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  1. i had one flavor of haze so far, just their peach. It was alright smoke output was pretty good, but like you said the flavor wasn't as strong as I was hoping. I would still try a few other flavors just to see if its that same all across the board. Some brands imo do some flavors well and other not. So its just trial and error
  2. nice order, i think mizo never gets enough credit. especially for the price.
  3. i gotta be honest about the tang blueberry, i didn't like it at all. But I have yet to like any blueberry ive smoked so far. i guess i just don't like that flavor. ( i like real blueberries tho)
  4. the hookah hobby seems to have gotten so much more expensive then when I started. Never tried vaping tho, seems like it could cost a pretty penny too. That is a solid trumpet btw.
  5. lotus are great ( i use one) but you can achieve great clouds with out one. Do you use a phunnel bowl? Its not so much about the hookah, when i started i had a little egyptian hookah and it smoked like a champ. The most important things are packing and heat. As for the km did you make sure there was no leaks in the stem,base,hose, purge,etc. I am currently smoking Tang Burley brambleberry with a lotus and it still has that harsh tickle in my throat. Which tells me i gotta let it acclimate more. Did you cough alot with AF?
  6. tangiers strawberry was never as strong as i hoped. Honestly splitting coals makes heat management soooo easy. If you got some gardening shears or steel cutting scissors they will do the trick. Well i guess I should ask what kind of charcoal are you using? also on days with bad humidity the tobacco can get real harsh and throat tickely (but not burnt tasting). Sometimes just opening it up stirring and letting sit for 30min helps. At least in my area it does.
  7. glad to see things are on the up and up for ya. Tangiers is my favorite brand by far but it does require a little more attention than most tobacco brands.
  8. agreed thats how I lost my last base. Somehow punched a hole right through the side. But did get 4yrs of daily use tho
  9. Hookahfina Peach setup: Hookah: KM hulk oxide Base liquid: Water+ice Bowl: Tang small phunnel+ Lotus Hose:Nogoom Tobacco appearance: Yellow color, longer finer strands with some short pieces Smell: pretty strong and sweet smell. Taste: Great peach taste, a lot sweeter than expected. Closer to peach candy. Not the chemical taste like SB. OVERALL: 9/10 Im a huge fan of peach flavors. I personally prefer sweet peach flavors like this one. Great clouds and long last flavor. If you start off with to much heat it does throw the flavor way off for a while. dunno if that's cause of lotus or just the tobaccy. so just keep an eye on your heat management (don't just set it and forget it). Loss of points comes from cut, it was like a mix of all kinds of pieces. So it made packing a consistent phunnel a little tougher ( ya i know its nit picking). Overall would recommend if you like Pure peach or SB peach queen.
  10. i still put some ice in the base, I know its not the HF thing to do but I like the slight cooling of the smoke. I still get good flavor coming through and clouds seems to be just fine. I should try some sessions with just tap water, its been a while since I've done it.
  11. didn't that base make a few rounds between memembers? did it end up breaking? it was like an unofficial mascot
  12. I've had these! well the bag looked like something I bought long time ago. I stick with coconut coals just cause of heat and shape consistency. I dont want my coal rolling around everytime i move the hose.
  13. holy crap, that's quite a process. It makes me feel bad about complaining about spending 150$ on a pipe. Im sure they don't even get a good slice of that pie.
  14. damn,that's a bummer. I know it can be difficult to cancel orders though. You could try contacting them but most times i had to stop payment through credit company. IMO i say just bite the bullet and wait it out (maybe buy a little tub to hold you over until your order arrives. IF you cancel it takes few days to get refund back and then to order from another store (which may not have what you wanted to order) then they usually ship same day or next day. So which probably means monday anyways. Sorry man.
  15. ​ohh, pretty awesome stems. But the short Regal does look sick. For wood stems do you he to put linseed oil or glycerin o the wood to keep it from cracking?
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