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  1. UPDATED LIST: 1x choco mint 1x Cardamom 3x Basha Licorice 2x Fak Mixed Fruits 1x El Basha Cappuccino 2x Nakhla Coffee 3x Double Apple 2x Mango 3x Cinnamon MIZO/ICE 5x Mizo Guava 3x Ice Lemon Mint 3x Mizo Cherry 3x Mizo Watermelon 2x Flames 3x Mizo Mint OTHER 2 Khan El Khalili 30 50g Tropicanas (treat each 5 50g as 1 box) Same rules apply as above, or someone take the last 45 boxes for $5.40 per box = $243 shipped Thanks!
  2. UPDATED LIST: 1x choco mint 1x Cardamom 3x Basha Licorice 1x Sweet Melon 2x Fak Mixed Fruits 1x El Basha Cappuccino 2x Nakhla Coffee 3x Double Apple 2x Mango 3x Cinnamon MIZO/ICE 2x Mizo Apple 5x Mizo Guava 3x Ice Lemon Mint 1x Ice Apple 3x Mizo Cherry 2x Mizo Grape 2x Ice Grape 3x Mizo Watermelon 2x Flames 7x Mizo Mint 2 Khan El Khalili 30 50g Tropicanas (treat each 5 50g as 1 box)
  3. I am not going to be selling tobacco on the forum anymore. The deal is, however many are available for each flavor, if you want them, you have to take them all, if there are 10 blueberry, you have to take all 10. If there are 4 gum, you have to take all 4, of course you can buy as many flavors as you'd like though. 1 Box = $9.00 shipped 2 Boxes = ($8.25 per box) $16.50 shipped 3+ Boxes = ($7.25 per box) LIST: 1x choco mint 1x Cardamom 1x Earl Gray 3x Basha Licorice 1x El Nakhla Strawberry 1x Sweet Melon 1x Basha Grape 2x Margarita 2x Fak Mixed Fruits 1x El Nakhla Peach 1x El Basha Caramel 1x El Basha Cappuccino 3x Nakhla Orange 2x Nakhla Coffee 3x Double Apple 2x Mango 3x Cinnamon MIZO/ICE 2x Mizo Apple 5x Mizo Guava 3x Mizo Raspberry 3x Ice Lemon Mint 1x Ice Apple 10x Mizo Blueberry 3x Ice Watermelon 3x Mizo Cherry 2x Mizo Grape 2x Ice Grape 3x Mizo Watermelon 1x Mizo Orange 2x Mizo Lemon 3x Mizo Lychee 4x Orange Peach 2x Flames 7x Mizo Mint 2 Khan El Khalili 30 50g Tropicanas (treat each 5 50g as 1 box) ---------------------- 93 Boxes total - Take them all for $511 - Thats $5.49 per box SHIPPED and I will throw in 1 box of coco-ultimate coals, a box of 60 piece japanese fumari coal as well as a Turkish unglazed bowl, egyptian bowl, and Km striped hose.
  4. Yah, last time I tried to order from them, they said no b/c I was in the USA.
  5. I agree completely with Bulldog.   It is a big risk these days. In my area I only know of 3 left. There used to be about 7-8 a couple years ago.
  6. Last time I spoke with SS about 6 months ago, they said their tobacco is washed.
  7. I tried using a diffuser and extra water, both didn't make any noticeable difference. If anything adding more water creates restriction in your pull which makes the smoke sit inside of your lungs longer before you are satisfied with the amount of smoke. Which would be a bad thing. (see below)   The few things that made a LARGE difference was:   1.)Size of the pipe 2.)Type of bowl (I found a turkish bowl/egyptian bowl to be more effective than a phunnel. Why? Not too sure. The one thing i am sure of is you can get away with less heat in a traditional bowl. Because you can't use the center of the phunnel for heat, the coal are forced to stay apart a good bit. In a turkish bowl I go through WAY less coal than I do in a phunnel) 3.)Type of coal 4.)How deep you inhale 5.)The length of time you wait in between pulls   I was able to smoke for 2 hours and had the same numbers I normally would after an hour by simply taking good sized pulls but not inhaling deeply. I would inhale for a couple seconds then inhale the rest in a shallow manner if that makes sense, then blow it out. Rather than chiefing it and inhaling deep. You still get the same flavor and good clouds so really it doesn't make much of a difference and helps tremendously with the readings.
  8.   Eh, sorry man, I have provided a bunch of my findings, if you'd like you can read through it and summarize it, I just don't have time currently to run through this entire thread and do a write up. Maybe after the holidays when I have more time. I will say this though, SMOKE A LARGE PIPE, the bigger the better in terms of CO. My new nazar has even lower numbers than I was registering before.
  9. Something of a decent size would be recommended in my opinion. A couple studies have shown decreased CO intake from larger pipes vs smaller pipes. In my own studies it has shown the same. So if you are concerned with the health risks hookah causes, a good sized pipe and quality charcoal is a good start. I recommend Japanese charcoal such as Golden Canary and Fumari. Coconut coals will get the job done as well, I recommend cracking them in half for even heat distribution.   KM, MYA, MZ, Elmas are all solid brands.
  10. Sick man!   Definitely do as others have said and take some nice closeups for us. Then post them in the show off your section!
  11. I've vaped. I do enjoy it. It is easy, not NEARLY as easy as snus, but it is easier than hookah.   Snus uses no batteries, no coils, no rebuilds, no nothing. Just pop one in, swallow the yummy juices (hehe) and call it a day.   But I do enjoy vaping from time to time, some of my friends have them.   Does anyone have any recommendations on some stiff vape juice? My friends have stuff that is in the 20mg range but doesn't seem to have that kick that snus does. I suppose it could just be a different type of rush. Oral stuff is a bit different than smoking/vaping.
  12. I will be smoking it tomorrow night! I'm gonna have to put a bucket on the floor to wash it. So basically lean the pipe over into the sink. Take the detachable hose piece and pull it out to reach the stem, then let the water poor through the stem into a bucket on the floor. Figured that would work pretty well and isn't really much extra work compared to the normal cleaning.
  13. Haha, when I was typing it ... I giggled and decided to leave it ... figured someone would get a kick out of it. Guess I was right :-p
  14. GENERAL THOUGHTS UPON FIRST GLANCE The nazar came in. (it came in a while ago, I will explain in detail why I waited to do a review below) It is gorgeous. The designs on it are clearly hand painted but have a very nice "hand made" look to it. The glaze is super thick, and the materials used to make the balls are high quality. All the designs are raised so they have a very nice look and texture when you run your fingers across the balls. TRAY The tray, and evil eyes are top notch as well. The trays used on the USA elmas pipes are far nicer than the previous ones we were receiving. The trays are heavy and the etchings are very deep. (Remember I have one of those same trays that came with the Nazar but on my kafesli). Comparing the two is day and night. The evil eyes also appear to be hand painted and are made of glass. The dangling "coins" appear to be made out of some type of metal not sure what kind, and have cool designs on them. They are a recreation of the old Ottoman coins. STRAIGHT/CROOKED Often times with tall pipes, they aren't made well and don't end up aligning properly. One part of the pipe will be straight, but then the next part will be crooked. The pipe is perfectly straight and sits on the jumbo base perfectly. BUILD/FINISH The cones in between the balls are hollow (which I knew when I was ordering), and the heart of the pipe is solid. If the entire pipe were to be solid, this pipe would be impossible to clean. It is 42 inches tall on the jumbo vase without a windcover. The thing is HUGE. It is hard enough cleaning my canary which is only 28 or so inches tall and the canary is solid brass. So if this pipe was solid, it truly would be almost impossible to clean. Welds are VERY clean, there is almost no visible weld spots anywhere on this pipe. It is the perfect weight. Light enough to move the pipe around without your hand getting tired, but heavy enough to say, this thing is quality.   The finish on the balls is great. It is either a really thick gloss used or they do multiple coats. It looks like (I don't know for sure) they use enamel for the paint work, then a glaze, then they bake the balls.   The brass is the same as previous elmas pipes, the solid parts are solid, and the hollow parts are thick plating that is very difficult to ding (same as my kafesli)   They etched the serial into the bottom of the tray rest. Mine is the first one for the Nazar in the USA which is pretty cool. ETCHINGS ON THE HEART The etchings on the heart are the same quality we were receiving previously. At least on this mold I received, good engravings, nothing INSANE, but not bad either.  GLASS/ACCESSORIES The glass is super thick, and heavy. It is your usual jumbo turkish vases we know and have come to love. The hose is your usual lux style hose but I got the upgraded papatya hose that has the metal piece on the mouth piece with different art showing a man smoking a hookah and a man riding a horse. (I ordered a red one because I already have a blue lux hose) The elmas hoses now include the elmas logo with their diamond logo pressed into the hose port tip on the hose (my older elmas hoses don't have the logo on the hose) I got 2 large turkish bowls that are massive. They hold 50g of tobacco. (I picked the large bowls since I already have a collection of small and medium turkish bowls.) You can choose the sizes you want when you order. The large windcover is bigger than a large coffee can. It is solid, and feels sturdier than previous elmas windcovers (even though the previous ones were fine). The tongs are the same as previous elmas tongues but they now have "elmas nargile" engraved in them. SERVICE First off, let me say, they have been EXCELLENT. Without a doubt 5 stars. They were informed by my fiancee that this was an engagement gift she was going to purchase for me when she was inquiring about ordering. They were very personal wishing us the best, and congratulating us. They said they were honored one of their nargiles was being bought as an engagement gift. They sent me pictures of the pipe to ensure I liked it before sending it from the NJ warehouse to me. I confirmed it was good and they sent it. When the pipe came in, it had chips in the balls, only a few. The balls are obviously fragile, and they were damaged in transit to me. They offered me a partial refund or to wait for another. I asked for them to make another. About a week later they sent me new pics from Turkey and I also liked that design so they shipped it to NJ. It arrived in NJ banged up. So they said they would do another. Ultimately I decided that we could touch up the chips, then glaze over it. They put me in contact with a staff member who knew about the manufacturing of the balls. They told me what type of paint and gloss to buy and what to do. They gave me a partial refund that covered the costs of the acrylic paint and glaze. My fiancee touched up the spots and matched the colors perfectly, it looks brand new and I couldn't be happier.   There was an issue, they owned up to the issue, and never doubted anything I told them. I even offered to pay some of the shipping expense to send the second pipe to the USA. And they said thank you for the offer but we must decline as this is our issue and we need to correct it for you. They worked with me on everything and although it was frustrating with the damaged pipe etc, they took care of it 100%.They currently took the nazar off of their website until they find a safer way to ship them. If the balls get banged the glaze cracks and the paint chips off like it would on any other tile/glass material. GOODIES I received a bag of mouth tips, a little elmas nazar evil eye charm that was attached to the certificate booklet. A letter from elmas USA congratulating me and my fiancee on our engagement. Elmas USA business cards. And a hand written post card from Ahmet written in Turkish with kind words and congratulating us as well.   Super cool people, Tania responded within 24 hours of all of my emails and was always willing to work with me.   I WAS one of the members on here complaining about the hike in their USA prices. They are more money, but they appear to have a much nicer fit and finish. The etchings in the tray, welds, hose construction, and everything else about the pipe is perfect. With hand made items there will always be variability in quality. Previous pipes I received from NS were hit or miss. Some were fine, and some nargiles were really bad ... bad welds and horrible engravings. Be confident if you order with Elmas USA that you will be receiving a top notch hand made Elmas, and if you don't, they will take care of you for sure.   Now onto the pictures:                       I didn't post a pic of the serial number because I figured it would be best to help avoid companies trying to duplicate their layout.   If you want to see more pictures, I can email them to you. Couldn't post that many in one thread.
  15. I read that a while back, definitely interesting!
  16. They are being very good about it, they are just trying to figure out the most cost efficient way to get a new stem to me, since the Nazars are made to order so they have none at the USA shop.
  17. By the way, the evil eyes hanging from the tray are all glass, the hanging evil eyes and the tray combined weigh like ... 4 pounds lol, the pipe is freaking insane, it really is. Couldn't be happier other than those damn chips. My fiancee said she could fix them by painting them with acrylic paint and glossing over it, but I feel for the price you pay it should be perfect AND who knows if it will chip more from the initial chips in the future ya know?
  18. So the thing is FREAKING BAD ASS!   It is HUUUUGE 43 inches tall.   One of the nicest pipes I have ever scene, you can't see any weld marks on it anywhere!   BUT, there was an issue, it got bumped by something in the mail and the glazed paint has chipped off in a few areas, I am in contact with elmas now and we are trying to work something out. It had to have gotten bumped pretty hard because the paint and glaze on the balls are super high quality and elmas said this has never happened. While I do have really high quality photos of it ... i'd rather make everyone sweat a little bit and wait until I take pics of the new pipe that I will hopefully get ... :-P
  19. Pipe will be arriving tomorrow, here is a sample pic that was sent to my fiancee, she showed me early ... wanted to make sure I was satisfied ... :-)   [URL=http://s284.photobucket.com/user/mattarios/media/nazar_serisi_zpseee44191.jpg.html][/URL]   I got the red hose because I already have a blue elmas one. I'd say Kim (my fiancee) did well :-)   Once I get it I will do a full review on the nargile, customer service, everything!
  20. Sega was always ahead of its time. I forget, but didn't a lawsuit take them down?  I mean, I don't think many will remember this but the SEGA GAMEGEAR was amazing. I think it still took Nintendo 10 years to come out with a gameboy system similar to it (still felt better in your hands though). And then the Sega Nomad (if you remember the gamegear, then I hope you remember this)....the nomad was insane. It was a handheld sega genesis that took the genesis cartridges. I mean...how much cooler can it get? If you owned a Genesis, you were golden with a Nomad. There were other systems after the Genesis that were also good, but Idk if they were popular much (Sega CD, Saturn), but I still think most of those were ahead of their time as well.   It's too bad that they couldn't/didn't continue at that pace. We might have something that beats Nintendo, Sony, and Microshaft.   I still have my gamegear ... man did that handheld have amazing graphics for it's time.
  21. Well I am excited to see what my Nazar looks like. I have noticed that the Elmas Turkish hookahs shine up to literally a silver color. If you shine them really well with a dremel or even by hand (just takes more work) they look like they are nickel plated. Even with some of their hollow pipes, the plating they use is super thick and very hard to ding. And to answer your point Chris, I personally believe that when you do everything by hand why lower the price? If you are slaving over every single thing by hand to create higher quality, why cut yourself short? Maybe they literally can't charge less for their pipes because it would be pointless given the amount of hours put into one full setup. I was one of the handful bitching about their prices. But with further research and having shown some of my pipes to friends/family who are in the metal business/production process of various companies, they say their prices are legit for what you get IF it truly is all hand made with casts for the metal, hand made hoses, etc. Which according to all of their pictures seems quite legit. I was mainly disappointed with their wholesale vs retail prices more than anything because I really did want to sell them retail. But do I believe they should sell stems and what not separate? Yes I do!
  22. Supposidly it is only on the windcover and tongs. Just a serial number that is etched below the heart, which you can't see is the only engraving on the actual pipe that relates to elmas.
  23. Nope, Elmas said there was a delay in producing them. They said a bunch didn't come out to their standards so they had to remake a bunch. Prob mid september, pretty sick though because they gave me a discount for the delay.
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