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  1.   I do as well. I got Jizmoglobin in 0mg nicotine just because I was afraid the 6mg nic at 50/50 would be too much throat hit for me (some juices are at this level, some are not).       I agree, I got the standard Jiz, and the throat hit really kills me.(That's what she said)     Well that just confirms my suspicions... Sounds like ordering 0mg was the right thing to do. 6mg wrecks my throat too. Not to mention the flavoring. I think it's something about the nuttiness or blueberry.
  2. Wow..... I'm sorry to hear that Chris but Margo is a beautiful dog. I'm sorry to hear you lost yeti. I couldn't imagine if I lost my dog, Yuna. I keep her up to date on everything the day she's due. That's many reasons I don't deal with breeders. They try to cut corners to make a quick dollar. I would look over your paperwork and call a shelter and tell them about the situation. If the dogs are in deplorable condition and not up to date on shots that's a reason to shut that place down in a heartbeat. There's a shelter I got my dog from that rescues dogs from conditions like this all the time.
  3. The post holes are too small. Tobeco is really screwing up their name. I'm going to buy an EHPRO clone to compare to.
  4. Celtic slojo clone by infinite. With the tobh v2.5
  5. Let me know how you like the mephisto. Looking to buy another atomizer with larger post holes. Btw if you buy wire check out lightning vapes. Can't beat their prices. Plus with LV15 you get 15% off your order.    Yeah man, I'll definitely let you know how I like it. My bro talks about it like it's heavenly, lol. I like forming my own opinion, however.   Cool, I'll check them out next time I buy wire. I think with 100ft, though, I'll be set for quite some time. :lol: Less time than you think once you start trying parallel coils, twisted, and "sleeper coils" etc. plus if you haven't tried 24/22g I suggest you do at some point. Each wire heats completely different. It's kinda neat. Lately I've enjoyed a solid .16 build and below surprisingly. I'm the same way but I guarantee if you bought an infinite clone stingray x you will love it. I love it more than my authentic vanilla haha. :/ I just wish it were a single tube, but beggars can't be choosers I guess.
  6. Let me know how you like the mephisto. Looking to buy another atomizer with larger post holes. Btw if you buy wire check out lightning vapes. Can't beat their prices. Plus with LV15 you get 15% off your order.
  7. I agree. I love my Kayfuns and Russians but they definitely dont wick fast enough, especially when chain vaping at higher wattages. Try japanese organic cotton everyone says it wicks like a champ.
  8. Campfire by velvet cloud vapor. Delicious s'mores flavor. :)
  9. Same as Travis except I drip at work too during breaks. It depends on if I'm feeling lazy or not. Tanks are great when I'm feeling lazy and just want a chill vape RDA for when I'm loving some cloud chasing.
  10. Apparently the new aspire nautilus coils are the shit. They're vertical coils that wick like a champ and are in the new nautilus mini by default. IMO check them out and watch the video by suck my mod. He shows their output.
  11. How is it compared to tangiers peach tea? So far I've found 0 vapor flavors with a tangiers candy peach flavor or similar. Pisses me off man.
  12. Codyb88


    I use cotton balls. CVS brand organic.
  13. Yeah I'll be doing softer when I have time.
  14. There's so so so so so so so many reviews on products and how to guides out there. Seriously I won't even bother due to the large amount. I will give direct help when asked though or answers to questions. When you have questions just search YouTube or Google with keywords and you'll find it. One last thing, get sony vtc 4 or vtc5 batteries or equivalent after researching said battery. Do not buy cheap batteries as they are what make vaping safe or not. You could have batteries vent on you under stress if you push them too hard. Do not build under .1 with vtc batteries unless you research and find the safe threshold for them.
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