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  1. [quote name='TheScotsman' timestamp='1335466699' post='545994'] I have zero family members that have had the pig blood, horse blood, cow pox pus from diseased cows, rabbit brain tissue, dog kidney tissue, monkey kidney cell culture, contaminated poultry ovum, formaldehyde, mercury, and aluminum phosphate, (and on... and on... and on...) injected or fed to any of us. Health issues around here are markedly less than the average family. I bet you have been to the slash/poison/burn-Dr more in the last 3 years than I have been in the last 30. Between 1986 and 2008 the gov't paid out more than 1, 800,000,000.00 dollars to victims of injuries from vaccines. Sure, line up, and roll up that sleeve - sheeple, no saving them, don't even try Dr. Smokes, it's not worth the effort. [/quote] More nut jobs infecting and killing our kids. Great. Remind me to stay away from wherever you live.
  2. The bottom line is that someone really should do some serious, diligent, unbiased trials comparing hookah smoking to cigarettes and other forms of tobacco use. There just seems to be an absolute paucity of original, non-extrapolation based research.
  3. Can anyone ID this, out of curiosity: [url="http://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/for/2960592585.html"]http://atlanta.craig...2960592585.html[/url] ?
  4. [quote name='SaintPendulous' timestamp='1335216769' post='545712'] aaaaaand ive been thread jacked lol, this was supposed to be about zombies BUT this turned out WAY more interesting [/quote] Yeah, sorry; when it comes to people spewing anti-vax nonsense, I'm almost incapable of remaining silent.
  5. All that being said, pretty gutsy just carrying it around like that. I would totally knock off the coal and burn the shit out of my arm.
  6. [quote name='duckah' timestamp='1334845803' post='545403'] I don't smoke anything that would break the rules [/quote] I don't know why, but this immediately made me think the rest of that was, "...but I absolutely put crumpled bits of newspaper into the bowl and smoke the crap out of it!"
  7. [quote name='Pavo21' timestamp='1334549075' post='545050'] Its probably the flavor because most Mint flavors do this to people because the cooling effect just is to much for them and that flavor mix is called Grannie Pannies lol rose mint, but like Melon Blend (tangiers) makes me do that thats why i got rid of 500gm of it lol [/quote] Nah. OP said he gets this with ANY flavor now.
  8. One amendment: the ones above, I believe, do not come with washable hoses. That's an accessory I would highly recommend investing in for the long haul. Fancy Hose/NuHose, Razan, Narbish, Nogoom. Any of 'em are worth a pick up along with it if you can swing it. Even with one, it should keep your total expenditures under $100, well below your price cap, leaving lots of room for tobacco & coal purchases. I'd also highly recommend going with coconut and/or silver tab Japanese-style coals, and getting a small, electric single burner to light them (unless you live in a studio apartment where your stove is pretty close to your hookah).
  9. [quote name='DrSmokes' timestamp='1334415821' post='544919'] [b]You'll just die a slow unhealthy death[/b] without people like me trying to save the world. [/quote] I certainly might, from smoking. So might you, as it happens. I certainly won't die from the measles, or polio, thanks to vaccines. Sadly (deeply sadly), this is something I can't say for the poor children your cause has killed already, and may yet kill in the future.
  10. [quote name='CheshireKai' timestamp='1334448443' post='544940'] [quote name='Bawhee' timestamp='1334417406' post='544920'] how deep down your throat are you pushing the hose exactly...? [/quote] Ha! [/quote] No, seriously. That's a good question. With me, even sticking the hose in just a little bit further than usual can give me gag reflex when I don't get it [i]at all [/i]otherwise. Also, I've never gotten it off a narrow mouth tip. Only wider ones like Nammor and KM.
  11. A thought: If you're really really keen on the "blacked out" stuff, why not pick out a truly well-built, maybe all-brass hookah, a vase and hose you love, and then have the stem electroplated or powder coated locally? Given the price of this blacked-out KM I don't think doing it custom would cost you any more, and you'd almost certainly end up with a better hookah, and a unique one to boot.
  12. Buy a hookah that doesn't rust. You want to go for something made of brass, rather than aluminum, or cheap "stainless steel." Chances are, if you bought it in the vast, vast majority of local shops, it's a poorly made, rust-loving Chinese model. Go for a reputable brand for your next one: Khalil Mamoon, Farida, Elmas, Nawras, Mya Saray (NOT "econo Mya"). You want something at least whose core is brass, if not the entire hookah stem. Check out the site's vendor discounts. And of course, no matter what you get, clean them regularly. Also, get a washable hose: Khalil Mamoon makes some. There's also the Razan, the Narbish, the Nammor, the Fancy Hose/NuHose, and a hose of others.
  13. More of what appears to be asking insane prices for Chinese knockoffs: http://atlanta.craigslist.org/atl/app/2953988842.html
  14. Honestly, I think the whole debate re: inflation and cheese and shit could've been avoided if we'd just talked about the last decade or so. When I started driving in 2001, gas near me could be had for $0.75 per gallon. Now it's 5 times that on a good day. That's a big difference for 11 years. Hell, if you just look at where it was in October-November 2010, it was down in the $2.50 per gallon range. Still, $250+ to fill up a tank? Tell me you don't drive that around town to pick up that Muenster.
  15. [quote]I'm going to stop wasting my breath on people who have their heads stuck so far up some holes and are too afraid to actually do some research.[/quote] You must breathe pretty hard while typing if that's an issue here. Maybe it's from all those arrogant assumptions you're making about what research other people have and have not done. [quote]I won't be replying back to here as there is nothing more to say. [/quote] That is excellent news. The less anti-vaxxers speak, the better for [url=http://www.jennymccarthybodycount.com/Jenny_McCarthy_Body_Count/Home.html]everyone.[/url]
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