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  1. Not true. Just saying. As one of the people who runs that forum, I can honestly say that "we" aren't sending anyone here to troll. To be fair, people from this forum took it upon themselves to cause issues over there as well. Neither forum was behind any of the actions of those involved. Not coming in here to start problems... just to clear up some muddy/fabricated information.
  2. [quote name='Stuie' timestamp='1315950373' post='523718'] Because I could. [/quote] Thats the spirit! This is what I have going right now: [img]http://i53.tinypic.com/1zegjo6.jpg[/img]
  3. [quote name='Stuie' timestamp='1315543426' post='523135'] Rockin a Dell Studio XPS 9100 Intel Core i7 930 @2.8GHz 12GB DDR3 RAM 2- 2TB Hard Drives Blue Ray Drive Windows 7 Ultimate Dell 24" WS HD Monitor Liliput 7" USB Monitor [/quote] What the hell do you need 12gb ram for? Aside from feeding that nerd boner we all get from building overpowered computers for no reason I just got a new case and PSU the other day. My old PSU died after just about 4 years of heavy use. Not bad by any means. [img]http://www.coolermaster-usa.com/upload/product/3037/gallery/full/1.jpg[/img] Mobo: GIGABYTE GA-965P-DS3 CPU: Intel Core 2 Extreme Quad QX6700 2.67 GHz PSU: OCZ ModXStream Pro 700W Modular Video: XFX HD-583X-ZNFV Radeon HD 5830 RAM: G.SKILL 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 Sound: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer Three 74gb WD Raptor 10,000 RPM in RAID 0 One 250gb WD 7500 RPM for movies/music Plus a couple external TB drives for storage I am rockin a 20" Widescreen Acer and a 19" Widescreen NEC as well. Definitely due for an upgrade, though I can play every new game on the highest setting still. I just like building computers for fun.
  4. All politicians are monsters. Saying one is the real answer to our prayers is lulz.
  5. [quote name='Stuie' timestamp='1312839634' post='519272'] Tattoos like that I bet you end up living with your parents and working at a hardware store. [/quote] Can't say I would have expected that out of you.
  6. Congratulations on ruining my thread, assholes. I'd like to publicly announce that I hate both of you.
  7. [quote name='IainUM' timestamp='1311910460' post='517566'] he knew i didn't like him........ [/quote] I guess you are the exception. At least you were keeping it real.
  8. I ended up putting that vase with a different stem haha. Personally, I think its a better fit now. I have to take another pic.
  9. Michael definitely is taking shots at said forum with his comments. Regardless of what Derek said, its still out of line and neither of them contributed much to the topic at hand. I started it? You are kinda reaching out with that one my friend. My suggestion/inquiry has absolutely nothing to do with the forum that was being "bashed". Just because a forum you guys don't get along with does their bans/suspensions the way I have suggested doesn't mean it copying them. Its a better idea in my opinion, and many other forums do it that way. But, as stated, we all have our opinions. But the claim you made has no real case behind it. Its an issue now because it kind of irks me to see people talking down on other when they can't even defend themselves. I;ve been guilty of it in the past, but maybe I have just grown up. Method may have had it coming (I know he gets on peoples bad sides A LOT it seems...) but people coming in and saying "I never liked the guy..." is kind of pointless. This is by no means defending him or his actions, as I am sure he deserved the ban. But still.
  10. So now its evolved into one forum bashing another? Bravo guys, bravo. I understand the points made by Chris and Mush, and HF has ever right to be ran as the staff sees fit. But I still think the public stoning seems a bit childish. Maybe not the initial post (in which I do see value as a notification and reminder the the community), but the subsequent birds chirping in seems counterproductive.
  11. I know that other than notification, the only real purpose seems to be public humiliation of some sort. It seems that it turns into a semi-shit talking fest of "ehh I never liked that guy" from time to time, which is pretty petty. These people saying things that that definitely wouldn't have publicly done so prior to the ban, so its a little shady on their part. Wouldn't a single thread where only mods/admins can post suffice? Provide the reason for the ban and leave it at that. A thread for every instance including lots of lulz and banhammer pics is silly.
  12. Might be interested. PM the the video link so I ca get a better look.
  13. Blackberry reminds me a lot of Brambleberry in the overall flavor, but it has its own kick. Sevilla Orange is definitely my favorite Tangiers orange flavor to date. Yeah, better than DO Welsh Cream smelled kinda gross... like fake buttered popcorn candy or something. It smelled a bit better after awhile, and tasted great. Butterscotchy. K-Prune is good, but a little disappointing so far. I dont get anything but straight Kashmir with a tiny sweet hint. Needs a bit more acclimation me thinks.
  14. [quote name='vendetta_revived' timestamp='1310766476' post='516043'] What did I do to upset the Tangiers Gods? :sad44: [/quote] [quote name='vendetta_revived' timestamp='1310766476' post='516043'] after smoking AF mint [/quote]
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