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Shisha recipe (nice honeymolasses)


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Hey guys!

There are many ways to do your own shisha. Here a good version I found for myself at least.

Ingredients for around 600gr of Honeytobacco

170gr Tobacco (as you like)

190gr Glycerin (~99,5%, vegetable - HINT: some horsefoodshops sell that cheap in best quality)

200gr Honey (cheap is enaugh, clear)

40gr Water

20ml Aroma (I used Sasami Aroma which should be useed around 3% for giving things good aroma, maybe you use sasami too or I know a manufacture called herrlan - they send everywhere but not usa afaik and they might be more strength.)

What to do?

Mix Honey, Glycerin and water up a while. Heat it up in the microwave until it's hot. Don't burn it. Mix in Aroma for a while. Give it all to the tobacco and zip up.



More informations to this:

The Aroma needs a little time to get real strength but you mixed it up warm so it's okay to have a smoke tommorow.

After two weeks it's the best tobacco in the world I know. Maybe for you too?

The Honey needs also a little time to show it's full richness of flavour so don't worry.

Last informations:

Honey don't burn that ease if you warm it up with glycerin and WATER that's another reason to make sure you make a good heated molasses.

And ... a mix of orient and burley tobacco is always a superb smokingsession for tobaccolovers.

I'm happy if you show it here if you do that by your own





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Maybe you get more of this molasses in if you use a very dry tobacco and add a bit more water in then.

I just tried to make some lemon flavoured tobacco and because every tobacco leaf's shop in germany is a cheap hit I used some cigar's. Very dry stuff.

I gave the flavour concentrate in before giving it in the microwave and that seems to be more ifficient. After that I gave the tobacco with molasses in the microwave again and now I gave me a shot right now. Very nice tobacco and lemon taste.

Use more Aroma if you want but the time does a lot for you. And maybe you squeeze it by times - to make the flavour concentrate being everywhere around again.


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