9.00 shipped 2 Boxes = ($8.25 per box) $16.50 shipped 3+ Boxes = ($7.25 per box) LIST: 1x choco mint 1x Cardamom 1x Earl Gray 3x Basha Licorice 1x El Nakhla Strawberry 1x Sweet Melon 1x Basha Grape 2x Margarita 2x Fak Mixed Fruits 1x El Nakhla Peach 1x El Basha Caramel 1
  4. Yah, last time I tried to order from them, they said no b/c I was in the USA.
  5. I agree completely with Bulldog.   It is a big risk these days. In my area I only know of 3 left. There used to be about 7-8 a couple years ago.
  6. Last time I spoke with SS about 6 months ago, they said their tobacco is washed.
  7. I tried using a diffuser and extra water, both didn't make any noticeable difference. If anything adding more water creates restriction in your pull which makes the smoke sit inside of your lungs longer before you are satisfied with the amount of smoke. Which would be a bad thing. (see below)   The few things that made a LARGE difference was:   1.)Size of the pipe 2.)Type of bowl (I found a turkish bowl/egyptian bowl to be more effective than a phunnel. Why? Not too sure. The one thing i am sure of is you can get away with less heat in a traditional bowl. Because you can't use t
  8.   Eh, sorry man, I have provided a bunch of my findings, if you'd like you can read through it and summarize it, I just don't have time currently to run through this entire thread and do a write up. Maybe after the holidays when I have more time. I will say this though, SMOKE A LARGE PIPE, the bigger the better in terms of CO. My new nazar has even lower numbers than I was registering before.
  9. Something of a decent size would be recommended in my opinion. A couple studies have shown decreased CO intake from larger pipes vs smaller pipes. In my own studies it has shown the same. So if you are concerned with the health risks hookah causes, a good sized pipe and quality charcoal is a good start. I recommend Japanese charcoal such as Golden Canary and Fumari. Coconut coals will get the job done as well, I recommend cracking them in half for even heat distribution.   KM, MYA, MZ, Elmas are all solid brands.
  10. Sick man!   Definitely do as others have said and take some nice closeups for us. Then post them in the show off your section!
  11. I've vaped. I do enjoy it. It is easy, not NEARLY as easy as snus, but it is easier than hookah.   Snus uses no batteries, no coils, no rebuilds, no nothing. Just pop one in, swallow the yummy juices (hehe) and call it a day.   But I do enjoy vaping from time to time, some of my friends have them.   Does anyone have any recommendations on some stiff vape juice? My friends have stuff that is in the 20mg range but doesn't seem to have that kick that snus does. I suppose it could just be a different type of rush. Oral stuff is a bit different than smoking/vaping.
  12. I will be smoking it tomorrow night! I'm gonna have to put a bucket on the floor to wash it. So basically lean the pipe over into the sink. Take the detachable hose piece and pull it out to reach the stem, then let the water poor through the stem into a bucket on the floor. Figured that would work pretty well and isn't really much extra work compared to the normal cleaning.
  13. Haha, when I was typing it ... I giggled and decided to leave it ... figured someone would get a kick out of it. Guess I was right :-p
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