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3 Flavors You Mix That Tastes Awesome?

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Me personally i mix Orange, strawberry and a lil' mint and i'm good with that! biggrin.gif

what about you guys??

oh and putting something other than water in hookah...like if i'm smoking apple or something i put apple juice Lol is that wierd?
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I love mixing flavors and using other things than water. One of my favorite mixes is Layalina Esk. Apple mixed with Pineapple and either orange or lemon/lime kool-aid mix in the base.. Pretty much a tropical explosion in your mouth.

The other day i was low on all my flavors so I mixed HH lemonade, cola, mint, chocomint, melon with Al Waha 5 star, and surprisingly it came out tasting pretty good. I have absolutly no idea to describe other than pleasent.
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I typically pack my hookah with vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, mint, etc. Then I drizzle on some caramel, butterscotch, coffee, etc. Then for the finnishing touch I ad a pinch of cherry moassel right on top of the mixture. I call it an ice cream sunday & the flavors change as you smoke it.

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Hookah Hookah Apple, Starbuzz Sweet Apple, Fusion Esk. Apple. Triple Apple Attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Al Waha Orange, Al Waha Peach, Nakhla Earl Grey. Spring Tea Blend.
chefico.gif Edited by MrMoodz
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What's really popular where I work is we mix starbuzz Mango, Guava, and Peach.

Adding juice works really well too. If you smoke tropical punch, throw in some HI-C or some punch drink in the base... But make sure that you clean it out really well. Orange juice with AF orange is nice too
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I wish I had a copy of my local hookah bar's menu... So many good three-flavor (and more) mixes.

A couple of my favorites:

The Incensuous (I keep hawking this mix on these forums)
Mint, Jasmine, and Rose in thirds
Or substitute the mint with plum for a very different taste, but also good

The Ahmed
Havana Special Grape, Pear, and Mint

I'll have to think of more, but I'll be back...
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When I first started smoking I mixed Romman Strawberry, Lemon, and Orange together. Had a vague pink-lemmonade flavor. Tasted ok... for Romman.
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I have many of those

Here are my top three, 3-Flavor Mix:

AF Mint
AF Esk Apple
AF White Grape [When it tasted nice]


AF Mint
Layalina Strawberry/Kiwi
Layalina Blueberry [Or Layalina Passion Fruit instead]

AF Mint
Tangiers Blueberry
Layalina Mixed Fruit

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One I did a few days ago that was awesome

Nakhla Margarita, Orange and Peach!

Romman Chocolate, Vanilla and AF Mint
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20% Starbuzz spearmint
50% Starbuzz sweet melon
30% Starbuzz strawberry


40% Starbuzz rose
45% Starbuzz jasmine
15% Starbuzz lemon mint


30% Starbuzz plum
35% Starbuzz rose
35% Starbuzz sweet melon

Those are just a few of my favorite mixes that i smoke the most often.
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AW guava
AFmixed fruit
AF strawberry
AW orange
AA grape
AW rasberry
nakhla mixed fruits

edited because i dont know where apple came from, i meant grape, wich by itself blows goats
and i know, it is a 7 flavor mix, but it is tasty as hell. Edited by ilikemyusername
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