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  1. Japanese Style Easy-Lite Charcoal. As you know, this is the charcoal that comes in silver sticks that can be broken into 4 pieces each (perforated from the factory, so to speak). This is my personal favorite coal so far, very very easy to light, even suffices to light one coal and place another on top of it, within 2 minutes the new coal on top will be going strong enough to place elsewhere on the screen. The coal is fairly odorless, as advertised, but if any smell, its very subtle, and as soon as you begin smoking you won't even notice the smell anymore. I haven't noticed any taste imparted on the tobacco, and with steady smoking I can get about 45 minutes to an hour out of each coal. As with most coal, you can definitely overkill on the amount you use, in the sense that if you use 2 with just barely too much tobacco, you're liable to burn the tobacco on top in the bowl, but I dare say that was probably 90% my fault from getting a little overzealous with the amount of tobacco in the bowl. Two thumbs up for Japanese style charcoal.
  2. This a hookah which I ordered from SocialSmokeHookah, its a winner, no doubt. This is my first personal hookah, but I've smoked a wide range of Hookah's at various friend's houses and cafe's, and this is definitely a quality investment. The bowl it came with (clay, standard fare) has been perfectly adequate. It came with a metal case to carry it around, definitely serves its purpose well. All the fittings of the stem and base are brass, the base is stainless steel with a plexiglass top to view the base liquid. I've smoked a few kinds of stabuzz out of it (which has contributed to the enjoyable experience no doubt), using an aluminum smoke screen and Japanese Charcoal, and its been smooth as ever. Cleaning this thing isn't a chore in the least. Strong, sound design keeps me from worrying about how fragile it might be, its definitely heavy duty. I strongly recommend this hookah among any of those that I've smoked. The only thing its lacks is being able to find replacement parts and the ease of adding an ice chamber to the top of it, but one can obviously just put ice in the bottom. A great smoke, A+.
  3. Hey everyone, my name [color="#330066"][/color]is Chris. I've been smoking fairly regularly for about 8 months now, at least 2-3 times a week, and finally got to buying my own hookah and plenty of shisha to boot. Looks like this will be all the hookah information resource I'll need, just wanted to introduce myself and let everyone know that I'm new and look forward to contributing to the forum as I experience more. Just for reference, I picked up a 30" Stargate from Socialsmokehookah.com, along with quite a buit of Starbuzz shisha.
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