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Alien Mini Phunnel Bowl

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This is for reviews for the HJ Alien Mini Phunnel Bowl only. Any non-review comments or questions will be edited out or deleted by the moderators. If you would like to discuss the bowl, please start a topic in the general discussion area of the forum. Please use an appropriate format for your review. Pictures are recommended, but not required.
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[color="#FF0000"][size="3"][b]Hookah John Alien Mini Phunnel[/b][/size][/color]

[b]Height: [/b]3-1/2”
[b]Bowl Diameter:[/b] 3”
[b]Bowl Depth:[/b] 5/16”
[b]Bowl Capacity:[/b] 10-20”

[b]Construction:[/b] Stoneware
[b]Appearance: [/b] Very Nice
[b]Cleanability: [/b]Easy to Clean

[b]Price: [/b]$18.99

[b]Purchased From: [/b]HookahJohn.com

[b]Overall: [/b]9/10 A great mini phunnel that any phunnel owner would just love. I don’t think it smokes as perfectly as a Tangiers Phunnel but it’s very close. I am really digging everything about this bowl. I only have one thing that kinda bothers me. That is the opening for the grommet is HUGE. Takes a little bit of effort to sit it right without a mod grommet but it can be done.



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I have the same color phunnel as Stuie... I posted in the Alien is here thread, but will go into more detail here.

Got it for $18.99 introductory special price from HJ. Made it thru the hell of FedEx securely. Upon first inspection, I found that the bottom opening of the bowl was VERY wide, and then gets very small, smaller than my tangiers phunnel. To get it to seal properly on my KM, a mod grommet was used.

Packing? This is an EXTREMELY shallow bowl. When I was prepping my first Tangiers bowl, I had to grab smaller bits of tobacco than I'm used to. Packed tight tangiers style to the rim of the bowl. Used around 12g of shisha, so much less than my small phunnel. This bowl does not take much!! For mixing flavors, it will be easier to get a paper towel and mix a small amount of each flavor together on it, instead of trying to do it on the bowl.

So far have only smoked Tangiers out of it, and my first bowl lasted 1hr and 15min (lucid orange soda), and the bowl wasnt even fully cached then. I used a total of 4 CH QL coals (two per round) and a windcover. The windcover made the smoke a bit "hotter" than I'm used to, but the windcover was necessary since it was a windy day outside. Typically, I wouldn't put the windcover on until the first round of coals is starting to die.

Overall, this bowl performed better than I thought it would. For poor college students who have expensive tastes in shisha, this bowl is perfect.


docked 2 because of sensitivity to heat, and mod grommet requirement.
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Great bowl! I am using mine now and it has been smoking for an hour and still going good. Smoking Nak Mizo Peach&Mint mix.

Great job John!
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Well Stuie already gave all the dimensions and so forth, so on to my impressions.

Mod grommet? What the hell is a mod grommet? This baby first my KM single pear like a dream. I don't expect to have any trouble with my other KM or my MYA QT.

When I first packed this bowl, I thought for sure it was too shallow. I felt that the foil was going to be right on top of the shisha and it was just going to toast the stuff. I was totally wrong.

I smoked Mizo Peach for my first round, and smoked for two rounds of HJ coals... and it was sweet, long lasting and never harsh (I quit smoking cigarettes, so that last part is awfully subjective for me right now).

I just finished a bowl of Lucid Sour Grape. I knew Tangiers was gonna be the real test. The bowl did NOT disappoint.

This is my new favorite bowl. I tend to smoke along, so its nice to have a small functional bowl that i can out anything I want it. Tangiers just doesn't do well in glass, and Nakhla can be finicky in it too. This bowl smokes the two of them damn fine. Gotta try some AF and some Romman next, not that I have a ton of those.

Great work John! I'll be getting another, and probably one for my boy some time soon.
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I've owned the Mini Funnel for a while now, but I was waiting to review it until I received some Tangiers. I have to say that I really like the bowl. I have smoked the following shisha brands with it with success:

Tangier's Kashmir Peach
Al Faker Strawberry
Nakhla Mizo Lemon
Social Smoke Lime

All of these brands have given me no trouble, and quite a pleasant experience. I especially like the fact that I could smoke less shisha and get a decent session. I also like the fact that it only requires 2 CH nats to get a good smoke. This bowl is a must for those on a budget, or for those who want to cut back on their shisha consumption in general. I think this bowl just might replace my Tangier's small Phunnel.[b] I like to use it with my Mya Qt and my KM tray since the tray that comes with the QT is too small. That is my only gripe with the bowl. Plus everyone has already said that the base of the bowl is wide so you'd need a mod grommet for it. That's fine, since I have acquired a decent stash of grommets for all of my bowls.[/b]

10/10 Edited by thatonethere
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true dat...this bowl is idiot proof...cant go wrong with heat...2 coals yes ...you can overpack or underpack and still a good session (15 sessions by now)...the only time I had a bad session was when I had a crumpled foil. I will be getting a small phunnel and maybe it can be as good. Uses less shisha and it can last for a good 45 mins >and its all I need

this bowl fell from heaven into my lungs...yay 11/10 Edited by Josh Hamilton
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well...had this bowl since december of 2010, got it free from Allstar during secret santa stuffs XD so after almost 2 years of use. It works well, a bit of a gripe with how bit the opening on the bottom is for where the bowl sits on the pipe, and sometimes juices leak down the hole and the bowl gets loose on the hookah. so far havent had a bad smoke with it, sometimes it gets harsh near the end, but ive had some lng sessions with it. i usually use it when get 50 or 100 gram packs of shisha so that the pack lasts me a bit longer. I usually treat it the same way i treat my small tangiers phunnel. great for saving tobacco and for smoking with people who dont smoke much.
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