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  1. So... haven't been active in any forum really for a long, long time. Take breaks from hookah for a while, but always go back. Lately... where has all the Tangiers been? Seems like the forum is gone, I heard lots of crappy stuff floating around about the lounge... and lately it seems like no one has Tangiers in stock. What the hell is going on?
  2. I guess this place isn't seeing the traffic that it used to either.
  3. Greetings! Been out of the loop for a while, searching for Birquq...and I hear scary things surrounding Tangiers, Google reports the site as dangerous... what the hell did I miss? And who's got a good selection of Birquq these days? Thanks!
  4. evilded777


    Umm..... Sorry. Cthulhu beats Voldemort on any scale of evil, and His bumper sticker and tee-shirt came first.
  5. That would really be a shame. I like the classic... but they are inconsistent and there is that packaging issue. Some needs to smack them about and get them to change it,
  6. 5 Star Hookah carries Al Waha Gold... I've never heard of AW Gold before. There are a few AW flavors I enjoy, but I am sick of dealing with their packaging. I might consider trying this Gold line is the packaging is better ie not wrapped in a sheet of plastic that I have to spend half and hour combing the juices out of before I can consider my tobacco ready to smoke, Any one know anything about this stuff?
  7. I own two of the HC formerly MNHookah glass funnels, and I don't recommend particularly. I own the mini and a full size jet. They look nice, but they just don't function well. Sure, I can smoke out of them, but its more complicated than it should be for a phunnel design. Also, don't know if anyone else has experienced this, stuff just does not taste the same in these bowls. Last time I used the jet it was for a bowl of Tangiers Schnozzberry, and... well, I took it off and packed another. I've used the mini a couple of times recently, because of all the talk about glass bowls and I wanted to refresh my memory. Got it to smoke ok (foil, skip the glass cover that just never worked right), but in the end... it went back on the shelf. I may try a Crown bowl one of these days, but have not yet.
  8. I am a hookah snob, but I like to think I'm an educated and polite one
  9. [quote name='Chreees' timestamp='1318556197' post='527711'] Tangiers and Tangiers phunnel bowls. Whoops- guess that's two things. Welcome to HF! Hope you enjoy it here. [/quote] Seconded...
  10. ok people.... number 1: join a credit union. Official disclaimer: I work for a credit union. There have been some very good points made here. I have to side with Scotsman on a majority of them, because he's correct. As an institution, before this ridiculous legislation, we LOST money providing debit card services to our members. We are going to lose even MORE money now. This is a SERVICE. It has nothing to do with allowing you to spend your money, it is all about delivery channels. You think ATM's are free? You think being part of the networks are free? Nothing is free, not to me and not to you. And as far as the "privilege" of having [b]your[/b] money overnight? Really? Really? We only get to make money off of your money in a favorable market. We really can't "invest" your money in things other than your neighbors' houses and businesses. There are huge restrictions and regulations on what we are able to do with your money, and this goes for banks as well as credit unions. And there are limits on the limited things we can do. Stop drinking the kool-aid on this folks. The "banking crisis" was caused by politicians, greedy people and lax regulators [b]IN THAT ORDER.[/b] I know, I am on the inside... my whole family works in the industry. Remember, I work for a credit union. We exist to serve, not to make money. And I am still pissed off about all of this, because it makes it harder for us to serve our members and to give them access to their money when and how they want it.
  11. Don't get on that scale for a month or more to begin, I'm telling you. The odds of it not being what you want it to be or think it should be are just too high, and could potentially cause too much harm! Take it from someone who last 50 lbs without getting on the scale until he realized people weren't kidding when they said I needed a belt to hold up my pants. Think about the other goals: what you are gonna lift, how much you are gonna walk or run or swim. Think about the positive gains, let the negative gains (the weight loss, inches loss, etc) worry about themselves. [b]You will know when its time.[/b]
  12. [quote name='atalanta' timestamp='1318262125' post='527275'] I'm of the "I know nothing about ____ so I'll join a forum about ____ and learn as much as I can." If I hadn't, I would have been another Chinese hookah, HH smoking, QL (maybe) using noob. Some friends said "Get a MYA!!!!" so I was already looking that way, but I was still tempted by the cheaper side of the force. I almost bought one just so I could smoke hookah during hurricane Irene a few weeks ago (I'd already been here a a week or so) to tide me over until I could get a "real" hookah. But I didn't and I LOVE the one I got from Stuie. When people starting touting naturals over QLs, the "smart part of my brain" said "Duh! you don't use Matchlights in the grill, why would you use them for hookah?" So I bought CCNs at the local tobacco shop before I even picked out a hookah. I wonder how incense will work with CCNs rather than QLs (I have a roll of them for that purpose). Since I'm not a smoker (though I guess now I can't say that), I knew even less about tobacco. While I was checking out local tobacco shops that were supposed to have hookah stuff, I almost bought a box of HH Spiced Rum (sounded good). I ended up buying a box of Fantasia because another friend likes Fantasia. Then I read the reviews and was glad I passed on the HH. So, thank you. If I had done what I'd orginally planned, I probably would be using my hookah as a decoration. [/quote] Stick to that Naturals even for incense, you won't go back! I've tried to push the nats to the incense crowd I know...so much better!
  13. Finally found a lounge that was still open... last year was tough, tried two and they were both defunct. This year we tried Babylon. Atmosphere was ok, kinda relaxed. Struck us for sure as a "locals" kind of place, though there were some kids there who seemed to be college kids from nearby USF. The young man tending the operation's English was not great, and the menu really leaves a lot to be desired: it suggests that they serve alcohol when in fact they do not. The hookahs are a mix of KM (the Middle Eastern patrons got those) and Mya. They serve Al Fakher and Starbuzz, though Starbuzz is more expensive. We asked for Al Fakher coconut and pineapple. We were shortly presented with a Mya hookah (I think) that was a four port, with two of the ports capped, a single hose and the other port had masing tape over it with a hole poked in it. The coals were quick light discs, I don't know the brand but they were crumbly, burned hot and fast. There was no wind cover offered, nor did I see one in use anywhere. The hookah was redolent of Mint. The true flavor of the tobacco came through after a bit, but between the gaping hole pulling in air and the crappy coals, there wasn't much flavor to speak of. I've never smoked Al Fakher pineapple of coconut, together they were generically sweet without anything standing out. I was unclear if the half price second hookah was for a coal refresh or a fresh bowl, but we did not really wish to stay longer and find out. Overall it wasn't horrible, but for me and my friends (who generally smoke my pipes) it left something to be desired. As a local hangout, it seemed comfortable and there were some obvious regulars who seemed at home.
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