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  1. ...good to see this thread still going strong... You know you're a hookah smoker when your friend calls to ask if you want to do something amazing, you say no because "you're busy". In reality, you're waiting for a batch of Tangiers to finish the acclimation process so you can smoke alone.
  2. I recommend smoking smaller bowls of tobacco each day, and then gradually shortening your sessions until you cut out 1 day per week, and less bowls, for example, if you start out with 1 alien bowl / day, extend that bowl out for 2 days by shortening your sessions. Eventually, you'll be using less baccy per week. Then start skipping one day at a time / week. If this works on the first week, skip 2 days and continue cutting back on tobacco. Soon enough, you'll be smoking once a week. I hope that helps.
  3. [quote name='Giant Ninja Robot' timestamp='1312735427' post='519112'] BLAMMER! And then he was all like, whhaaaaat?! [/quote] Because footballs don't have wings. Word on the street is that acient platapusses spoke to the water and asked James if the checkerboard is going to get up past 7 o clock. Plaid sweaters everywhere danced and said what the hell is wrong with you pulling my thread like that. What are you trying to do, stab my imortality?? GTFO with that bullshit! Is it true?
  4. [quote name='Kapten Kanel' timestamp='1312417550' post='518567'] As the absolute majority of people in Sweden, i was raised without any religion or similar whatsoever. The whole religion vs atheist thing doesnt even exist over here (as in all of northern europe, which incidentally also in general is the most "developed" and "advanced" area in the world), religion has no part in peoples life. I believe kids should be raised with a logical, skeptical and moral/ethic ground to stand on, they can then choose if they want to "believe" in something when they grow up, anything else i see as brainwashing. [b]Religion thrives were people suffer, its a way of coping with life. It also remains in areas that are developed but are part of the general culture (or a learned behaviour from parents etc) like parts of the USA.[/b] [/quote] This.
  5. Dave, I saw Beardyman on a documentary on hip hop. He is awesome
  6. [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EX0sByag4Z4"]http://www.youtube.c...h?v=EX0sByag4Z4[/url] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLN63bRcY5I&feature=related
  7. [quote name='antouwan' timestamp='1312413470' post='518539'] [quote name='judgeposer' timestamp='1311563235' post='517122'] Leave it to me to return to the forum for a threat about religion, albeit one not intended for debate. I was raised in a practicing Catholic household. My mother is a "cradle" Catholic, while my father was a convert (at 19). I left the Chuch (but not theism) after my confirmation, and didn't return until my 20s. Along the way I explored various faiths but never subscribed to any. I also flirted with agnosticism, in that I experienced a period of uncertainty. In my early 20s I returned to Catholicism, and a short time after that I entered the seminary to study for the priesthood. Eventually I left the seminary when I realized I didn't have a vocation to the priesthood. I continued with school...and work..and Catholicism (to date). I'm a practicing Catholic now, [b]and consider myself rather orthodox (small "o").[/b] [/quote] like wicked orthodox. mad skills. everything i've read from you has been top notch (not like i'm the pinnacle of theology or anything), but i went to parochial schools my entire life. from my education, there's no way for me to ignore theism. additionally, there are some pretty good, well thought out, and strong arguments for Catholicism - which, again, must be acknowledged. i used to be a practicing, devout Catholic, i even spoke with priests from my schools and the head of the diocese regarding vocations...then i learned some things. don't get me wrong, i still love God and the church community, but the bureaucracy has tainted many things - does that make not practicing alright - no, but it definitely makes it more difficult. i've dabbled in many religions, but never adhered to any of them. however, i think there is something within the Orthodox community which is profound, real, and is not the product of over-analytical western thought, and the disease of bureaucracy and the malcontent of quite a few bishops who call councils and then destroy a religion. call me anti-vatican ii - i don't care. you can even call me a sedevacantist - i don't care. what i do care about is the sacred that was lost. i am a traditionalist. my father is Druze. my mother was raised baptist, but theologically speaking, she is a nonentity. i grew up going to catholic schools, and having that rammed down my throat since day one. i don't mean it in a bad way, just not a mentally stimulating way; how can you mentally stimulate a young person of elementary/middle school age? when i got to high school things really got interesting. university studies only complemented what i learned in high school. after learning about a multitude of other religions, there are many i legitimately respect, but an even greater number i thoroughly enjoy dismantling. [b]i'm glad that i know what i know so that i don't get sucked into the new age, oprah winfrey style "spiritualism" that so many "spiritual, but not religious" people fall into…i'd rather commit hara-kiri than subject myself to that crap...[/b] [/quote] Could you elaborate on that please?
  8. [quote name='mushrat' timestamp='1311768761' post='517394'] You can spot a Troll by it's droppings. [/quote] Is that a reference to the Norwegian movie called "Troll Hunter"? Anyway, another one bites the dust.
  9. My mother grew up Episcopal, and my father was a Baptist. The only times we went to church was when someone invited my mother (which naturally means that her kids had to come with her as well). My father didn't go to church until after my parents separated. My mother and sisters regularly go to church and attend a Baptist church. I don't go to church, nor do I classify myself as religious at all., however, I do see myself as a spiritual person. I believe God is everything from a bacterium to a skyscraper building, and it's up to us to hold our environment and each other with great esteem and show the utmost respect.
  10. [quote name='Scrappydoo' timestamp='1312332369' post='518393'] Thank you for taking the time to write this and I'm really sorry to hear of your struggles. I agree, it seems like they don't give even ONE sugar honey iced tea about their patients. My friend tells me things I wish she wouldn't, like she sits on the roof of tall buildings and talks herself out of jumping. That she goes up there with the intention of jumping and just sits there makes me think she needs to be hospitalized until her meds are stabilized but[b] ....she has money, money is not a problem, this arabic bs of family reputation is a problem. LIke they'd rather she kill herself and call it an accident than be shamed into having a sister in the mental health ward.[/b] My husband got toxic hepatitis from pain meds when he was going thru chemo, so you obviously have to be careful! You certainly have the right to be angry, just don't let it eat you up! Thanks again for your openness! BJ [/quote] Wow. That sort of thing is here in the states also. Many people are ashamed of the idea of being in the mental health ward. Some people see mental illness as "weakness", and I feel that those who say that might be harboring some "craziness" of their own and are afraid to admit it. That attitude definitely needs to stop. There is no shame in asking for help. It's the stigma of so called "craziness" that haunts us. Sorry to hear about your husband. That's very scary.
  11. ^^By the way, I was on Zoloft shortly before I put myself back on wellbutrin. I hated Zoloft, it made it really hard to focus on what I needed to do when I needed it most. The first time I was on Wellbutrin, I had one of those "lucid dreams" where I was walking home across a bridge, and I imagined myself climbing over the fence and dropping down head first as a train approached so it would smash me to bits. Needless to say, that's why I took myself off of wellbutrin the first time.
  12. I'm late to the topic, but I might be able to add some input as well. It depends on the medical assistance you get. I've seen so many doctors and psychiatrists it's pathetic. The ones I seem to get are pill happy, and condecending. I don't feel like I've received any real help from anybody. Here's a background about me. I was diagnosed with clinical depression in 1999. I was given Elevil, Prozac, and Welbutrin. Welbutrin worked for a while. 2 Years later, I took myself off of the meds, and I was fine for quite some time until one day, I became agoraphobic and couldn't leave my house to go to work. I had to sweat it out and keep moving, so I went back on wellbutrin. In 2002, I was hit by a car, which gave me a total of 3 slipped disks in my lower back (pedestrian vs car. I was the pedestrian in a crosswalk when the light was green for me to go). I was so drugged up on several painkillers I was failing all of my classes in college. Among the other painkillers I was on at the time, Hydrocodone and cyclobenzaprine just made the pain more pronounced, and caused me to feel lethargic and chiropractor visits became expensive, and all they did was make me hurt even more. Everything was hard to do. After failed attempts to get the right combination of what amount of those drugs to take (including Ibuprofen and Aleve), I took myself off of everything, and I took alternative measures(that could cost me my job at any moment) to get me through the semester. My job at the time gave me tendonitis in both wrists, which caused me to have to get cortizol shots in my elbows (which also hurt), so I kept excersising, and taking the new meds I acquired for that injury. Over the years, and many, many many painkillers later, I decided that I don't want to take any painkillers anymore due to the fear of liver failure. On occasion, I'll take an Ibuprofen for minor aches and pains, but for the most part, I just deal with the pain as it comes. I have an inversion machine I use for my back problems from time to time, and I stretch my wrists periodically. My injuries still give me grief (random numbness in my fingers when I type cause me to miss letters), and my back still hurts. I fear for the day when I need back, or hand surgery, which I'm desperately trying to avoid. I'm currently taking Wellbutrin again (as of May 2011) and it helps sometimes. I can only wish I could find a painkiller that actually does the job for me without making me feel like a big, lethargic, mass of extreme pain. Something non addicting would be much appreciated. At this point, I don't have much faith in any of the medical professions. In my experience, it's all about money, and the doctors, psychiatrists don't give 2 sugar honey iced teas about their patients. The last thing I need is some arrogant prick, or bitch with money getting all high and mighty at me because I need legitimate help for my pain, and my depression, and I had the audacity to come to their office and ask for it. Apparently, I had the money to see them, so I might as well be treated like a patron instead of a piece of crap who might not "look" like they have money in the first place. Okay, I'll stop. I'm getting mad.
  13. I want to be a DJ for an underground hip hop radio station free from the influence of Clear Channel, Payola, and generally anything else that destroyed the quality of mainstream hip hop over the last 12 years. All Advertisement funds would help pay for air time, and any remaining amount of funds would go towards a detailed program designed to help rebuild ravaged inner citiy neighborhoods all over the country, starting with my home town. I have all of the plans ready, I just need the resources.
  14. I used to smoke for relaxation. I haven't smoked in quite a while (recovering from illness). Lord knows I need it right now.
  15. Sounds like a combination case of people not listening, language barrier (possibly) and/or playing stupid on the merchant's end(by pretending there's a language barrier). I ordered shisha from them with no problems, but since all of the complaints started popping up, I think I'll avoid them at all costs.
  16. [quote name='Epoch' timestamp='1308022725' post='512590'] America simply can't afford to be the world's police. Yes, it is outrageous that there are so many social injustices around the world, but it's up to the perpetrators and the victims to solve on their own. [/quote] This. America needs to clean up its own backyard before it goes around the world to chide others for theirs. My heart goes out to ALL American soldiers, past, present and future. I don't think our government will ever learn it's lesson until our country looses so bad it's catastrophic,and/or the future war hits home. Not like 9/11, but something much, much more severe.
  17. I was an intern(before the "intern" title got soiled) at a business oriented newspaper (the production department).
  18. That really sucks. Sorry to hear that. I think my heart just shed a tear.
  19. That pipe is beautiful. You're very lucky to have found it.
  20. [quote name='Tyler' timestamp='1306689828' post='510995'] A bit of a backstory, When I was born I had an infection in my chest that spread through my endocryn sytem and ended up having to take out my thyroid gland. Because of this I have basically zero natural metabolism and well, am overweight because of it (not that I would be skinny either way but I wouldn't be as fat as I am). I do get regular injections of hormones, pharamones, and enzymes but its only about 10% as effective as a natural course. My problem is that I love to swim, it's low impact on my joints which is good being my size and a fairly good workout I can do without becoming overly sweaty....but because of my weight I hate going to a pool when other people are there because I hate being in public without a shirt on. Recently our apartment complex's pool opened up and I would love to be able to just walk 100 yards to go do one of my favorite things, swim, and maybe get a little tanned, but I don't want to be around so many people without a shirt. I know the easy solution is to just suck it up and think that no one will care, but I can't think that in the back of their minds they're all judging me :-\ [/quote] They shouldn't judge you. Hey, you are excersizing, so that alone should keep them from doing that. Take small steps and practice. For example, go out there with your shirt on for a little while to get the feel of the area for the first time. THe second time, go out there with a couple of friends, then on the third time, go out there, take your shirt off and swim (with a couple of friends). Soon enough, you'll be swimming anytime you want!
  21. The answer is one. To get the answer, you must follow the order of operations : P- Parenthesis E-Exponets M-Multiplication D- Division A-Addition S-Subtraction Here's how it's done by hand: get rid of parenthesis first by multiplying this 2(1+2) 2*1=2, and 2*2=4 the answer is 2+4 add these up and you get 6. Don't forget you still have to deal with the 6 in the beginning of the equation. You should end up with 6/6 divide 6 by 6 and you get 1
  22. Wow. I saw this coming a couple of years ago. In fact, I posted a thread about it and everybody thought I was batshitcrazy, or stupid or both. I'm seeing places that say "We buy gold!" as well as "gold conventions" where people can sell and buy gold. I posted a link to a video where a supermarket offered the option of cashing in scrap gold or using it to make purchases. I think Scottsman was the only one who could see what I was talking about. I'm going to go ahead and gloat and say I TOLD YOU SO to those who thought I was retarded.
  23. I usually use Reynolds HD foil (one layer) . Assuming your coals have already been heated up all the way, let them sit on the foil with a windcover for a couple of minutes. Come back to it and inhale. You'll get serious clouds when you let the bowl cook for a little while.
  24. Lmao @ Snoop and Kirby, and Cooking by the book!
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