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  1. School mostly. I should be finished with school at the end of this summer. Then time to find a job in the real world, Kinda nervous about it. Still trying to get my daily hookah in, I miss hopping on here and talking with people into all hours of the night, but I know all us old regulars have families and work and lives out side of this place to take care of I hope everyone is doing well!
  2. I  just realized how much I miss when this place was poppin off 24/7

  3. We don't have the traffic we used to at all. For a while google would give this place the same redirect that you got with the Tangiers forum, i know the admins and such have a better understanding of that whole kerfuffle, but there are some of us who are still around here. As for birquq flavors, I think most of the sites that carry tangiers will have about the same selection of flavors, that's been my experience whenI go to reorder at least.
  4. You may just want to try a standard Egyptian bowl. They work fine for AF. I haven't ever used a bowl like the one in the picture, so I am not sure if that was the culprit. Was there any kind of flavor coming through, I haven't smoked AF in a long time so I am a little fuzzy on it's heat tolerance, might have been too hot. Hopefully some other folks chime in.
  5. I recently got back into watching the "so bad thy're good" B movies, primarily action and science fiction. I was able to find 94 films for under 50 bucks at a local second hand store. I was wondering if any one else around here enjoyed watching those types of flicks. Some of the titles I have in the collection are Low Blow, Killpoint, Robo Vampire, Hands of Steel, R.O.T.O.R., Hard Ticket to Hawaii, Miami Connection, Future Hunters, and so on. Definitely good for a laugh and still enjoyable. The kung fu in Low Blow and Killpoint is super slow, which adds its own bit of silliness to the mix along with bad dialogue and bizarre plot points.
  6. Tangiers Peach Cobbler. om nom nom. I have to say that I got burnt out on peach flavors for a long long time, but they are a nice treat every once in a while now.
  7. I remember those days, also I too am currently riding the struggle bus. It sucks. And now i feel all nostalgic and shit and wanna look at my old hookah pics.
  8. I also recall talks of discontinuing blue gumball to make room for another flavor. It's a hazy memory, but it is there. popped in here to see if anyone shared that memory, seeing as how Chris does, it's possible it really was discontinued.
  9. I was always partial to using fresh mint leaves in the base, Sometimes if no fresh was available i would use dried, but I liked cutting up the fresh leaves and throwing a handful in
  10. Welcome! we have lots of knowledgeable folks here.
  11. Found a bunch of old tobacco, at least 3 years old, maybe more...decided not to smoke it sionce it was not sealed, and pretty much sitting in a box in a storage closet outside the whole time

  12. The very best, that I ever smoked? Hmm, this is gonna be a tough one...I think It would be a tie between Nakhla Two Apples and Tangiers Oliloloqui, or how ever its spelled.
  13. I've found that a staple in my collection has become Tangiers Ololiqui. Also Nakhla Double Apple. The thing I like about that tangiers flavor is that it's pretty unique and its not too sweet, but also not too tobaccoy or what ever.
  14. Got the position of Music Director at the college radio station, Hooray finally have a paying job again

    1. king_lunchb0x


      congrats! hope you enjoy the new job

    2. Bawhee


      Congrats buddy!

    3. agunn1231


      Thanks guys! I am really excited about it. been with the radio for a year, and so this is a huge promotion, going from volunteer position to paid position

  15. Oh yeah. I know I am not mentally ready for a child, or financially stable enough. Hell I have a hard time keeping up with school and my fish tank! Speaking of school, that is where I vape most often, but lately I have noticed people bringing hookahs to school as well.
  16. ​Wait til you have kids. I ain't got time for shit these days! ​I think that is probably a long ways off for me brother.
  17. I enjoy making time, i enjoy the practice and technique of loading the bowl, and lighting the coals and so on. It has taught me patience, and hookah always fosters good conversation
  18. If i am at home, I hookah. If I am out and about I vape. I still find hookah to be quite enjoyable and I try to make time for it every day.
  19. ​I'm really digging the dark stained wood over the lighter, reddish tint. ​Is Regal an Israeli company? Melech means King in Hebrew. ​As far as I can remember, Regal is based out of Colorado
  20. Aaron, my brotha, welcome back! stick around, lets get this place poppin again!
  21. ​mhmm. I am excited to see if this revamp brings the forum back to its former glory
  22. Hope they both had awesome birthdays, I know MissCrafted had at least some fun cause we talked a little bit that day.
  23. running off my desktop. I will keep trying...got so enthrawled with the forum today that I was almost late to school.
  24. When I try to post a status update the text box automatically changes into a box saying "drag attachments here" or somthing of the sort as soon as I try to type.
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