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Post your reviews for Tangiers Noir Pumpkin here. Please start your review with Tangiers Noir Pumpkin so that others can use the search engine and find it easily. Any non-review posts will be edited out by the mods.

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Tangiers Noir: Pumpkin
Hookah: KM Single pear
Bowl: tangiers small phunnel
Coals: leonara
Base Liquid: Water+ice

Appearance: black, juicy
Smell: Strong spice with hints of pumpkin
Taste: Very strong cinnamon, After the first 30min the flavors mellow and pumpkin comes through more
Smoke:thick white could
Buzz: no Buzz (smoke to much)
Duration: 2hours


OVERALL: 8/10. Its a strongly spice pumpkin to say the least. For the first 30 minutes or so all I really tasted was cinnamon. After that the cinnamon mellowed out and more pumpkin came through. But the pumpkin just wasn't coming through enough for me. Its not a sweet flavor but still pretty good. if you like horchata, you will like this.

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Tangiers noir pumpkin


Hookah: Farida tunsi

Bowl: tangiers small

Screen/Foil: Reynolds HD

Hose: fancy hose

Coals: 3 coco ultimate halves

Base Liquid: Water

Appearance: typical noir.

Nicotine: unsure%

Smell: strong pumpkin spice, cream maybe a hint of cinnamon, much stronger than other pumpkin flavors on the market.

Taste: AMAZING. Like pumpkin pie, it is very spicy with the pumpkin spice and a subtle vanilla creaminess to it.

Smoke: Usual Tangiers Clouds

Buzz: Same as noir.

Longevity: 2 hours

Purchased From: Samples from Eric


Overall: 20/10 I LOVE this flavor. I may be a bit biased due to loving pumpkin flavors but this flavor is great. It's really spicy like pumpkin pie but also creamy with a vanilla cream flavor in the background. It's a pleasant smoke everyone should at less try once if not buy multiple kilos of.

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