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foibled again

Narbish Washable Hose

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Hookah John's Narbish Hose

The Narbish I received is 81" long and shares the same dimensions as my 74" rebuilt Razan with the exception of the hose tip (hookah end) being longer. Construction is very similar between the two with the biggest difference being the handle and hose tip end. While the internals are the same, the handle is now wrapped in cord and the second handle poof is gone. Compared to the softer rubbery feel of the Razan, the Narbish has a harder, coarser, grippier feel to it. The handle is slightly thicker because of the thickness of the cord and it feels more solid & durable in the hand, partly due to the tightness of the wrapping (the Razan's handle covering can be moved around). The hose tip end shares the same construction as the handle, gaskets and all, only it's not as long. The Razan's hose tip end is just the hose tip hot glued into the hose with a poof covering the joint. My Razan was modded to make the hose tip removable.

Some other minor differences do exist between the two but don't really matter as much. The gasket in the Narbish is deeper to accommodate the slightly longer gasket end of the acrylic tips. This kind of makes a better seal but it doesn't matter because there weren't any leakage issues with the Razan. The corrugations on the hose are thinner on the Narbish but I can't tell if it makes a difference in flexibility yet because the hose is not broken in. The hose wrapping on the Narbish isn't as soft to the touch as the Razan's but it feels more durable, which I think is a good thing because the Razan nicks easily. The holes in the Narbish's acrylic tips looked a little bigger to my eye but they only measured an insignificant 1/64" larger.

Performance wise the two smoke the same to me. I switched between them multiple times in the same session and there were no memorable differences between the draws.

For those who have hookahs with smaller hose ports, the Narbish's hose tip is larger than the Razan's so you may have trouble with hose gaskets. It fits a Mya hose adapter fine but with my AF Solid Medium, it barely fits in the port with the gasket and can be easily knocked or pulled out. Luckily it fits perfectly in the port without the gasket and there isn't any leakage while smoking or purging.

While I admit that I am biased towards my Razan because of the changes I made to it, the longer I held the Narbish the more I liked it over my Razan. It's a more solid hose and feels like it will last longer. I like the contrast in touch between the coarser gold accented cord and the softer solid color thread. I also find the thinner, smoother transition from the handle to hose to be more comfortable. The large hose tip handle was awkward at first but it wasn't an issue once I got past the gasket thing, although I can see the large hose tip being a stability issue with smaller base hookahs.

Anyhow, here are pics of the Narbish (blue) with my Razan (black) for comparison:


For those wondering about the glue, the Narbish is also put together using hot glue like the Razans/Nammors. Interestingly enough, it still held together after running the hottest water my kitchen sink is capable of through it for 5 minutes using a funnel during it's initial wash. Doing the same to my Razan allowed me to pull the hose apart. When I cleaned it again after using it, I let the hottest sink water to run directly over the joints for a minute or two and this softened the glue enough to pull it apart.

I'm not a big fan of the poofs so I'll probably end up rebuilding this hose as well. I like that the hose tip end is built the same way as the handle because making the hose tip removeable is simply a matter of removing the glue holding it in. Below is what it looks like with the same rubber ends as my Razan but tinted blue in Photoshop. I'm unsure if I will go with them because I think doing something with cord to match the rest of the handle will be better.


Bottom line: The Narbish is a great hose and I feel it is an improvement over the Razan in looks, feel, and build quality. At the current introductory price, it's a no brainer to me that the Narbish is the best washable hose.

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Hookahjohn's Narbish Hose

Build : The build on this hose is bar none. It is incredibly solid from tip to tip. The rope wrapping around the handle gives it an incredibly rugged yet nice feel to it. When you pop the mouthpiece in it goes in solidly and shows no sign of the grommet on the inside of the handle falling apart in the future or the handle unraveling like the razan and nammors. 10/10

Pull : The pull on it is slightly tighter than my home made nylon hose which has a 1/2 inch inner diameter. For hoses on the market i think the pull is even with the top competitors such as the razan and nammor hoses. 10/10

Mobility: Most hoses I have owned have been tough to move around without the entire hookah wanting to tip. This hose has a very bendable hose that comes off of the port to the hookah allowing for easy moving without the entire hookah wanting to move. All of my KM hoses i've owned were very stiff coming off of the hose port tip which makes it tough to pass around. For a long ended hose, this hose has the best movement I have encountered. 10/10

Length the length of this hookah is the best part. I found it to be longer than my razan and easily longer than my km ultimate. Unfortunately both are "gone" now so i can't compare. All I know is i set my hookah up in the exact same spot in my basement on a tile and my friends no longer have to lean forward from the couch to take hits. Even with the long handles on both sides the length of this hose is awesome! In comparison to all other hoses 10/10 The ideal hose for me it gets a 9.5/10 3-4 more inches and it would be ideal!

Price : 19.99, lower than any of the top washable competitor hoses. 10/10

Overall : I think this is the best hose i have ever owned that is made in the industry. Like i said the nylon hose I made has an easier pull but that is expected because of the size of the inner diameter. The narbish has a happy medium between restriction and no restriction. I find with no restriction like my nylon hose, it tears through coals faster because of how much faster air passes over the coals.

You have got to be crazy not to buy one especially for the price.

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Stealing Mattarios format smile.gif

HookahJohns Narbish Hose: Generation 2 (Non Detachable Mouthpiece)

Build : Narbish hose build is tough, It's built tough like a KM hose. I could probably use this as a club! This will last with out a doubt...

: The pull is a little more restrictive compared to a Nammor/Razan, however the pull is much better then any other average hose...

y: The second generation of the Narbish hose feels like it needs to be broken in. The outer layer of the hose is some-what stiff, but it doesn't bother me at all. It's mobile enough that it doesn't get tangled up and knock a hookah over which is great. The length is also a big difference too.

: 21.99 It's a great deal because it will last you forever.

: It's a great hose specially if it's your first aftermarket hose, some might not like pull if they are jumping from a Razan/Nammor to a Narbish. However if you are going from a Nammor/Razan to a Narbish you wont have to think abot it falling apart ever, the second generation hose is built like a tank. It also looks amazing.... The most important part I believe for a hose in how long it will last and how well it pulls. The Narbish is built very well and pulls really good beats out every hose I smoked out of other then Nammor(As far as how easy it is to take a pull). Overall I give this hose a 9.5/10 Edited by newjacksm

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So I got the Narbish v3 today. I enjoy this hose just as much as my nammors that I have. I have three of those currently. Things I do like about the narbish more is the fact that the wrap extends past where the hose connects. Also the wrapping is nice looking as well. I would recommend this hose to people if you are looking for something new, well constructed, and easy to look at. Check on my sig line for a picture.

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[color="#FF0000"][size="3"][b]Narbish v3[/b][/size][/color]

[b]Build: [/b]Very Well Built
[b]Hose Length:[/b] 75”
[b]Handle Length: [/b] 16.5”
[b]Smallest Hose Diameter: [/b]1/4”
[b]Hose Weight: [/b]12.2 oz
[b]Handle Weight: [/b] 5.7 oz

[b]Looks: [/b]Very classy
[b]Pull: [/b]Effortless
[b]Washability:[/b] Washable
[b]Comfort:[/b] Very Comfortable
[b]Price:[/b] $24.99

[b]Purchased From:[/b] HookahJohn.com
Overall:[/b] 10/10 This is a great hose I mean just great! The only drawback to the hose is the large hose port end. Granted it fits in and much better than any Khalil Mamoon Hose, but because of its length it reduces the mobility of the hose when sitting close to the hookah. This hose is what KM hoses dream of becoming!


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[b]Narbish V3 washable hose[/b]

[b]Color:[/b] red[b]
Purchased from:[/b] Hookah John
[b]Hookahs used with this product: [/b] Km Trimetal, Mya Qt.
[b]Rating:[/b] 9/10

I really like using this hose with my KM trimetal. It has an effortless pull and can be cleaned with ease. The one thing I didn't like about it was that when I used it with my Mya QT, the hose kept coming out of the port due to the length of it (this is what a lot of people have been complaining about regarding the V3). I will say this though, the quality is better than my Grand Caravan washable, and I hope the glue holding the mouthpiece grommet doesn't come off and cause the grommet to detach,unlike what happened to my grand caravan mentioned in the review above this one. The pull on the Narbish is better, but I don't have the issue of the hose coming out of the hose port on the hookah with the Grand caravan. With that being said, I think I'll have to give the Narbish a rating of 9/10 and change the rating of the Grand Caravan to a 7/10 due to the cheap glue on the mouthpiece. Unlike the Grand Caravan, I can't see any glue on this hose, and it looks sturdier than the Grand Caravan.

I know one thing, As soon as my Grand Caravan bites the dust, I think I'll purchase another Narbish. This time I'll get the V4 due to the hose port situation for smaller hookahs.

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