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Mya Saray Vento

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[size="3"][color="#ff0000"][b]Mya Saray Vento[/b][/color][/size]

[b]Total Pipe Height:[/b] 10-3/8”
[b]Stem Length:[/b] 8-7/8”
[b]Base Height:[/b] 5-1/8”
[b]Tray Diameter:[/b] 5-1/8”

[b]Stem Construction:[/b] Solid Construction
[b]Heart:[/b] Open Chamber
[b]Grommets:[/b] Rubber

[b]Pull:[/b] Great
[b]Purge:[/b] Decent[b]
Appearance:[/b] Awesome
[b]Cleanability:[/b] Easy to clean
[b]Price:[/b] $54.95

[b]Purchased From:[/b] Hookah-Shisha.com

[b]Overall:[/b] 10/10 This is another great little hookah. Smokes just like a QT. It baffles me why there are 4 hose ports. But other than that I love the unique stem and base of this hookah. It’s everything you come to expect from a small Mya Saray Pipe.




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I bought this exact one off of Stuie. Great pipe. Even with my crappy hose, it still pulls like a dream. Grommet doesn't fit my bowl but that's easily fixed with wet paper towel. I highly recommend this for social smokers because of the 4 hose ports.
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[b]Appearance:[/b] Very attractive, in my opinion. The vase has a very slight pink tint that's quite pleasing and neutral. Goes well with pink, red, black, or clear accessories. [b]10/10.[/b]

[b]Design[/b]: Compact, efficient hookah. Small, but for whatever reason, still results in a fairly cool smoke. It's very easy to take apart, which is really handy for cleaning, and yet it's airtight in all the right places, doesn't seem to collect gunk in any of the joints. Another boon from this is that you have the option to sub out Mya parts if you wish; any of the small Mya vases will work with this stem, including the QT and Bambino. You can even buy a female bowl port to screw on in place of the male one included with the hookah. Everything is wide-gauge. The base grommet tends to get stuck in the stem when you take it apart for cleaning; this is a minor annoyance, but an annoyance nonetheless.

The included bowl, while very attractive, is not as functional as its competitors, in my opinion. The deep chamber and sloped sides make it difficult to heat well, and encourage juice leakage into the stem. Additionally, if it hasn't been properly cleaned, even with its own included grommet it can be difficult to keep on the stem. I've had some success by packing large amounts of tobacco around the sides and sprinkling in the middle, but I do not always want the longer sessions this method necessitates. In all, I would much prefer to use an Egyptian for most of the things I'd use this bowl for.

I think the tray's opening could be just a tad tighter to avoid getting a bit of coal in the tray holder, but it sits perfectly, and it'll allow me to upgrade to a larger tray in the future if I need to, so that's a net plus. Open chamber isn't preferred, but it is easy to clean. The small opening on the vase combined with deep crevices aren't ideal. On the other hand, this also mitigates any water-in-the-hose problems; the Vento is very forgiving in this regard. Others have commented on the 4 hose ports. I don't intend to use anything but the one, but I like the flexibility that offers, and neither the pull nor the purge seems to suffer from having them there. It's no different from the single-hose QTs I've used. [b]7[/b][b]/10[/b].

[b]Build: [/b]Great build quality. Very solid, very heavy, both in the glass and in the stem. Lots of brass on the interior. All the metal parts are sturdier than expected. Thick glass, thick metal, rust resistant. Good stuff, overall. [b]10/10[/b] in this area.

[b]Pull:[/b] Great pull, so easy. More often than not the hose or bowl are the limiting factor. I've found the standard Mya hose adapter that comes with it is a bit restricted, so I upgraded to multi-hose adapter and removed the BB. Now it flows on the level of my friend's KM. The hose that it comes with isn't bad, but isn't as good as the Nuhose, KM or Nammor hoses I've used. I still use it from time to time when I'm smoking something that produces a lot of clouds, though. [b]8/10[/b], only because I had to either dremel out the standard hose adapter or get a different one.

[b]Purge: [/b]Poor, but livable purge if you're using the standard purge valve. Worse, if you blow too hard/fast, you risk blowing water up the pipe. I can purge the whole thing on a single lungful of air, but I have to take it slow for this reason. I tried a smaller BB, which improved the purge somewhat, but it would sometimes get caught in the hole, so that was the end of that. If you remove one of the empty hose valves, it purges like a dream, though; for this reason I'm considering taking the purge valve off entirely and replacing it with an easily-removable plug. We'll see. [b]6/10[/b] here.

[b]Price:[/b] $40 from a local Middle Eastern grocery. Incredible value for the money. [b]10/10[/b].

[b]Cleaning: [/b]As I said, you can take everything apart, rendering it very easy to clean, even in a tiny bathroom sink. Because of the shape of the glass, though, you need either a pretty wide base brush or good technique to get in all the crevices. Either that or you have to soak it. [b]8/10[/b].

In summary, I'm very pleased with this hookah. Since I do most of my smoking at my desk or at friends' homes, it makes for a fine smoking companion. It's sturdy, flexible, portable, and smokes like a dream. I foresee this being my primary rig for a long while to come. It certainly has things about it that could use improvement, but given its price and the competition, it fills my current needs exceptionally well. Until either the market or my lifestyle changes, I doubt I will replace it. Even should that happen, I suspect it will serve in a complementary capacity for the foreseeable future. I wholeheartedly recommend this hookah, either as a portable/office rig for those with larger models, or as a primary hookah for those in similar situations to my own.

Sorry in advance for the poor image quality, but here she is with my red Nammor hose. The water appears yellow in the picture due to the lighting, not due to the base being filed with urine.

[img]http://i.imgur.com/oFFXQ.jpg[/img] Edited by Christopher Mason Taylor
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